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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1966) » Tuco

You never had a rope around your neck. Well, I’m going to tell you something. When that rope starts to pull tight, you can feel the devil bite your ass.

picture the scene: it is the day of magnus scheving’s wedding day. he is waiting eagerly at the alter. the bride walks through the doors and begins to walk down the aisle; on the organ, the lazytown theme tune is played. she continues to walk and finally reaches the alter. slowly, she takes off the veil. there is magnus scheving, in full sportacus attire. his best man is robbie rotten. magnus points to the ceiling, “RING”, he shouts. a ring falls into his hand. he does a triple backflip and puts the ring on his wife’s finger while in the air. the wedding cake is made entirely out of apples. it’s truly a beautiful sight.

*phichit voice* one time the night before the grand prix final (i’m a world-class figure skater btw) i noticed my gay friend had gotten gay married since he had on a gay wedding ring so i shouted HEY MY FRIEND JUST GOT MARRIED and everyone in the restaurant was clapping, his husband was clapping, i was clapping, his sister was clapping, his ballet teacher was clapping, that guy from kazakhstan that nobody knows anything about was clapping,

McIntosh County Shouters


A shout or ring shout is an ecstatic, transcendent religious ritual, first practiced by African slaves in the West Indies and the United States, in which worshipers move in a circle while shuffling and stomping their feet and clapping their hands.

Despite the name, shouting aloud is not an essential part of the ritual.

The ring shout was practiced in some African American churches into the 20th century, and it continues to the present among the Gullah people of the Sea Islands.

Tiger Cub

Genre: I don’t even know

Rating: PG

Characters / Game: Takeda Shingen,Sanada Yukimura, MC (SLBP.)

Summary: The day before his birthday is when all of the Clan’s retainers try to best him. If someone doesn’t beat him before dawn the Takeda Clan will be without a leader.

Comments: Happy Birthday !

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Bring your pretty little butt over here

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“That’s dumb. “ Luke seemed offended by your statement and threw the film away. “I wanna watch The Ring! “ You shouted, taking the remote out of Luke’s hands.

“I don’t! “ Luke took the remote back and scrolled through the comedy-options on Netflix.

“We watched The Ring the last time, Y/N. “ Ashton sighed. You and Luke had been fighting over which movie to watch in thirty minutes now. It was one of the main reasons why you guys didn’t have movie-nights. They were normally great – but you just didn’t want to watch Mean Girls again.

“What about Scary Movie? Horror and comedy? “ Calum suggested, almost lighting up by his own idea.

“Scary Movie is a disgrace to both genres. “ Michael chipped in.

“Scary Movie? More like Crappy Movie! “ You said, making the room go quiet before Calum chuckled slightly at your dumbass jokes.

“I wanna watch HANCOCK!! “ Ashton exclaimed all of a sudden, pointing to the screen with excitement like a little kid.

“Fine. “ Luke got up from the floor and took the last place to sit, a lonely chair. You started Hancock and looked around to find a place to sit, not wanting to sit on the floor.

Bring your pretty little butt over here, babe. “ Calum whispered as the film began. “You’ll just sit on my lap. “

He reached out for your hand and you shrugged, walking towards him. He grabbed your wrist tightly, but not harsh, and pulled you down onto him. You were almost laying on him, smiling like an idiot when he started moving his lips up and down your neck.

“Jeez Cal, not now. “ Michael mumbled, looking at the screen with a smirk.

“Sorry. “ He said, smiling. “Hard not to kiss my beautiful girl. “ 

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headcanons from robert and aaron's wedding
  • • Aaron finds out that Robert jumped back in the lake and went through the wreck of his sunken car to find his ring and shouts at him for being an idiot but secretly he just falls in love with him even more
  • • the first thing they do as a married couple is go and play darts in the pub and even though Robert has just married Aaron and loves him more than anything, he still has to win
  • • "bit gay this, isn't it?" "no I'm bisexual"
  • • Chrissie congratulates them even though she only gives Aaron a cuddle and makes a face behind Robert's back
  • • Aaron changes his name to Sugden and the Dingles pretend they've kicked him out of the clan whilst Diane insists on formally introducing him into the family even though the only actual other Sugdens in the village are herself and Robert
  • • Robert point blank refuses to drink out of a welly
  • • someone puts ribbon on Robert's car and he gets really concerned that they've scratched it and Aaron's just like 'at least it's not in a lake'
  • • Paddy whines about not liking Robert and Aaron just shrugs like 'tough shit I've married him'
  • • Adam cries
  • • someone orders a stripper and Aaron purposely disappears, Robert is very uncomfortable and Finn Barton has the time of his life
  • • they have a secret kiss in the toilet bc even though they're not hiding anymore, they both kind of like it
  • • Aaron makes sweater paws with his suit jacket
  • • Chas stops Robert in the corridor between the pub and the toilets and tells him she's so grateful for what he's done and Robert just tells her how much he loves him and she finally sees that he means it
  • • Vic is Robert's 'best man' because he's got no friends
  • • neither of them fully understand how a male-male wedding works and eventually just walk down the aisle together
  • • Aaron suggests buying a dog
  • • everyone knows exactly who chose which song
  • • Aaron develops a habit of twisting his ring around his finger
  • • Robert gets a text off Andy and even though he didn't think he was that bothered, it really makes his entire day
  • • Cain slaps his back and says 'nice one Sugden' so Robert smiles at him and it's quiet for a moment until Cain just goes 'I still hate you though'
  • • they both use any excuse they can find to refer to the other as their husband
  • • a shared stag night that consists of them both watching the football in the living room and that's it
  • • they go to bed when it's over and lie in the dark talking about how they got to here- their wedding- from when Robert first came back with Chrissie and kissed Aaron in the lane and they go through it all (for hours) and realise it was all worth it in the end

Flashing lights were going off in his face, reporters asking for a soundbite, cameras capturing Senator Harrington entering the gala with his wife on his arm. His ears were ringing from the shouted questions, spots of light still dancing before his eyes, as he entered the gala. Lucy moved off to join friends almost as soon as they were inside. “At least a charity event is getting press,” he commented dryly, rubbing at his eyes briefly. 

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“Why is he trying to kill us?” Taj and Derrick


Jaren + Derrick + getting into trouble like always

With a muttered curse, the Cathar skid to the side, weaving in and out of the columns to present a more difficult target. The occasional glance made sure he was still matching Derrick’s pace and not leaving his friend behind from the very angry gang behind them. A shout and an ugly laugh got his attention and he glanced over his shoulder, eyes widening.

“Kriff!” he snapped, throwing himself sideways. 

He hit Derrick broadside and they both went tumbling. Just in time to avoid the small rocket whistling past them, hitting a pillar and exploding. He covered his head and half-curled over Derrick instinctively. The SIS Agent was doing the same, hiding his face against the Cathar’s chest while wrapping his free arm around Jaren’s ears and skull to shield them.

“Why is he trying to kill us?!” Derrick half-shouted, ears ringing from the blast.

“Why is–” The Cathar coughed and shook his head dizzily. “I thought you knew!”

“Nope,” the human laughed, bracing against the other and peeking over the rumble they were hiding behind.

“Fantastic,” Jaren growled, blowing dusty dreadlocks out of his face. “You so owe me steak for this.”

“What? Why?” He fired two shots, driving the angry gang back a bit. “I got it last time.”

“Yeah, but this isn’t my fault.” The Cathar dug out a small grenade, clicked it, grinned and threw it at the gang.

“It isn’t mine!” Derrick protested, ducking and covering a moment later.

The explosion echoed through the area, rumbling through the ground and columns. Jaren leaned to glance and smirked with pleasure, seeing three of the gang laying on the ground. One more was down from Derrick and the rest was limping off.

“Totally your fault. Also, I just saved your hide.” A broad grin flashed as he got up, offering the other a hand.

Fiiine,” Derrick grumbled, trying not to smile. “But you’re buying the drinks.”

“Deal,” laughed Jaren, brushing the other off. “Now let’s get out of here.”


While watching my favorite streamer play Breath of the Wild i am left in awe, the combat is amazing! So i wanted to simulate it in Skyrim and found a couple o’ mods from talented modders to make it so!! First, Equipment Overhaul to have favorites weapons show up on my body even if not equipped, it really adds to the armor design. Then i got DHC hotkeys so i can equip weapons without using the favorite menu, in other words i favorite weapons to have them show up on me due to the Geared Up feature but i let the DHC hotkeys take care of the weapons i actually use. Also, if you’re disarmed or you lose a bound item you had to assign what you dropped again in the little favorites menu! So annoying but this mod is not like that. But it cannot register shouts or rings with facial expression, poses, weather change or other effects like that so I still use the favorites menu for that. And it’s good cause they don’t conflict!! Wuhuhu! Then I got Loot and Degradation, it’s the mod that really is the center of the Breath of the Wild experience! Weapons now break if you don’t repair them, so I finally feel like it’s worth it to pick up enemy weapons or find such in chests everywhere. It’s not just annoying anymore! Before i was like, I guess I can sell this. But now I feel urgency to stay well armed… All that is missing, and something I’ve wanted since before i watched BotW, is ability to throw weapons. It would be good for knight or berserk type characters to wildly throw weapons instead of using a sensitive bow or arcanely adapted magic i think.
So that’s it… The gameplay is really fun now ans Skyrim isn’t only a photostudio anymore to me, luls.


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Name: Cecily

A four letter word: Card

A boy’s name: Carl

An occupation: cashier

Something you can wear: crown

Food: cake

Something you find in a bathroom: cotton balls?

A place: Cardiff

A reason for being late: clock didn’t ring

Something you shout: C’MON!

A movie title: Crazy Stupid Love

Something you drink: Coca Cola

An animal: Cat

A type of car: …

Title of a song: Castle On The Hill - Ed Sheeran

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free run

Modern AU where Eren does parkour and one day he gets into some trouble with some other punks so he swings himself over walls and across banisters and he’s almost in the clear but one of the railings is slippy and basically he tumbles onto a balcony, rolling his way out of the fall and right into Levi, who was peacefully reading on his balcony at 6:32 in the morning. In the distance, shouts ring out, and his pursuers are close, so Eren presses himself down against Levi, hoping that they can’t see him from where they are on the street.

“Iamsosorrypleasedon’tmakeanynoise,” he whispers into Levi’s hair in a rush.

Levi, meanwhile, is frozen and tense and was about to flip Eren over his banister, but he’d stopped because Eren was soft and unmoving and clearly wasn’t trying to get at his internal organs. He relaxes deliberately, hearing his ‘assailant’s breathing even out. Eventually, the voices from down the street retreat, and the boy breathes a sigh of relief. 

Eren sits back on his heels in a hurry, giving the man (his saviour!) some space. Guiltily, he takes stock of the man lying rumpled on the floor, staring up at the sky as though wondering why he’d bothered to get up today.

“I’m so sorry, thanks for not throwing me off your balcony,” Eren tries tentatively, as he watches Levi sit up and look at him.

“I almost did, kid. What’d you do to those guys?” Levi asks.

Eren looks guilty. 

“Uh. One of them was harassing my friend so I stole his backpack and revealed that he like magical girl manga, not that its bad or anything but he got really embarrassed and angry so…” Eren trails off, and Levi snorts.

“I know, it’s immature, but I got mad though,” Eren looks suitably guilty. “Oh! I’m Eren, nice to meet you!” he adds on sunnily.

Levi looks at the kid, rumpled and smiling at him. He looks young, early twenties, he’d thought, and in the morning light he was every inch of him boyish, rascally charm. 

“Levi, nice to meet you. Do you parkour around here a lot?” 

Eren nods, and explains that he lives a few blocks from here, and the buildings in Levi’s apartment area had a lot of good grips and paths to free run. Halfway through the explanation, his stomach makes a sad, pathetic noise. Eren pauses. Levi pauses. They both take in how ridiculous this ‘cute meet’ is. Levi hands Eren a banana, and Eren takes off after he eats it hastily, mouth still chewing as he vaults over the banister with a muffled “Seeya around!”

Then, he is gone, leaving Levi standing barefoot in his balcony, chair overturned and a banana peel on the table. Levi considers the peel, and takes it in to throw it away. 

It becomes a common occurrence to see Eren running around and getting in and out of trouble. The kid is always laughing as he runs, happy and free and ridiculously attractive in his shirts, which were always sleeveless, so Levi got to see the long muscles working in those tanned arms. Sometimes, Eren would pop by his balcony, taking his shoes off as he landed. Levi, having resigned himself to this stray bird coming by whenever he pleased, started gathering snack bars to hand to the kid, who was always hungry. Sometimes, he invites him in for dinner, because it saved him the trouble of having to eat his leftovers, and Eren was always good company. 

shout out to women/trans women everywhere and anywhere, you are smart, beautiful, real, powerful, and brilliant

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Claire’s Love For Jamie...

Claire’s love for Jamie is expressed in so many ways throughout the series. Not just any kind of love, but how much stronger her love is for Jamie than anyone else. In Drums of Autumn Jamie and Claire are attacked on the ship headed up river to Jocasta’s by Steven Bonnet. Bonnet gets a hold of Claire’s ring from Frank. We’re led to believe that she hasn’t ever really taken off this ring or Jamie’s ring, but that doesn’t explain something that happens later on in the same book, Bree. Bree sees Bonnet with a ring and knows just at the slightest hint of gold that that ring is Claire’s ring from Frank. She knows without looking what is written on the inside of the band, and confirms it for herself.

Then one of the men moved, and beyond his shoulder she caught the gleam of gold. 

She glanced down, looked away, then looked back startled. It was a ring, a plain gold band, but wider than most. It wasn’t the gold alone that had caught her eye though. The ring was no more than a foot away and while the light in the taproom was more than dim, a candelstick sat on the cardplayers’ table, shedding its light in the inner curve of the golden band. 

She couldn’t quite read the letters engraved there, but she knew the pattern so well that the legend sprang into her mind, unbidden.

“…have ye come to change my luck then?” He was a big man, with a heavy-boned, handsome face…she forced a smile. “I hope so,” she said. “Shall I give your ring a rub for luck?” Without waiting for permission, she snatched the ring from the table and gave it a brisk rub on her sleeve…she could see plainly the words written inside. From F. to C. with love. Always.

Her hand was trembling as she gave it back.

(Drums of Autumn)

With this, we now can infer that Claire had taken off Frank’s ring multiple times in order for Bree to have that ring so thoroughly memorized. So Bree is very intimately connected to the golden ring. She can spot it in a crowded, dimly lit room on a card table of all places, but Jamie’s ring? Nope. Bree might be able to spot the pattern on the outside by heart, but she’d never be able to pick it out of a crowd like she did with Frank’s ring. Claire refuses to take Jamie’s ring off. She even admits to it when they’re searching for Jamie in Dragonfly in Amber. She takes off the ring for (presumably) the first time and sees the inscription Jamie left for her.

“Your ring,” he said, coming to stand close by her again. “The silver one. Is there a maker’s mark in it? Some of the eighteenth-century Scottish silversmiths used them. It might not be proof positive, but it’s something.”

Claire looked startled. Her left hand covered the right protectively, fingers rubbing the wide silver band with its pattern of Highland interlace and thistle bloom. “I don’t know,” she said. A faint blush rose in her cheeks“I haven’t seen inside it. I’ve never taken it off.” She twisted the ring slowly over the joint of the knuckle…She squinted at the inside of the ring the rose and brought it to the table, where she stood next to Roger…

“There are words in it,” she said wonderingly. “I never realized that he’d…Oh, dear God.” Her voice broke, and the ring slipped from her fingers rattling on the table with a tiny metal chime…not knowing what else to do, he lifted the tiny metal circle to the light and read the words inside.

“Da mi basia mille…” But it was Claire’s voice that spoke the words, not his.

(Dragonfly in Amber)

Claire was so possessive of that ring and clinging on to any part of Jamie that she could that she would never let the ring leave her touch or sight; always keeping Jamie right there with her, as if he was always touching her, but with Frank’s ring she took off at will.

Claire loves Jamie so much that the ring he gave her is more a part of her than anything else she owns. Her love for him is so strong that even at the slightest mention of taking off the ring to validate that the ring is 18th century silver/find the maker Claire clutches her hand to protect the ring…unwilling even after 20 years to part with it. It’s one of her only lifelines to Jamie and she will not give that up easily or willingly. 

Continuation // @thelxstboy

“Well, fine! But if any pirates capture you or if anything bad happens, don’t expect me to come save you! You’re on your own!” The boy huffed taking flight as he spoke. The wrong buttons had just been pushed.

She watched him leave, pride keeping her from letting her fears prompt her into yelling for him to come back. Besides she wasn’t entirely helpless. “You forget Peter…I was once one of them. Does Red Handed Jill ring any bells?!” She shouted back. Her adventure into piracy had lasted only but a day but that was besides the point. 

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Super 8?

  • Super 8: Most poignant childhood memory?

nothing will ever top when i went fetch water with the summercamp counselor and he drove me back to the camp driving standing in his convertible while blasting lord of the rings soundtrack and shouting “I BRING BACK PRINCESS SALO” 

all the girls at the camp were so jealous of me after that èué