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Spins in combination - Rhythmic Gymnastics

1. Senyue Deng: Arabesque turn to Front Split Pivot with help

2. Ganna Rizatdinova: Penché to Pivot in passé

3. Melitina Staniouta: Cossack turn to Penché/Front Scale Pivot (*)

4. Evgenia Kanaeva: Penché to Ring Pivot without help (*)

5. Daria Dmitrieva: Attitude Turn to Ring Pivot with help

6. Evgenia Kanaeva: Pivot with leg at horizontal to Ring Pivot without help

7. Daria Dmitrieva: Attitude Turn to Pivot in passé

8. Anna Bessonova: Pivot with leg at horizontal to Pivot in passé

9. Son Yeon Jae: Attitude Turn to Penché

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What is the most difficult pivot in RG?

well, in the 17-20 CoP, the most valuable pivots (meaning they are considered the most difficult) are :

- “split forward without support, trunk horizontal”

I can’t think of a gymnast performing it, so here’s the sketch from the CoP :

- “split side without support, trunk horizontal” aka sidescale pivot

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here performed by Delphine Ledoux in 2011

- “split without support, trunk horizontal or ring”, basically a frontscale pivot, looks like a penché, the difference is the penché is performed on flatfoot, and the frontscale pivot is performed on relevé :

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Ganna is kind of the only one to perform it (but other gymnasts have been training it and we might see more in the future)

- “Front split; trunk bent back below horizontal from standing position or from the position on the floor” aka backscale pivot :

* from standing position :

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(Ulyana Trofimova, queen of backscale pivots)

* starting on the floor :

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(Melitina Staniouta)

All these pivots are worth .5 in the new CoP (and then you add value the more rotation you can perform), imo other very difficult pivots are the ones performed with the head thrown back, bc you lose visual support :

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here an attitude pivot with the head thrown back, performed by Son Yeon Jae, it’s worth .4 in the new CoP whereas a “simple” attitude pivot is worth .2

Rhythmic Gymnasts (currently competing) || Pros and Cons [requested by anonymous]

Some of the points below are generally known and obvious advantages and disadvantages of these gymnasts, but some represent only my personal opinion. I don’t claim to be 100 % right about it. If you’re new, I recommend you to watch their routines yourself and make conclusions on your own. Obviously, everyone has different preferences. And they don’t always fit the judges’ criteria of a perfect gymnast. Which is okay. Sad. But okay. And common.

I’ll start with gymnasts from Ukraine, as I think I have more knowledge about them and, obviously, I pay more attention to them than to gymnasts from other countries. I’ll try to analyze others too, but I can’t promise you to make the post soon.

Team Ukraine

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Natsu Confesses To Lucy: Part 3

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: T

Words: 1925

Summary: Lucy’s safety is in grave danger, but will Natsu really be able to save her this time?

The ring leader stood there with a wide grin on his face. His teeth were showing as he took a step back and turned to face Lucy, who was still being held by two other guys.

“So you don’t like it when I hurt your precious Lucy?”

The ring leader drew his arm back, and brought his open hand down onto Lucy’s cheek once more. Lucy squeaked as the searing pain increased.

“Go get him boys!” shouted the ring leader. The three men stood directly behind the ring leader launched forward towards Natsu. Natsu did not move. His feet firmly planted in the cracked ground where his fist had come down. The three men all jumped in the air in unison, coming down on Natsu fast. Natsu’s eyes didn’t leave the ring leader as he pivoted on his left foot, and brought his right foot into the air to consecutively round house all three of his current attackers. The three men all slammed into the wall one after another. The sound of the kick ricocheted off the alley walls. Natsu’s eyes drifted to his left to see his three opponents lying against the wall in a heap. The ring leader just smirked and turned to the two men holding Lucy and nodded. At that moment, they let go of Lucy and made their way towards Natsu. The ring leader stood in front of Lucy, blocking her path to the dragon slayer. As he did, she saw her keys still in his right hand.

“Come on salamander, let’s see what you’ve got” mumbled one of the men as he walked towards Natsu. It was at this moment; Lucy took her chance and reached out to snatch her keys out of the ring leader’s hand. He had seen her in the corner of his eye and turned to face her. His arm drew back once more, but this time, he formed a fist. He punched Lucy, making her fall back. Natsu’s body shook. His flames reached the top of the alley way as he launched forward roaring. He reached the two men and placed his hands on the side of theirs heads. He tensed his arm muscles, and brought their heads crashing together, as he vaulted over them. Natsu didn’t even look back to see if they were down, he just sprinted forward, ready to end the ring leader’s life. The ring leader turned around as black spheres formed in the palms of his hands.

“Guess I’m gonna have to show you my tricks” he grinned. He launched the two black spheres towards Natsu, who just flipped over them with ease. The spheres had met the alley walls and burned straight through. Natsu hadn’t noticed as he was meters away from the ring leader. The ring leader lowered himself and brought his fist into Natsu’s stomach. Natsu barely felt it, and vaulted over the ring leader, making himself the barrier between Lucy and the creep.

“I’m sorry Lucy, I should have been faster”

“Hey, don’t worry about me, you’re here now” she whispered. Natsu could hear the pain in her voice. The ring leader had taken these moments to form two more black spheres in his hands. He threw them at Natsu, who was caught off guard as they scraped his shoulders. Natsu winced as the pain twisted through his body.

“What was that?” he questioned.

“My magic” replied the ring leader.

“They’re spheres of pure energy; you have no chance of beating me salamander!”

“We’ll just have to test that theory” whispered Natsu as he lunged towards the ring leader. The ring leader began an all-out assault. Spheres of energy were flying past Natsu and going through anything they came into contact with. Natsu ducked and dodged as he made his way down the alley towards the ring leader. The ring leader threw one last sphere. Natsu slid under it, bringing his body back up to deliver the final blow.


Natsu crashed into the ring leader, leaving him incapacitated.


Natsu smiled.

“How was that Lu-“

Natsu’s eyes widened as he turned to face Lucy. Her snow white dress was turning into a crimson red. His eyes looked at the hole in her stomach as Lucy began to fall to the floor.


Natsu ran and slid to catch her before she hit the ground. He sat there on the ground with Lucy in his arms.

“That last attack got me” she whispered. Natsu looked at the gaping wound in her stomach.

“Don’t worry Luce, you’re gonna be fine”

“We both know I’m not Natsu” she said as she placed her hand on his cheek. Tears appeared in both their eyes.

“Lucy, don’t leave me, not like this. I meant what I said, I am in love with you Lucy Heartfilia” he cried.

“And I love you Natsu Dragneel…I always have” she replied. Lucy’s breathing began to slow down as her eyelids drew closer together.

“Lucy, I should have been there. I should have always been there for you. I’m so sorry Lucy…I’m sorry”

“Don’t apologize you idiot” she smiled.

“You’re the reason I joined Fairy Tail Natsu. You’re the reason that I loved my life. Thank you for all the adventures. Loving you was the biggest one of them all”.

Lucy’s eyes closed. Her breathing stopped. Natsu sat there holding her as tears continued to roll down his cheeks. He looked up to the night sky and let out a cry. That night, Magnolia became alight with the fire of a dragon who had lost everything.


The guild hall was quiet. Everyone sat in silence. Levy was crying into Gajeel’s shoulder. Gray had his arms round a red-eyed Juvia. There was no dancing, no singing and no joy in the guild hall. Happy sat next to Carla, looking directly at the floor.

“Where’s Natsu tom cat?” Carla questioned.

“I haven’t seen him since this morning. He said he needed to some time on his own” replied Happy.

“That’s understandable” whispered Carla.

The wind blew lightly through the trees that watched over the grave of Jude and Layla Heartfilia. Natsu stood at their grave sides, holding a big bouquet of flowers. His eyes full of tears.

“I’m so sorry” he whispered.

“I’m the reason that Lucy’s not here right now. I’ve let you down”

He fell to his knees, the palms of his hands at his eyes to stop the tears.

“I was supposed to protect her, and I failed….Please forgive me, I’m so sorry Lucy!” he shouted. His voice echoed through the valley that led to Magnolia. The wind came to a sudden halt as Natsu pulled his hands from his eyes. He looked at the two gravestones one more time, as he climbed to his feet. He turned and began to walk back towards Magnolia.

“I’m sorry” he whispered.

Natsu walked into the guild. Everyone turned to look at him, but he didn’t look at a single soul. He made his way slowly to a door at the back of the guild. He stopped at the door and exhaled slowly, as he turned the handle and stepped inside.

“How is she?” Natsu asked.

“Her wound seems to be healing, but only time will tell” whispered Porlyusica. Natsu turned to see Lucy lying on a bed. She still looked beautiful to him. He sat in the chair next to the bed and held her hand.

“I’m back Luce” he smiled.

Day after day, Natsu would sit with Lucy and hold her hand, waiting for the moment she would finally open her eyes…

Levy sat in the chair next to Lucy’s bed reading part of Lucy’s story. She had only been sat there for about an hour when she heard a murmur. Lucy’s hand started to twitch. Levy jumped out of the chair with excitement and shouted.

“She’s waking up! She’s waking up!”

The next second, everyone in the guild rushed into the room, everyone desperate to see their fellow guild mate’s eyes open. Lucy slowly, but surely began to open her eyes. She could only see blurry figures, until her eyes bolted open to see a load of eyes staring at her.

“H-Hey guys” she whispered.

“Lucy’s a real MAN!” shouted Elfman at the back of the room.

Everyone erupted into cheers of joy. There was hugging, high-fiving and even Gray and Juvia sharing a subtle kiss. Over the next few hours, there was dancing. There was singing. There was joy inside the Fairy Tail guild hall once more. Lucy had been carried to a bench to watch the celebrations take place, when she noticed something. She looked around the guild and turned to Mirajane.

“Where’s Natsu?”

“Asking where Natsu is as always” Mirajane smiled.

“He was here this morning, but I’ve not seen him since then” explained Mirajane. Lucy frowned.

“He spent nearly every hour of everyday by your side Lucy” beamed Mirajane. The words warmed Lucy’s insides. She opened her mouth to ask Mirajane one more question when Lucy was lifted up into the air by all the guild members. She was marched around the guild hall with everyone chanting her name. A tear rolled down her cheek as she looked around to see all her family so happy again.

Levy helped Lucy to her home and opened the door for her.

“Thanks Levy-chan, I think I will be alright from here”

At that moment, Levy wrapped her arms around Lucy.

“I’m so happy you’re back Lu-chan. If you need anything, let me know”

“I will Levy-chan, now you better get back to Gajeel” Lucy grinned. Levy blushed and accepted it.

“I probably should” she smiled. With that, the two friends parted and Lucy made her way up the stairs to her apartment. She unlocked the door and stepped inside to find the apartment spotless.

“Levy-chan…” Lucy smiled. Lucy looked at her table to see her keys lying there. A small grin appeared on her face. She made her way into her bedroom, as a cool breeze brushed along her skin. She turned to see the window wide open with Natsu sitting on the window sill. He had his back to Lucy with his legs dangling out the window.

“N-Natsu…” she whispered. Natsu slowly turned to see Lucy standing.

“LUCY!” Natsu shouted as he fell back onto the floor. He slowly climbed to his feet and stood arm’s length from Lucy. They stood there looking at each other for what seemed like forever.

“When did you wake up? Natsu questioned.

“A few hours ago”

“Oh, do you feel…okay?”

“I gue-“

Lucy’s words were interrupted by Natsu grabbing her and pulling her into his embrace. She slowly put her arms around his neck and buried her head into his chest.

“I missed you Lucy”

“I missed you too Natsu”

She turned to look up at the dragon slayer. Natsu’s lip was shaking.

“I-I-I love you Lucy” Natsu whispered. Lucy blushed and leaned up towards Natsu. Natsu slowly lowered his head towards hers.

“I love you Natsu”

Their eyes closed as their lips collided. Time seemed to stop as fire flowed through their veins. They opened their eyes slowly and stared at one another.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time” giggled Lucy.

“I’ve wanted to do that since I first met you” replied Natsu. Lucy smiled at his words and buried her head in his chest once more. Natsu rested his chin on her head and smiled.

“I do love you Lucy Heartfilia”

The End.

nye // jude & vic


It had been an evening full of magic and liquor. Both in a heady supply, Jude was certain this was the best way to ring in the New Year he could remember in recent history; his friends, fun times, someone he loved by his side. Ringing in the pivotal moment with a kiss and a laugh, fireworks fanning out in the landscape above them like so many flowers bursting into bloom. He thought his own heart could burst, but no. There was still so much to be done, to be seen, to live through. He felt like his life had spanned ten lifetimes and simultaneously had only begun in that instant; it was ridiculous.

They got home on the later side of four in the morning, keys turning in the door and tiny paws trotting up to greet them. Sure, he may have been napping in his cozy little bed by the Christmas tree, but the minute Jude and Victoria stepped through the entrance, Ronnie was charging into them. “Heyyy-y!” Jude greeted the small black ball of fur, getting bigger every day it seemed. Ronnie was wheezing and sniffing and wagging his nonexistent tail, and Jude picked him right up. “Would you look at that, our son is still awake,” he said with a laugh, liquor still thick on his breath, foggy in his mind. But he was happy. Kicking his shoes off, he stepped into the living room with Vic, landing adoring kisses to Ronnie’s face. “Babe, I think he wants to sleep with us. No, I know he does. He’s been alone all night. Look at him.” And turning, he flashed her a pout that seemed to match the pup’s.

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There’s a certain charm about classic hunting knives, but they tend to fall short in everyday use. It takes two hands to open them via nail nick, brass bolsters make them heavy but they don’t come with a pocket clip to help you carry them, and their wooden handles can degrade over time. Benchmade’s new Crooked River folder updates the iconic hunting knife with both modern materials and improved ergonomics. Durable G10 replaces the wooden scales, and lightweight aluminum replaces brass bolsters. The contoured handles and anodized metal not only look modern, but they also provide a better grip and won’t require the maintenance that wood does.

It’s the little things like the reversible pocket clip and thumb stud openers that make the Crooked River that much easier to use when compared to the hunting knives of old. The 4”, CPM-S30V clip point blade locks in place using Benchmade’s signature AXIS Lock mechanism. Visual details like an orange anodized pivot ring and a textured orange backspacer add just the right amount of pop to this otherwise subdued looking knife. Whether you’re taking this blade with you on your next hunting trip, or simply prefer a more substantial EDC, consider this modern classic for your next knife.

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