Pocketbook of R

In my Ringabel/Edea rant, I mentioned some stuff that can be found in Pocketbook of R (set after BD) and Pocketbook of R 2nd (which takes place during B2nd).

Pocketbook of R is part of a translation commission project by Ellen @dokidokimaster​, and more information can be found here, as well as what she’s translated of it so far.

However, a while ago I commissioned her to translate some of PoR 2nd, and I’m not sure that was ever shared, so here it is!

4/23… It seems like a beautiful starry night, but…

Urgh… That the day would come when I write in my Pocketbook of R again…!

Oh no, I can’t hold my pen without my hand shaking.

It goes without saying I am truly rattled.

Hmmmmm, where should I even begin?

About Tiz? Norzen? The soulstone? The peace treaty signing ceremony?

No, wait.

I need to calm down.

How about I just take things one by one in order?

I took out my Pocketbook of R to organize all the info I have so far. Let’s start from the beginning.

Yes. Starting from the day Airy and I had safely reached the 5th World—

Airy, could you keep quiet for a while longer? I understand this isn’t the time to be writing in my “diary.”

So, please. Quit tugging on my ear.


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  • <p> <b>Me:</b> look, this is a good character, but i promise im not obsessed with them!<p/><b>Anyone who has ever spoken to me or scrolled thru my social media for five seconds:</b> i beg to differ -pulls up files of every time i have confessed my undying love for this character-<p/><b>Me:</b> huh,, well i guess i am a little obsessed..<p/></p>