Ring Suzune Headcanons

It’s been a slow day today so have some headcanons for everybody’s favourite discontinued (abandoned) female Vocaloid apart from Zhanyin Lorra and Anri Rune.

♫ Sociable, very people oriented (she was originally intended to bridge the gap between Vocaloid products and their consumers by being fan-designed). She finds it difficult to see the bad in people, which can sometimes lead her to be too trusting or naive.

♫ She is a talented pianist and composes music as a hobby.

♫ Was pushed into the music industry when she gained local popularity, but  it wasn’t something she really wanted to do full time, so (conspiracy theory time) she sabotaged her own chances of getting a vocaloid debut. 

♫ Hates anyone bringing up that she’s a failed idol because it makes her feel guilty that she purposefully ruined her own chances to succeed when everyone was depending on her (VocaNext kind of dropped off the radar and she was never released to the public, so I headcanon that her decision to quit sent the company under and lost a lot of people their jobs).

♫ Her MBTI is ENFP.

♫ Used to be close to other V3 Vocaloids, but since leaving the music industry she has lost touch with them (she was featured on Vocaloid3 software promotional art, because it was expected she’d be released pretty soon after the engine was), it kind of breaks her heart a little if she sees them at an event and they don’t recognise her but she’s glad that they’re popular and have a loyal fanbase.

♫ Is usually lighthearted, but can flip to serious mode without warning- it’s very rare which makes it unsettling.

♫ Tried to keep in contact with all the other failed V3 Vocaloids and is particularly close with Lui Hibiki. I headcanon that he’s mute; or just selectively mute since his project was abandoned (he never actually got a voice provider) so she tends to speak for him and drag him around wherever she goes. They’re actually really close friends because of it.

♫ Because she’s so happy-go-lucky, people tend to mistake her for younger than she actually is. Even though Lui is canonically 12, he ends up being the parent and keeping her out of trouble.