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me in 2070: still watching all of pd101’s concept evaluation stages over and over still have downpour stage making me emo still have shape of you dance choreo stuck in my mind still have woo jinyoung mitcheotji on replay and getting shook all over again still amazed by yongguk’s beautiful voice on if it was you still in awe over youngmin’s i think i’m drunk still shook over hyunbin’s rap in i know you know still have i know you know as my all time bop of my whole entire life still have amazing kiss stage ringing on my ears still have seonho’s and guanlin’s troublemaker painted on my brain still have youngmin’s rap in open up making my heart beat faster still live and breathe for seonho and guanlin’s brotherhood still in awe over how beautiful jonghyun’s heart is made up of our national leader still in shock and will forever be in shook over how handsome donghyun is still relate to seonho eating 5 meals a day still agrees and believes that youngmin is a great leader leading his team mates and even coaching dongbin when he was lacking still have my heart weak looking at daniel x woojin and seonho x his hyungs still have yeorojwo yeorojwo yeorojwo stuck on my mind still in awe over taehyun’s crumping still in awe over eunki x jung jung impromptu stage still have my heart fluttering when youngmin said let me take you out now agrees wholeheartedly to seongwoo’s woooooooo still shook over how beautiful sungwoon’s skin and voice is still have woojin’s sexy baby all my lady on my mind the list goes on and on

stages of being on tumblr:

Stage 1: I like this! Very creative! Safe space! I don’t see what the whole fuss about being addicted to Tumblr is tbh.

Stage 2: There’s just… I mean…. there’s definitely some discourse but it’s a nice platform. And that art’s great!


Stage 4: Me? I’ve accepted my fate. But you should run while you still can.

GOT7 | Dating Jackson Wang | REALLY LONG |

Request: Yes - multiple

Hope it’s long enough! If not don’t be afraid to ask for more! enjoy :)

  • him always holding your hand
  • like he loves it
  • him holding and putting your hand in his pocket when your hand is cold
  • him saying how cold your hands are
  • him bringing your hands in front of the both of you encasing your hands with his and blowing warm air into them whilst rubbing them
  • snowball fights
  • taking pictures of him off guard/without him knowing and him doing the same to you
  • him posting it on social media
  • whether it be for an anniversary, a tb/to relive a memory, or just to let you and everyone else know that he loves you
  • cute and silly pictures together
  • a cute picture of you shows up when he’s ringing you or you’re ringing him (and vice versa)
  • random calls and specific calls (depending on time zone or schedule)
  • snowballs fights/trying to build an igloo together and maybe failing maybe not

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I let out a huge sigh of nervousness as I straightened out my red dress. It was my first time making an appearance on the Late Late Show with James Corden, and I was freaking out. 

In my short career as an actress, interviews have become my new norm. The overwhelming amount of uneasiness that would present itself before every press conference, convention, etc. has eased up incredibly. So why was I so anxious about this particular appearance?

Because the love of my life, also known as Harry freaking Styles, was going to be seated inches away from me on the same couch. 

As a long time fan of One Direction, this was like a dream come true. But that’s exactly all it was suppose to be. A dream. Now this dream is becoming a reality, except my hands are sweating like crazy and my heart feels like it’s being a thousand miles an hour. Please, God, let me make it out of this alive. 

“..Two-time Oscar nominee, the ever-so stunning, Y/N Y/L!”

I wiped any trace of nervousness off my face as I made my way onto the stage after stopping to greet some of the fans. The amount of support that was shown always left me in awe.

“It’s so good to see you!” James said as we embraced. 

“You too, thanks for having me!” I replied as we pulled away.

“…Here for his week-long residency, the devilishly handsome, Harry Styles!” 

He walked out in a floral suit with a grin on his face as he greeted fans before making his way to the stage. His rings glinted in the stage lights as he ran his hand through his soft-looking chocolate hair. He looks like a whole snack, AAAAAHHHHHH!

Play it cool, play it cool, I mentally chanted as he embraced me in a hug.

“Nice to meet you,” he said after pulling away. 

“You too,” I replied, and I could only hope that I wasn’t grinning too hard.

“So, Y/N, word has it that you were a huge fan of One Direction, is that true?” James asks as we get settled on the couch. 

“Depends, why’re you asking?” I ask cautiously, causing the audience to laugh. I see Harry smirk a little out of the corner of my eye. 

“No reason, no reason,” James says with a mischievous look in his eye. “But, now that you’ve asked..” he said as he turned his attention to the screen.

“I’m so sorry,” I apologized in advance.

“Why are you apologizing, I haven’t even played the clip yet!”James laughed.

I shook my head before responding. “I just know that whatever’s about to play is going to be so painfully embarrassing, and possibly traumatic, to everyone here.”

“This is gonna be interesting,” Harry spoke up beside me, resulting in another round of laughter from the audience. 

The screen showed a 17-year-old me getting ready in the morning. My hair was wrapped in a bonnet and I wore a fuzzy blue bathrobe as I sang along to Over Again into my toothbrush, occasionally stopping to brush. 

“Oh my goodness,” I mumbled with an embarrassed smile as I remembered the video that my brother secretly took of me. I covered my face with my hands as 17-year-old me continued to sing horribly while making dramatic hand gestures.

“Is it over?” I asked sheepishly as I heard James and the audience laughing beside me. I looked over to see Harry with a finger on his lips in an attempt to hold back his laughter. My face would have been as red as a tomato if it weren’t for my melanin. Thank God.

“I, for one, thought that was quite adorable,” Harry said after the laughter died down. Again, thank God for my melanin. 



I turned around and was surprised to see Harry. The show had just ended and I had gotten changed out of my dress and into something casual.

“Hey, great performance out there! I love the album,” I said as he made his way towards me. I hope that didn’t sound too fangirl-y.

“Thank you, that means a lot to me,” he said genuinely. I smiled before fidgeting with the hair tie on my wrist out of nervousness. 

“Erm, I was wondering if you wanted to grab something to eat? If you want, of course.” 

“I-” I cut myself off and cleared my throat as I could literally feel myself about to shriek out a response. “I’d love too!” I smiled. “Let me just grab my phone.” 

I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming before doing a mini-dance in the safety of my dressing room. I grabbed my phone and walked out to Harry, dressed down and still looking perfect as ever in a floral button up and black jeans. 

“Ready?” I nodded and we began heading out.

“Do you like burgers?” he asked. “I know a diner ‘bout a block away that makes the best burgers. Milkshakes are pretty nice, too.”

Love,” I responded with a smile. If I keep smiling like this, my face might fall off.

“Maybe on the way you can show me more of those dance moves from the video,” Harry said as he imitated my hand gestures. I shook my head, bringing my hand up to shield my embarrassment as I let out a laugh.

“Please don’t make me,” I begged.

“Alright, alright,” he chuckled. “Only ‘cause I like you.”

Did I forget to thank God for my melanin?

QUARTET NIGHT LIVE Evolution 2017 - 2017/02/12 - REPORT Part ②

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Read Part ① here

They had intro music for ONLY ONE and it was really kakkoi!

And also about Shoutan’s hair!
You can barely see in photos, but one side of his hair was partly braided, one braid had green infused in it!

So, I know I scared a few of you by saying how I noticed Shoutan was off with part ① of my report.
I never seen anyone else mention about it at all, so I really wondered if it was only me who noticed?
So I asked my Japanese Shoutan friend, who, if there was anyone, would notice for sure. And she said she did notice he was off too. She said it could also be the technical difficulties they had which may have bothered Shoutan.
I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed, I knew I wasn’t imagining things!

Winter Blossom

There was a piano on stage and a silhouette next to it. IS THAT SHOUTAN?!??

He sat down, both me and Yukina screamed and were about to cry
He started playing!! 😭😭😭😭
A bit before his line starts in the song,
He stopped playing.

He picked up a mic that was sitting on top of the piano with his left hand.
We all kinda laughed

He got up, walked forward and paused.

Shoutan: Ne? (Hey?)

Waratte. (Smile)

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Here is my first big news blast from the ARMS twitter!

First,  they have revealed a red color palette for Master Mummy! This was released along with a short clip showing off the Megaton arms!

Next, they revealed Ribbon Girl’s stage, Ribbon Ring! It was shown a few times before, but it has not been officially revealed until now! This stage can rise up, so try to be careful and aware while aiming your punches!

The last image I have shown is a cute gif of Mechanica carrying Min Min while flying! It’s unknown where they are going or if this will be in the game, but the tweet does say something about getting to the next battle venue (at least according to google translate :p) …so we should probably stay tuned!


JRR Tolkien, master of modern fantasy, held a deep, undying dislike for the Bard of England. Let’s talk about why and how it impacted his writing.


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Quartet Night Live Evolution: Live Viewing Report

Okay, here is my report on the Quartet Night Live Viewing. It’s a little scattered and mostly just my opinion on things. I tried to remember as much as I could about it all. It’s long so I’ll put it under the cut. 

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Hey everyone, I’m Chris, game designer at Monomi Park.  I’m going to share a glimpse into the process of world building for Slime Rancher.  Please note that this just a lightweight overview on world design and it will also include images of in-progress content that is highly subject to change.

For ease of discussion, I’m simplifying the process into three phases: direction, layout, and polish.


Before I start building out a new area, Nick and I often discuss what purpose the space should serve.  Does the space primarily serve as a playground for many slimes?  Is it a traversal space for the player to get between two areas of heavy content?  Is it a hidden space for a treasure pod or other reward?

Once we determine what the purpose of the space should be, I start to think in the broadest strokes possible within the established framework.  What is the area’s central conceit?  What makes it unique but still a part of the larger world as a whole?  What can be added to sell the theme of this space?  This part of the process can involve sketches, quickly blocking out how assets can be used, and thinking about set pieces.  Decisions in this phase always inform later phases, even if the specific implementations change during layout and playtesting.

A quick designer sketch of the large set piece on “Ring Island” in the Dry Reef

When developing entirely new spaces, there’s often a lot of back and forth discussions during this phase between Nick, Ian, and myself and those ideas build upon each other over time.  For example, when developing the new Ruins zone I found a few pieces of concept art online that hinted at visual themes that I thought were interesting.  I then quickly blocked out a vignette with white box and existing assets that helped early discussions of the zone’s style.  A lot of exploration in this phase is temporary at best, but it is still an invaluable part of deciding what we wanted as a team.

Experimenting with early visual themes and styles for the Ruins in small vignettes

Ian then took those visuals and applied his own ideas about how to unify and use them in a concept art piece.

Ian’s concept art based on the ruin vignettes with notes on art direction

That piece then helped inform me of the types of set pieces I wanted to capture in the slightly more detailed whitebox pass.

Starting to integrate Ian’s art direction into white boxed Ruins areas

Direction Summary:

  • What purpose does this area serve? - gameplay, hidden area, transition?
  • What interesting concept is central to this area’s theme? - ring island, marsh, sea bridges?
  • Utilizing sketches, hero props, set pieces, identifying central conceits


When it comes time to start building the space, I first block out how the critical and alternate paths take the player through the area and think about where the majority of the action is likely to take place.  Each area is usually a combination of open space and visual funnels that lead to new areas.

‘Ring Island’ during various stages of development

I then add some representative spawners to add slimes and resources to the mix.  At this stage nothing is balanced, but it helps to see how the slimes will behave in the space and where they tend to naturally congregate.

After playing the rough layout for a bit I try and figure out if traversal through the area feels intuitive and if the space accomplishes goals set in the Direction phase.  Afterwards, I go back through and do a little bit of “pre-polish” to further define specific parts of the space.

In the above example with Ring Island I started with the concept of a beach with a land-locked “tidepool” in the middle as its set piece.  As the beach developed, coral and grass were added to frame the sandy path leading further into the island.  These patches of flora also served to anchor where slimes and resources spawned from.  Color was also a consideration in aiding flow of the space.  Sand and warm colored coral and grass were used to lead the eye down the beach path, while water and cool/wet colored seaweed and moss lead through the alternative tidepool cave.

Layout Summary:

  • Main navigation and playable space.  Which space for slimes, which for traversal?
  • Props to further define areas, anchor resources and slime spawns
  • Representative resource and slime placement


In many art books, I’ve always jokingly referred to this phase as the “just add detail” step in the process.  Of course it’s never that simple, but at least during the first part of this phase I get to go back through each area and really double down on “art-ing” the space up.  Decorative elements, such as most of the flora and rocks, and additional navigation guides are added to reinforce areas of interest.  Audio and visual effects such as gusts of wind or fog are added to strengthen the atmosphere.

As more flora was added to to the marshy area of the Moss Blanket, glowing navigational guides were added to help guide the player.  This was even more important for traversing at night.

Many areas are actually much more straightforward than they appear, but become much harder to navigate with all the extra environmental decoration.

Props really transform early block outs of areas

Although that’s the more lighthearted fun part, a much larger part of the polish phase is balancing, playtesting, and optimizing.  I go back through and see all the parts working (or not working) as a whole and iterate, iterate, iterate.

Polish Summary:

  • Decorative elements for aesthetics and additional navigation guides
  • Audio and visual effects
  • Balancing, playtesting, optimizing, iteration

That’s all for this post, thanks for reading!

Let’s analyse : That’s Not How the Story Goes

As the Hideous Hiatus looms above us, let’s take a look at the parting song of A Series of Unfortunate Events.

It is now well known that this story tends to expose the “behind the scenes”, hence theatricality being a core aspect of the whole series, especially through the character of Olaf. He may be a very bad actor but he still is an actor. The TV show really captures and enhances this feature, take for example the song It’s the Count or all for Olaf’s disguises.
The links with drama and theater are numerous : Beatrice is said to have been an actress, Lemony a theater critic and at the end of the show, a long zooming in shot really emphasized the appearance of Lemony and Olaf on the photo of the drama club.
This theatrical feature resonates with the choice to end the season on a song : it is like the whole cast is back on the stage to perform the finale, as if they were addressing a moral just like in plays or operas. The chorus really has this “moral” feature : That’s not how the story goes,  which is enhanced by the change at the end That’s just how the story goes. The fact that they sing it together makes it very communicative, like a melody you would repeat after them. And this purpose is well achieved since a lot of people probably still have this song stuck in their heads.

The lyrics themselves follow the theatrical logic as illustrated by this central line : The curtain rings down on the stage.
Indeed, the play, or rather this act, is over. The symbolism of the curtain ringing down is conveyed through the eye closing at the end of each episode. Here again, the link between eye and theater is very strong. The viewer really is put in the position of the spectator. Lemony’s and Olaf’s asides follow this idea too.

And indeed this song is primarly addressed to the viewer. The construction of the lyrics involves the viewer : You may think that the Baudelaires ought to prevail etc.

All the propositions involving the viewer are made on the same principle : the happy ending the viewer would like for the characters VS the reality of the bad ending :

You may think that three children would live pleasant lives but that’s not how the story goes.

The conjunction “but”, which is everywhere in the song, always is the word of rupture and an open door for tragedy. If we make a parallel with drama, a tragedy, particularly the ones ancient Greeks wrote, is a play where the audience is aware since the beginning that the story will not go well and that everything is already written. As I mentionned in my previous post, since Lemony tells us this story, it has already reached its conclusion when we hear it. The idea of the story following its way without anything that can be done to stop it is transparent with the chorus :

That’s not how the story goes

The story cannot move away from its path no matter how much the characters and the viewer would like it.

The entire song is a very good summary of the show’s themes : Sorrows and woes / Gloom and despair. But also humor thanks to Mr. Poe. The chorus’s shift from That’s not how the story goes to That’s just how the story goes conveys the whole symbolization of the show through the ending song. It is also interesting to see that unfortunate events not only happen to the good characters but also to the villains, think about Dr. Orwell’s fate.

The looming presence of tragic and inevitable fate is underlined by the symbolism of the place where they are : the Austere Academy, which is shaped just like a graveyard but is also revealed to be the place where Olaf and Lemony studied together so in a way, where it all begun.

This song is a moment of suspension which summarizes all the characters and their role. What they sing is strongly linked to who they are.
Lemony starts the song because he is our guide. His towering posture mirrors his role as narrator : a narrator lays out a story in front of your eyes. Since he also is a character, he is affected by the tragic tone of the whole song :
I once loved a girl and she thought well of me, we thought we’d be happy together but now I’m alone as you can well see and she’s cold in her grave forever.
His intervention is constructed in the same manner as the ones concerning the Baudelaires : two propositions cut down by the “but”. Even our narrator has a unfortunate backstory which is the motive for his story telling in the first place.

The Baudelaire children have a very specific way of singing. They have a rather neutral face and this echoes the fact that they endure the events without a real possibility of fighting back. They look resigned in front of all the bad things that keep happening to them. Their position is similar to tragic heroes harassed by Fate. They were named Baudelaire after the French poet Charles Baudelaire, a major representative of the « poètes maudits » (cursed poets), appeared in the 19th century. A poète maudit usually feels resent towards society because it doesn’t accept him for who he is, which leads to a tragic life. The theme of sorrows and woes is linked to this aesthetic. As if they were led by their name, the Baudelaires cannot escape their tragic fate.

Poe’s appearance in the song also mirrors his role. He is the bearer of ill news, his name being linked to the raven : “I’m sad to say I have bad news for you, the curtain rings down on the stage.”
This line is a reference to his first appearance but also indicates to the viewer the bad news of them : season one ends now.
As a character, Poe always listens to the song of despair and stays perfectly oblivious to it. He listens to this song on the radio and just sings along, like an outsider, much like in the actual story. He is not mainly concerned by it. Poe is a comic character and he is here to counterbalanced the tragic with humor : But to me there’s nothing but gloom and despair !
It allows the viewer to be relieved of the tragic tension.

Finally, Olaf’s depiction in the song is quite paradoxical. He appears in a dressing-room which is literally the place where an actor goes from themselves to a character and vice versa. Thus, Olaf is « in-between » : the large shot allows you to see his wigs and costumes around him.

At this moment, he is not playing a character, not even his Count Olaf character. Olaf is aware of the eyes of other characters constantly being on him when we see him on screen so he plays his “Count Olaf” part. But here, we see him in a slightly different position, it is as if he was almost vulnerable. This song made Olaf’s personnality even more interesting. Since he is « himself », he reveals yet another side of his psyche. In the second shot in which we see him, we actually see his reflection in the mirror.

Olaf sings to his reflection which symbolises the way he sees himself. The staging on these shots is very reminescent of a theatrical soliloquy, the villain pondering on himself. (I am strongly thinking of Richard III’s soliloquies here).

Pay attention to the lyrics he sings : he is the one to first introduce the chorus and all its tragic impact. Now you may think that they chose these words for him because after all he is the villain and responsible for all the sorrows and woes the Baudelaires have gone through and will encounter. It is of course the first meaning. But if you listen closely to the way he sings, you hear a very melancholic voice. And the sentence the world is a pair of ill-fitting pants and other dire hideous clothes highlights a particularly salty vision of life. This casts a very different light on this character : he also is a tragic character. The climax of this idea is reached with this line : Some people laugh I suppose.
If there is a character who could laugh because of the mess he makes, it’s him. But here he clearly states that he is not part of “some people”. If he cannot laugh, it means he leans towards tragedy. It is not rare that the characters who make you laugh - in ASOUE, Olaf being so theatrical - are actually the most tragic ones. Olaf has a tragic side because he never gets want his wants, his plans to steal the Baudelaires’ fortune always fail. Beyond that, he has an entire backstory full of unfortunate events. The book readers may remember a very particular scene towards the end of the series where the Baudelaires understand all the tragedy behind Olaf. If you cannot wait for season two, you might want to read the whole book series to know more ! It is a clever thing that they already introduce this side of Olaf early on in the TV adaptation.

Overall, this song delivers a bittersweet ending, especially because of the  melancholic melody highlighted by the humming and whistling at the end. The all tone may be very tragic but hope shines too :
“Some people smile at the end of the day !”, Lemony sings.

And if “there’s no happy ending not here and not now, there may be later.

Don’t be shy and come ask me if you have questions !

And - chapter one of the Evanstan awesomeness with @boopifer up now! In which FBI Agent Chris Evans encounters a very attractive street magician for the first time…

Read at AO3 here! Teaser below. Enjoy!


 He’s found himself right beside the boy’s table without noticing the movement. Pale eyes glance up, assessing–Chris could swear they evaluate everything from his coat to his hips, and sparkle flirtatiously. “Feel like trying your luck, sir?”

 Sir. In that voice, an enchanted voice, low and lazy and rich as dark molasses, spiced with some undefinable faintest wildness: New York taking a stroll with a fairy-creature. Dressed up in black leather and black boots and a sinful clinging green-blue shirt.

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