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uhhhh can I get a Reddie head canon please? I'm Feeling Soft

 richie spoon feeds eddie. not in some gross cutesy way in public, like if the two are completely engulfed in a movie they’re watching, eddie will lay his head in richie’s lap and richie will absentmindedly feed him ice cream and drop pop corn into his mouth

 whenever they go shopping together, either richie will piggy back eddie thru every aisle or push him around in a shopping cart

richie will be in mid sentence w one of the other losers and eddie will just stand on his tip toes as high as he could and make some sorta whimpering noise, richie will peck him on the lips and continue speaking like nothing every happened

 the hallways are always so slow bc richie is walking w his arms wrapped around eddie’s waist from behind and trying to match his foot steps

 they love photo booths and putting enough money in for 5 strips so they can give one to each loser

their first kiss was in a closet lmao. the losers club was playing hide and go seek, and the two ended up in the same closet. they argued for a really long time about who was going to leave and pick another hiding spot, but richie heard foot steps grow louder and he slammed his lips on eddie’s to make him shut up

 whenever richie is on his way out of a grocery store, he stops and sticks a quarter in some lil machine to grab a cheap ring or temporary tattoo for eddie