ringed eyes

hes a supernatural kid who can levitate things (including himself) and has a third eye


These are a few of my favorite things nebulae!

From top to bottom:

NGC 6720 ~ Ring Nebula

NGC 6543 ~ Cat’s Eye Nebula

NGC 7293 ~ Helix Nebula (also called “Eye of God” and “Eye of Sauron”)

IC 418 ~ Spirograph Nebula 

MyCn18 ~ Engraved Hourglass Nebula

NGC 6826 or Caldwell 15 ~ the Blinking Planetary 


The Joker: Hey, Sauron!  Doesn’t your flaming eye have the unique ability to peer through time and space?

Sauron: Uh huh.

The Joker: Well, I need to find Batman.  Where’s homeboy’s man-cave?

Sauron:  Hmmm…Give me a second…Scanning noise…It’s beneath Wayne Manor!

The Joker:  WHOA!  Whoa.  Whoa  Whoa.  Whoa.  Whoa.  Hold on a second.  Are you trying to tell me that Bruce Wayne is Batman…’s roommate?  

Sauron: Uh, yeah…

-”The Lego Batman Movie”   

This is my face. Makeup-less, tired, worn out and far from flawless. My hair isn’t brushed and is full of a million knots kept under my hat. But i’m glad to say that on my worst mental health days, this is my go to look. Just me. I’m most comfortable looking this way. I find that what helps me the most on days like these is to not try to cover up, to just show myself and all that I am and all that i’m feeling. You are beautiful and you are worth everything, always please yourself and do what helps you before thinking about other people.