ring*con 2012

i would write down everything about Ring Con and Team Starkid but i see that you can already find all you need at the Team Starkid tag :P

i’ll just say that Ring Con was amazing. i met a lot of people and i had a really great time. they didnt have any guest from Doctor Who but there were a hell lot of Whovians there! with amazing cosplays and stuff. loved it. also the Hobbit cosplayers were fantastic! 

now the Starkids were awesome! we met them and talked to them and they were so good to everyone. someone asked them for a Doctor Who musical but they said that its hard because it’s something huge and it’s not easy to choose something from all the things it covers. But they’re counting on Joe Moses because he is the Whovian there.  i gave him my TARDIS badge later ^_^. Brian is so beautiful in person, Joey is adorable, Meredith is the cutest, Lauren is … Lauren (= best person ever), Jamie was so cute, Joe Walker is so damn sexy and of course Joe Moses is adorkable and awesome.

i’m still trying to get over it xD

all the details coming up later from Nina xD