Some people have been asking about videos from Ring*Con 2011 with the Clapping Rhythm game. Here is 2 links to vids I found of the Clapping game 1 is close up and the other is farther away.

Since I am a part of AllanHyde.com, I post a lot of Allan’s stuff so you will see with the closeup vid that Allan is featured the most! These links will only be posted here on Tumblr and not on the site. Thanks to the people who took these nice videos!

Farther vid link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=38G98NQN

Close up vid link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XM77USY0

Enjoy! :)


We have been fortunate to have another exclusive interview of Allan Hyde’s appearance at Ring*con by our friend, Jasemyn. Jasemyn attended the event which took place October 14th thru October 16th 2011 in Bonn, Germany.

“On Saturday, I attended the official photoshoot with Allan. I had 2 pictures done with Allan: one “normal” and one I wanted a “Godric” & “Samira” (Samira is my roleplaying vampire name) picture. I wanted a Godric -like pic sooo bad that a friend helped me out and gifted me a second coupon. Allan remembered me, smiled, and hugged me for the first pic. I said “Thank You” and then explained to Allan what I wanted for the second shot.  I asked Allan if he would choke me like he did as Godric with Lorena in his nest in Season 2. When the man behind the camera yelled “NEXT” Allan explained to the man that I have paid for a second shot! Allan was soo soft at the beginning as he didn’t want to hurt me until the man taking the pics started to yell,  “Harder! More!” and I nodded to Allan and said “It’s okay. Wanna get a good photo!” You can see in the photo that Allan really loved this. On the signing event Sunday morning I was there with the two photos from the shoot to show him and he took the choke pic and laid that one aside.  He really seemed to like that picture very very much.”

For the rest of the interview with Jasemyn, please come to AllanHyde.com.

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