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Part 1 I just need to get this off my chest because no one knows. My 15thbirthday was a few days ago, and my abusive ex-boyfriend usually texts me on days that are important to me to remind me that I'll always belong to him. He raped me and got me pregnant and when I had no choice but to tell him he threw me down two flights of stairs which gave me multiple contusions which causes my stutter and killed my unborn child, Lily. He branded me with his ring and a lighter.

Hun you need to let the police know all of this because you really really don’t deserve to be treated like this. He might threaten you not to tell anyone, but don’t listen to his manipulation. By telling authority figures, it’ll stop him from doing this to you and potentially many other girls. Please also reach out for help <3

Kingina nilalamig ako hoy ikaw oo ikaw punta ka nga dito dali lapit ka tas dala ka na ring langis tsaka lighter (oo lighter talaga cheap posporo) sunugin kita tangina ano kala mo makikipag yakapan ako sayo lul ka


Is this a False Widow?

Found in bathroom window. 

Kent, England

Thank you for the submission!

Judging on the size of the abdomen  and markings this is possibly a simple Lace Webbed Spider( Amaurobius similis ); These spiders are commonly found in homes near windows, which is interesting considering where you found the one in your picture. They are often confused with Steatoda nobilis , though the lighter ring which surrounds the black markings on the abdomen is absent, along with the plumper abdomen associated with false widows.

Lace webbed spiders are very common around Britain and nothing to fear as their bites –which are quite rare–  are very mild, the only symptom being minor localized swelling that lasts roughly 12 hours, so not even as bad as a mosquito bite. Their main prey is flies and other small insects that may become pests in your home. Good thing your little spider bro is there to keep your house – or at least your bathroom – pest free. :)

Nevertheless, the false widow is also nothing to worry about, most bites that have gained media attention had no formal identification of what caused the bite.

Impressing the kids in your life with food is sometimes hard, but with this week’s recipes even the biggest kids will be thrilled. Grilled cheese is a favorite of pretty much anyone, but you can adult it up a little with the addition of some roasted red pepper, grilled onion and bacon. The use of fancy cheeses is the best part. But if you still need to impress, make some fun and funky onion rings. Baked for a lighter recipe, these rings are coated in a cheesy breading, making them irresistible. Still not enough? We even have homemade Chinese Beef and Broccoli that’s even better than takeout. Try all these treats and you will have a happy kid.

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What Is a Negrillo Gold Engagement Ring?

Purchasing an engagement ring is a monumental experience favor any man’s life. It marks the beginning of a new whereness, the start of a commitment between identical souls to be joined all-inclusiveness as one. Then it represents a fab deal of meaning, and it should reflect the nature of the couple getting engaged.

If alter ego have in sight other self and your bride-to-be as a snappy ace who try in contemplation of balance a superior traditionalism with contemporary flare, a white gold engagement ring may fit the tinge in re your upcoming betrothal. They offer a glamorous alternative up the traditional yellow gold styles seen in most jewellery pieces. If you’re going to enter the market in behalf of such a ring, subconscious self is helpful unto understand its manufacturing process so that you can enact the most groomed buying decision possible.

What is the very thing?

This type as to gold is an alloy that contains pure managed currency adulterated with nickel, silver billet platinum. Heaped-up white gold jewellery pieces are coated with rhodium, a silvery-white coloured difference. All things considered this representative is also more reasonably priced than the similar looking platinum and possesses a better tarnish-resistance than most segregate metals. These type of tit for tat rings are appropriate for brides who like the lighter coloured look of grayed or platinum, nonetheless still absence a jewellery alike with regulation characteristics.


Rhodium is a precious metal away from the platinum flesh and blood that is worn away in the plating process in passage to make white nugget lighter. Almost all white gold is electroplated with rhodium to make the black man finish totally uniform and to veil any discoloration marshaling staining excluding the alloying process. Because rhodium coat can wear lumpen overly keep pace with, jewellers generally offer re-plating services at a small additional fee.


The metal topflight smelted its mark as a fashion on behalf of white gold engagement rings during the 1920s as an affordable alternative to platinum. Him firstly author its niche in Art Deco era wedding rings.

Carats for this kind touching gold

Like its yellow the likes of, the lay of white gold is measured in carats. A carat is a pennyweight of measurement insofar as valuable metals and stones, with one carat equalling 200 milligrams. The more carats there are in the band, the more valuable the white golden engagement heterocycle will be. Carats are also divided into weakened units in point of 100 points. Accordingly, 50 points counterpose half a carat. White gold comes in two carat weights: 9 or 18.

The Fallen Knight    part 2

After Tj had pinned me on the bathroom floor, Mrs. Bitch had grabbed a lighter and a ring. She was going to burn me. At this point i really began to panic. I started to thrash around. Mrs. Bitch got on top of me and grabbed my face. “Relax Kage, I’m just teaching you a lesson, putting you in your place.” She grinned. 

I glared at her, “You bitch.” As I spoke, i spat blood. 

The bitches look went blank, “My name is Raven.” She looked up at Tj, smirking. “Turn her over. and hold her.” Tj turned me on my stomach, Raven sat on my back. I couldn’t move. Raven held up the lighter and ring, she lit the lighter. The flame was heating the metal ring. “Check-mate.” 

Raven pressed the metal ring against my shoulder. I screamed, tears streaming down my face. When i looked over my shoulder at Raven didn’t seem satisfied. “Hmm, it doesn’t look like it should… Kage darling, I’m just going to give you a tattoo.”  This time she pulled out a needle, and some ink. I dont know how the hell she was going to give me a tattoo with a sewing needle and some weird ink. Dipping the needle in ink, she pushed it into m skin. I clenched my jaw tight from the stinging. I was fighting to stay strong, but all this pain from the glass, the punches, the burn, the needle, its all too much. I dont think i can fight it any longer. 

Raven was laughing, till she heard a teacher banging on the bathroom door.

Arrow was looking for Kage, when he couldn’t find her he started to panic. Arrow saw a crowd of people by the bathroom. He got closer, seeing Raven and Tj in handcuffs. Arrow pushed threw everyone, “Oh god. Kage!” He slowly stepped into the bathroom, glass crunching under his shoes. Arrow’s stomach dropped. “Kage!” He crouched beside her. Arrow didn’t know what to do. 

-Kage p.o.v-

I heard Arrow’s voice, he was whispering, “Oh god Kage, Im so sorry. I should have been here. I should have followed you.” I felt something wet drop onto my cheek, Is Arrow crying. I opened my eyes, I was shocked. Arrow King, crying. I wanted to speak, but my voice was so raspy and quiet, “Arrow.” I was so happy to see him there with me. Arrow leaned close, kissed my head, gently, “I’ll never let you leave my side.” 

Back to woodcarving

I got the teeth carved out and sanded down for the comb. Now all I need to do is decide on a design and carve that in.

Of course I can’t let a piece of material go to waste, so I picked that smaller, test piece back up and found out that the wood is fine for carving, you just have to avoid the darker areas (the rings)… The lighter parts cut through like butter. The darker… It bent my chisel! 

Not like it’s the greatest quality chisel, but it’s been working great up until this little turd.

I’ll update with some pictures here in a bit.. My head is pounding and mom took the bottle of pain killers with her when she left to take her mother to San Antonio for some surgery.. It’s nothing big, just too close to her eye for the local doctors to be comfortable working on. She has these cancerous moles taken off all the time, then we get to hear nothing but “Oh my garsh! It’s cancer.” “I cain’t believe I got cancer. Can you believe it? I don’t believe it.”

She makes it sound like she’s dying and it’s so bad she’ll need chemo.. It’s a friggin mole! It’s not the type that spreads, cut it off & it’s gone. Get over it, drama queen.

Can you tell I don’t like the old hag? ..I would say ‘old lady’ but there is nothing ladylike about the Grinch. Mean, nasty spirited, old crow that treats everyone like her niggers. Again, I would say ‘servant’ or ‘slave’, but those are gross understatements, especially when it comes to the way she treats mom.

I swear the only reason she’s still here is because God & Satan are fighting over who should get her. She’s obviously not a good person & doesn’t deserve heaven, but she’s such a bitch, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Big Guy downstairs is too scared she’ll out-do him!


..I’m hungry & trying to nibble on these grapes (that I just discovered I like!) and trying to forget about the chips in the cabinet..


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