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Galadriel my six foot White Lipped Python. This girl has it all beauty, brains, and personality! She is my pride and joy! White lips are known to be aggressive and many suggest they should be display only, I disagree with this completely. With lots of handling and respect my girl is puppy dog tame, she still pulls attitude on occasion (tail whipping,huffing, and bubble blowing hissy fits) and hates certain people but she never bites. I would love to get a male and try my hand at producing CB WLP as there are not many out there and none that I have found so far in Canada. 

EDIT: I have a male now
6 Movies I Can Watch Anytime

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1. Lord of the Rings

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2. Fantasia 2000

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3. Good Will Hunting

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4. The Avengers

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5. Interstellar

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6. Monty Python and the Holy Grail 

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