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Nicole makes a mistake. Y’all: Waverly deserves soo much better than this lying, manipulative, toxic bitch! She should burn in Hell for what she’s done!!

Waverly makes a mistake. Y’all: oh, well, you know. She’s human. It’s only fair to portray her as such, and humans makes mistakes all the times. The important thing is that they talk about it and resolve things, so that they can move forward and grows as individuals and as a couple.

Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library on shuffle and report the first 10 tracks that pop up! Then choose 10 additional friends.

1. Dead Ringer for Love - Meatloaf and Cher
2. Omaha - Counting Crows
3. Right Said Fred - Bernard Cribbins (Yeah, that’s a thing)
4. I’ve Got a Dream - Tangled
5. Here I Go Again - Whitesnake
6. Nothing Without You - Emma Blackery
7. Under Pressure - Queen/David Bowie
8. (I’m Gonna Be)500 Miles - Proclaimers
9. Girl all the Bad Guys Want - Bowling for Soup
10. Accidentally in Love - Counting Crows (again)

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anonymous asked:

How can I get down to 150 if I'm 200+. Fairly quick. I was going to the marathon workout like you did and low carb diet.

Alright, i’m gonna be nice and give you a fat loss ringer here:

1.) Invest in CLA tablets or Fish Oil approximately 1000 MG or a triple strength. That’s gonna turn your fat into energy and turn your genes that hold on to fat off, and turn the ones that burn it on.

2.) Invest in some Hydroxicut SX-7 and some Garcenia chews.

3.) Grab a probiotic and a 8 hour release multi of some sort to fill in nutritional gaps, and create positive bacteria in your stomach, balance out bad bacteria and increase digestion.

4.) Multiply your weight by 67% and that’s how much water in oz you need to drink DAILY.

5.) Eat 4 - 6 meals DAILY if it sounds extreme, lessen them but no less than 3 per day. Your carb ratio should be around 25/45/30% . 1 or 2 days out of the week practice carb cycling.

6.) SLEEP your 8 hours. IDGAF about netflix or how your nightmares keep you awake, take your ass to sleep.

7.) Stay away from eat 2 hours prior to bed.


Now let’s talk about movements

For my marathon runners and overall slackers who want to increase endurance and strength as well as lose weight you gotta get on some circuit training, you gotta hit your marathon fasted cardio in the mornings occasionally, and throw a little HIIT in there.

As far as the circuit training though, try 5 exercises, 4 rounds. 1 Minute each with a 30 second rest between each movement, if that’s too heavy, adjust the rest period.

1.) Burpees 

2.) High Knees (Hip flexor movement, real nice)

3.) Jumping Jacks 

4.) Squat Jumps

5.) Lunges



Splinter Twin (URW) | Modern

What’s up folks and I wanted to share a pretty big deck in the competitive Modern metagame.  It features one of the best combos from past standard and can win by turn four. The deck is called Twin combo and unfortunately the deck’s core pieces have been rising a lot in value. It may be out of reach for a lot of players now (it was cheap to build last year when Splinter Twin was $3-$4 dollars), but you can always find ways to proxy the cards you need with your friends around the kitchen table

The main combo is Splinter twin into 1 of the 3 flash creatures in the deck. Deceiver Exarch, Pestermite and Village Bell-Ringer are main creatures to combo with. You can also use Kiki-Jiki into one of the three as well and just swarm in with infinite hasted creatures. Or if you really want to be really cheeky, Restoration Angel into Kiki.

Outside of the main win condition; you can also opt for plan B, which is just switching into offensive mode with Celestial Colonnade and Restoration Angel. Snapcaster Mage can chip your opponent down while burning them out. Post-Sideboard, you can add Baneslayers against the more aggro heavy match-ups.

 There’s 2 other variations to Twin decks. There’s the UR version, which is more tempo based, and the Boros version, which is more defensive, but has more options of utilizing Restoration Angels into various creatures.

With this version (URW), you have defensive options early game with Wall of Omens against Zoo or Aggro heavy decks. It also allows you to use Restoration Angel, which interacts with most of the creatures in the deck, most notable with Kiki. Path to Exile might seem like a basic removal spell, but there have been games where I’ll actually Path my own Wall of Omens to quickly ramp up. And the biggest reasons for the white splash are the sideboard cards. White has the best sideboard card options in Modern, so always be mindful of your FNM metagame and choose them wisely. 

Matchup Tips

Aggro (Jund/Affinity/Zoo/Tokens/etc) – Post board, you’re likely to side in Anger of the Gods, Spellskite, Engineered Explosives, Wear/Tear and Baneslayer Angel. These decks will often try and disrupt your combo in games 2-3 with Torpor Orb or more removal. It’s important to stay calm when they do resolve these spells and focus on what you can do at that moment. Sometimes, you just end up winning with some well timed Bolts to the face with Snapcaster Mage  and Restoration Angels.

Chandra will also provide additional protection against Dark Confidant, opposing Snapcasters, Cliques, Thalia, and various things in the format. She’s even more powerful when you’re ahead on board and you can pseudo Scry for 1 each turn if needed.

Control (UW/UWR/Tron/Faeries) – Most UW/UWR/Faeries variations are tough. These are rather difficult matches for Twin, since Twin is partially a combo/control deck, but not fully optimized as a control deck. It’s not impossible, but disruption based lists makes it very difficult to actually combo off. It’s more important to focus on your Plan B than fall behind trying to combo. In these matchups, I would recommend using Counterflux, Vendilion Clique, Engineered Explosives, Wear/Tear, Spellskite and Baneslayer Angel. Sowing Salt is great against opposing Celestial Colonnades and Mutavalts.

Against Tron lists, the deck fares better since you can survive long enough to combo off or remove their lands with Sowing Salt. Pithing Needle on their Karn also buys you a lot of time.

Combo (Twin, Pod, Living End, Storm) – Twin mirrors usually comes down to resolving your spells and clearing away an opposing Spellskite. You’re looking at boarding in: Cliques, Counterflux, Pithing Needle, Spellskite, Wear/Tear/Engineered Explosives.

Against pod, you’re going to be focusing on a lot of fronts since you’ll definitely be seeing Linvala, Thoughtseizes and a tool-kit removal suite. Rest in Peace if you know they’re relying on the Melira combo and you just generally want to clear their board. Chandra will become helpful against Viscera Seers, Birds, Noble Hierarchs and additional firepower to remove their Spellskites with your burn spells. Again, focus on what you can do in that specific situation.

Living End or decks that rely too much on the graveyard for shenanigans to be slow. Focus on your combo first since you’re faster than they are and shift to plan B if you’re drawing blanks. Rest in Peace post board will change the game for them, but make sure you can protect it.

Storm can be faster with a god-like hand on turn 3 for the win, but it’s also just as fragile as your deck. Counterflux will deal with their entire combo post board, but make sure you have ways to deal with their Empty the Warrants as well. Side in Cliques as well, along with Rest in Peace. Engineered Explosives and Wear/Tear will deal with their Pyromancer’ Accession. 


*You can drop the Chandra and go with an additional copy of Kiki. That’s up to your Metagame.

4 Celestial Colonnade

2 Scalding Tarn

1 Cascade Bluffs

2 Steam Vents

2 Arid Mesa

2 Hallowed Fountain

2 Island

2 Mountain

1 Sulfur Falls

3 Misty Rainforest

1 Sacred Foundry

3 Deceiver Exarch

4 Wall of Omens

2 Restoration Angel

1 Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker

1 Spellskite

2 Snapcaster Mage

2 Remand

4 Path to Exile

4 Lightning Bolt

2 Izzet Charm

4 Splinter Twin

1 Village Bell-Ringer

1 Pestermite

1 Chandra, Pyromaster

2 Swan Song

2 Lightning Helix

1 Mystic Gate

1 Desolate Lighthouse

SB: 2 Vendilion Clique

SB: 1 Engineered Explosives

SB: 2 Counterflux

SB: 2 Rest in Peace

SB: 2 Anger of the Gods

SB: 1 Pithing Needle

SB: 1 Wear // Tear

SB: 1 Spellskite

SB: 2 Sowing Salt

SB: 1 Baneslayer Angel