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That's Not How the Story Goes
Patrick Warburton, Neil Patrick Harris, K. Todd Freeman, Malina Weissman & Louis Hynes
That's Not How the Story Goes


You may think that the Baudelaires ought to prevail,
and be tucked some place, all safe and sound;
Count Olaf captured and rotting in jail,
his henchpeople nowhere around.

But there’s no happy endings; not here and not now.
This tale is all sorrows and woes.
You dream that justice and peace win the day,
but that’s not how the story goes.

You might think that two parents, both brave and both true,
would live till a nice ripe old age.
But I’m sad to say I have bad news for you:
The curtain rings down on the stage.

Yes, there’s no happy endings; not here and not now.
This tale is all sorrows and woes.
You dream that justice and peace win the day,
but that’s not how the story goes.

I once loved a girl and she thought well of me.
We thought we’d be happy together.
But now I’m alone, as you can well see,
and she’s cold in her grave forever.

There’s no happy endings; not here and not now.
This tale is all sorrows and woes.
You dream that justice and peace win the day,
but that’s not how the story goes.

The world is a pair of ill-fitting pants,
and other dire hideous clothes.
You may think that three children would lead pleasant lives,
but that’s not how the story goes.

Some people smile at the end of the day;
some people laugh, I suppose.
But to me there’s nothing but gloom and despair.
That’s just how the story goes.

That’s just how the story…

Hmm, that’s nice.


Announcing: Wonder Wickets!

(pending title)

So I’ve been taking a short break from Mydhilde to make a game with a much smaller scope; something I can make within a month’s span.

Inspired by “Kirby’s Dream Course”, mini golf, and croquet, Wonder Wickets is a pure fun-fueled game with vector-drawn graphics in glorious full-resolution 60 FPS. You’ll get to run around colorful levels and bop a ball around them, destroying obstacles, walloping enemies, and shooting through all the rings on that stage.

My goal is to produce something sellable by the end of the year, with a single player campaign and LAN/local multiplayer levels for just a couple bucks. If Wonder Wickets does well, I plan to expand upon it and re-release it with more content, like online multiplayer, more levels and level themes, obstacles, characters, and level editor tools.

PS: The content you see here is from just 6 days of development.

He could smell powder, the burn of the lamps overhead, the scent of sweets and wet ice and damp boots. As before, as ever. This was the competition ring, the stage. The audience were faceless; a blurred, rippling mass not made any clearer than the contacts in his eyes. 

As he came to a stop, ice flying from his blades, he turned to gaze ahead, set his shoulders, take one of those deep, deep breaths before the plunge. Meet the eyes of the man standing at the entranceway. Composed, as ever. One of those ambiguous smiles, as ever. A wolf amongst the crowd. He could still feel the warmth of his neck against his jaw and the play of his breath at his ear. 

‘For you, I’ll become desire.’ he thought. ‘So watch me.’


A bit of a companion piece to this.

Anthony Ramos X Reader

I literally written at 11pm from my Phone. I’m running on a total of like 5 hours of sleep this week but hey whatever!

“Oops Still married!” Lin said for the eight time in two weeks running backwards in costume to pass someone, anyone, his wedding ring before running on stage no longer as Married Old Man Miranda but as Wild and rowdy Alexander Hamilton. Everyone else was already on stage halfway through the opening song and the title character is…not even in character yet. You would never tire of watching all of them transition from themselves into someone else entirely. It’s fascinating seeing someone becomesomeone else, adopting their thoughts, their habits, their posture, their fears, their interests, their accents. Fascinating.

You watched various members of the named cast and of the under acknowledged ensemble ducking in and out of the wings and heard them work their way through the song. You listened carefully just like every time. Ready to spring into action the moment anything unexpected happened. There had only been a few surprises, but from what you could tell they had played it off perfectly.

“We fought with him” Lin was a genius with the character plays with these lines.

“Me I died for him.” You swallowed at that, saying the first line in character is like the final step. You knew you wouldn’t see Anthony again for almost three hours even though he spends a fourth of the show in the wings or totally backstage.

(Y/N), you heard someone call hoarsely. You jerked your head up to see Jaz walking towards you-no, not walking-no. She was hobbling

“What happened?” You asked frantically, trying to figure out what to do. She was due on in less than 10 minutes. You ushered her to a chair quickly pulling her shoe off disregarding the break in the small heel. Then you saw how swollen it was.

“It wasn’t like this before the show started!” You asked and she shook her head and with tears in her eyes told you she had tripped on her way off of the landing she stood on as Maria. She wouldn’t be able to walk on it, much less dance. “C'mon we gotta get changed.” You told her reluctantly. You could tell by her eyes how much she hated doing this but there was no way for her to perform at her best ability. You had only had to step in for her twice and she only had two more weeks. You pulled on the crinolines and hoop that you needed to wear while she slipped out of the dress. You were both fully re-dressed and you up in the wings (with a different pair of shoes) in record time. You had had your entire conversation, found ice and and gotten someone else to help Jasmine and gotten into the corset and entire costume just at the end of Aaron Burr, Sir.Slower than you would usually have taken but Jasmine’s ankle was probably broken, meaning you would be Maria/Peggy for a while.

You watched the guys as drunken fools and tried to get in your other mindset as you listened to Anthony’s angelic voice during SOT. You realized that you would probably surprise almost everyone when you came out as Peggy

Luckily the other Schuyler sisters had seen the fall and nodded at you quickly in confirmation before pulling out their smiles and the three of you moved in formation leaving (Y/N)behind and becoming Peggy.


“Eliizaaa” you shoved your way between the two and smiled proud of yourself

“And Peggy!” You looked at both of them grinning. Perfect. You went through the song whining and being dragged along spinning and watching the ‘minds at work.’ You fluttered your eyelashes and flirted with Laurens who raised an eyebrow at you and you just frowned at him with an oh-so-slight jerk of your head and shrugged your shoulders. To the audience it would look like Peggy was walking away after an unpleasant end to the conversation but he knew what you meant. You then stuck to the script, or relatively close anyway. You hurried across stage to be in place for the famous “werk” pose and then slipped off stage again waiting.

The rest of Act 1 went without a hitch, helpless and satisfied were so fun to do especially when you were being swept off your feet and spun in the air. You watched from the wings the heartbreaking scene of the Laurens Interlude. It brought you to tears every time. It wasn’t professional but you couldn’t help it with the raw emotion in Anthony’s voice. Nonstop was crazy and fun, and a much needed change of piece. Suddenly it was intermission and almost everyone was asking Jasmine about her ankle and how long you would be playing her. You began mentally transforming into Maria placing yourself in her shoes when Anthony knocked and walked in.

“Hey,” he greeted you and you smiled.

“Hi.” You said trying to apply another coat of the harlot red lipstick. You tossed lines back and forth and gave the note a test and your heat skipped a beat when he smiled at you. He practiced his ‘young Phillip’ voice cracking terrible jokes that you laughed until someone called out time. He gave you a kiss before heading back out.

“Show time” he told you smirking.

“Break a leg babe!” You told him as he walked back towards the stage and he winked at you. You didn’t need to be on for a while, just a back up voice. You heard Eliza and Angelica sing the last few harmonies of Take a Break and got ready to walk on. It took focus not to smile while you walked on the turntable, that was so much fun. You played your part perfectly and were proud of your voice when you cried in the second half of the song and even got real tears flowing out when you whimpered as James whistled to you like a dog at the end of the song. It was only a matter of time before you were needed to hand Lin the pen that destroyed Alexanders life. You waited anxiously with your knee bouncing. Jaz had left at some point and it was just you and various tech, cosmetic and design people going back and forth quietly. You changed into the tan dress that matched everyone else and went back to listening. You breathed out shakily when you heard Phillipa wail at the end of stay alive reprise. You watched Phillips lifeless body come towards you on the turntable and you helped him up.

“Killed it again.” You told him still breathing deep as you helped him stand back up. Watching him go completely limp killed you every time. You both hurried back out of the way to wait until Who lives who dies. You wanted to talk but before you had the chance you both were needed on opposite ends.

Then it was time for the hardest part of the whole show. Lifts and spins and speed walks were nothing next to staying dry eyed during the finale.

“I rely on Angelica. While she’s alive we tell your story she is buried in trinity church near you when I needed her most she was right on time.” You spoke with the ensemble working to keep your voice from cracking. “The orphanage.” Still focusing on keeping your threat clear, “Who lives who dies who tells your story. Who lives who dies who tells your story.” You watched her walk forward and then stagger slightly and gasp. You had originally wanted to be Eliza, but you were glad you got cast as Peggy, you doubted you would ever be able to make it through Act 2 as Eliza. You grabbed the hand closest to you, which was unsurprisingly Anthony’s, and flooded out with everyone to take your bow.

“Well, well, well, Miss Maria,” a low voice said around the corner after you had spent almost an hour with the fans making you jump slightly in surprise. Anthony scooped you up into a twirling hug and you giggled even though he did this after every performance even when you were only seen by the people who paid attention the girl that caught Burr’s fatal Bullet. “You killed it.” He whispered in your ear.

“You killed me you said back to him. “What’s it like to die twice on your birthday?” You asked him letting him know you hadn’t forgotten, you hadn’t had a chance to say anything earlier. He laughed a little. “I had gotten you a cupcake but I ended up giving it to Jaz.” He made a goofy face at you and you had to laugh. “You too tired for dinner?” You asked him. Sometimes after a show he just wanted to crash, but this was the first one this week so hopefully a date night would be doable. He agreed that dinner would be great. “alright, just let me get out of this dress and this corset ugh.” He laughed at you. You had complained about the crushing feeling of the corset more times than either of you could count.

“Wait, one quick thing.” He said pulling you back towards him, you looked at him in surprise before he suddenly kissed you. It knocked the air out of your lungs as he slowly ran his tongue over your lips before pulling away. “Good.” He said and you raised an eye brow what was goodsupposed to mean? “I was afraid you would have Lin’s chapstick all over you face.” He told you and you laughed together.

“If you want to get to dinner before everywhere decent to eat is closed, you’ll let me change.” You told him. You hurried into your room to change out of that dress and put on instead a simple long sleeved silver T with a scarf and jeans. You tried to think of the last time you had had a boyfriend, or even just known a guy, who wouldn’t have made a crass joke about taking off your dress before you had been adopted by the Hamilcast.

You knew Anthony would have gone up to the roof to watch city and slipped up to join him. He was standing with his arms crossed staring off into the distance. You quietly crept behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist.

“You okay?” You asked him. Something about his posture and essence overall was just off

“Did you know that this was my first birthday that I haven’t been at my mom’s dinner table?” You shook your head even though you knew he couldn’t see you as you were still behind him but he probably had felt the movement against his back. “I don’t think any of them were even here tonight.” He said and you instantly understood his mood. His family meant everything to him, they had supported him through everything. “It’s funny, when I was a kid my mom would let us pick out whatever we wanted for dinner regardless of the price three days a year: Christmas, Easter, and our birthdays. I always wanted her baked Mac and cheese.” He was lost reminiscing while you pondered how to help him.

“Lets go back to my place, I’ve got a box of stoffers five cheese baked macaroni in the freezer. It’ll take forever to cook and it’s not the same but…” you trailed off quietly while you hoped that it would help somehow. He turned his head and gave a small smile and agreed.

You took a cab together back to your place, it was a small apartment, but hey, it kept the rain out and the heat in. You got right to work on the frozen Mac and cheese. It was going to be a long night if it actually took as long as it said. You turned around to see him looking at all of the pictures on every flat surface and empty wall. He hadn’t seen the way you live since you had moved a few months ago and you had switched out many of the pictures meaning most of them were new to him.

“what you said to me a few days ago that thing when I didn’t answer you.” he asked and knew exactly what was talking about held your breath afraid of way thought would say next. think slowly as if deeply considering his next words. “I love too.” Your face broke into smile so wide it hurt flew across the room kiss him. He smiled at reaction. You lived for that smile. “Happy birthday…my love.” You broke away for quick moment to whisper.

Weird fact: Martha Washington outlived her first husband and several of her children and still said the day she met Thomas Jefferson was the worst (omg I just realized that “worst” has said “eldest” for almost a month) day of her life

(2016.01.17) maeno tomoaki blog update


Although this update is a bit slow,
Happy New Year ^^

Please take care of me in 2016 as well.

Thank you very much for the many Near Year’s cards and letters that were sent to the agency.

And also for the Christmas presents and other things as well.

From the start of the year since the first event was the Utapri live on the extremely large stage, I’ve been busy with the various preparations.

There were minor troubles around, and there was an unexpected accident, but somehow in between these two days we managed to safely complete it.

For the letters, flowers, and presents, thank you very much.

I took a photo of the flowers.

I hope we were able to return everyone’s kindness with our performance.

The hurdle is high every time, but I’m honestly very happy to be able to stand on that spectacular stage.

Although I don’t say these thoughts each time at the end, I really am very happy that I’m able to stand on the stage as a member of Quartet Night.

I love that group, and I feel glad to be among these members.

In the Quartet Night Line [group chat], the generally rock person who says rock things.

The cute one who has cute reactions.

The older brother who sends stamps.

And me who has magnificently read through them (sometimes)

Like this, it feels like we’ve included the feel of Quartet Night.

For the stage this time, since it was for Camus’ image, I used brand new blue coloured contacts which matched my prescription.

It was interesting using the coloured contacts which made the atmosphere change a little.

There are still all kinds of places that I can think of, and we’ll do our best to aim towards an even greater evolution.

To everyone who came, to everyone who supported us from afar, thank you very much m(_ _)m

From now on, at whatever pace suits you, please support Utapri.

Information about new programs and events have recently been announced, please continue to give your support in 2016 as well for these various things within your reasonable range.

hotdamnj2  asked:

While we wait on the Jared ring answer, let me throw this on the pile. It has driven me crazy trying to figure out how Jen decides when to wear the silver (Vegascon 17) or the gold band (Nashcon 17). I have watched for a couple of years & when I think I have it figured, then he changes. I associate the gold as everyday as it's seen more, it does match Jared's. But could the silver be the more special? Anniversary ring is a possibility. Theories???

Hello, dear miss!

Oh my… this ring business is very tricky. I must admit my default setting is to check whether or not they’re wearing the rings at all on stage, but I pay no further attention to what kind of rings they are. You wouldn’t believe how bad I am with fashion and accessories… My fashion sense is much worse than Jared’s, hahah.

Anyway, you could be onto something here. First thing that popped into my mind was to check the footage from HousCon 2016, which was the famous con where Jared “forgot” his wedding band on a Valentine’s Day of all days.

And sure enough…

… Jensen has the silver ring on.

Now, could it be that they have a matching set for special occasions? But instead of them both daring to wear them on stage, they decided the other would go entirely ringless?

These rings confuse me so much. I wonder if we’ll ever figure them out! It’s always worth a shot, though. ;) Thank you for your message, sweetheart! I hope the coming week brings you joy!

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