ringed parakeet

These Indian rose-ringed parakeets returned to their roosting and nesting hole high up in a tree in India’s Keoladeo national park, only to find that a Bengal monitor lizard had taken up residence. The birds immediately set about trying to evict the squatter. They bit the monitor lizard’s tail, hanging on for a couple of seconds at a time, until it retreated into the hole. They would then harass it when it tried to come out to bask. This went on for two days. Photograph: Ganesh H. Shankar

Aromantic/asexual + birds moodboard for anon!

[Image description: 9 pictures in a 3 by 3 grid. Row 1 - first picture shows a small light green bunting bird on a branch; second picture shows a small gray jay that has a gray and white head, a white neck, a gray body, and a dark gray beak, and the bird is on a branch; third picture shows a bird with a purple back, white underside, and a little black on its face. Row 2 - first picture is the aromantic flag, which consists of 5 horizontal stripes, in the following order from the top: green, light green, white, light gray, and black; second picture shows a Brewer’s blackbird that has a black beak, and is sticking out one of its legs; third picture is the asexual flag, which consists of 4 horizontal stripes, in the following order from the top: black, gray, white, and purple. Row 3 - first picture shows a rose-ringed parakeet, which is bright green and has a red beak; second picture shows a white cockatoo with a black beak that is on grass; third picture shows a small bird that is mostly light purple, with wings that are mostly black with a tiny white mark, and a black beak, and the bird is standing on what looks like a pine tree. End image description.]

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I dunno why I drew this, but I always imagined that @therealjacksepticeye and @wiishu would have like a pet bird/birds. and I couldn’t really choose which kinda bird to draw so, I drew (from top right to top left) a cockatoo, cockatiel, parakeet,ring-neck parrot, zebra finch, and a love bird. I am not really sure if they would want a bird, but i’d think i’d be pretty cool.

hope you all have a good night. :)