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GOT7 on the Last Day of School

Jaebum: signs just his name in every yearbook, reads in class once he finishes the exam. Has three anonymous declarations of love in his yearbook - all of them look like jackson’s handwriting

Jinyoung: thoroughly cleans out his locker with Windex. Finishes every final exam halfway through the period, checks and rechecks his answers until the bell rings. Asks everyone about their plans for the summer. Class valedictorian.

Mark: finishes all his exams early and naps in the back row. Has kids from every clique asking to sign his yearbook. Is going to be a summer camp counselor for some extreme sports camp up north.  

Youngjae: says goodbye to all his teachers in person. Is that kid who somehow ends up on every page of the yearbook. Sings the national anthem for the graduation ceremony

Jackson: throws his papers in the air running out the door. Hastily picks them up, apologizes to the parents waiting in cars. Sings random summer songs but only knows a few bars. Signs everyone’s yearbook H.A.K.A.S.

Bambam: slides on sunglasses and slow rolls from the school parking lot. Almost hits a fire hydrant. Has the last day of school party at his place – invites pending (jk he posted a come one, come all video on his Instagram)

Yugyeom: cheers leaving the building but is then reminded he’s on the football team and has practice every morning starting at 7 am. Goes to bambam’s party anyways, decides to bring back the cat daddy and succeeds

in my time of cats i don’t think they usually develop a concept of personal possessions? like ‘this is your bowl and this is my bowl’ they will just eat from the bowl that is right there and might switch over

so the fact that the cat on the left starts ringing the bell intended for the cat on the right is unsurprising to me, it just means that cats conceptualize both bells to be exactly the same.

pastelmogar  asked:

Ahhh, hello! Ive never talked to you, but i really love stardew valley too! Im in my second year and I've decided to romance Emily. She decided to dance with me @ the Flower Dance and now its the day after and! In the mail! Perrie tells me about the bouquet, Emily sent me the letter for her 8 heart event, and Demetrius (my closest friend in game) sent me an amethyst, one of Emily's favorite gifts!! It feels like Perrie and Demetri are playing as my wingmen and I'm so excited about this!!

THIS … IS THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST i am 100% in favour of top wingmen pierre and demetrius ……. demetri getting all emotional about his best friend’s blossoming relationship …. pierre delighted that the farmer is really finding a home in the community ……………….


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Happy Birthday to everyone’s favorite wizard, wallflower, UN ambassador, Disney Princess, and that time she was a burglar in The Bling Ring.

badass alto songs [x]
a long list of songs that don’t go higher than a c. because who needs high notes? (requested by getdrunk-singshowtunes and longlivenightvale)

maybe this time (cabaret) // buddie beware (anything goes) // hold on (the secret garden) // i want to go to hollywood (grand hotel) // a trip to the library (she loves me) // the ladies who lunch (company) // day by day (godspell) // always true to you in my fashion (kiss me kate) // i’m going back (bells are ringing) // he’s the wizard (the wiz) // muqin (thoroughly modern millie) // last midnight (into the woods) // days of plenty (little women) // a little less conversation (all shook up) // as we stumble along (the drowsy chaperone) // there are worse things i could do (grease) // calm (ordinary days) // ireland (legally blonde) // send in the clowns (a little night music) // like it was (merrily we roll along) // no time at all (pippin) // stepsister’s lament (cinderella)

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