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Oh hai you guys, remember that time 7 months ago when Eleanor and Gigith hung out?

And then Eleanor was featured on the Tommy Hilfiger website for TommyxGigith?

Well Eleanor has customized a look for TommyxGigith’s new collection which will be featured in the runway show

The styles were then customized by influencers Naomi Davis (The Rockstar Diaries), Camille Charrière (Over the Rainbow) and Eleanor Calder (The Trend Pear) for the upcoming runway show.

  • thief: welcome to the thieves guild, rookie
  • new thief: i can't wait to learn the deep, hidden secrets of this city and find new ones of my own
  • thief: ahahahaha, yeah, sure
  • thief: okay so lesson one
  • thief: the self-checkout machine can't tell if you're lying about ringing up organic bananas as regular bananas

voice behind camera: okay boys, so just hold hands and look into each other’s eyes, yeah?
dan and phil:
dan and phil:
exasperated voice behind camera: you’re literally married. 

after my short-lived stint with overly sweet romantic phan, an anon asked for some hand-holding. which. i mean. technically i delivered.

i think you’re underestimating what giant nerds these fucking idiots are, tbh. the characteristics gods would not allow me this thing. 


Pre-ordering for our new 2015 gold septum ring line. Julia is wearing the Goldendaze ring along with the Mandala earrings. 

WHOLESALE clients only. Please email BuddhaJewelryOrganics@Gmail.com with your order. You are not charged until shipped. We are also taking pre-order for our already popular septum rings designs, including the Haute in Turquoise and MOP.

The new 2015 designs come in white, yellow, and rose gold. 

one night to push and scream (and then relief)
Happy Holidays, @feminist14er! – From your Secret Santa

Summary: Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin are FBI agents sent undercover as a married couple to infiltrate the Wallace family organized crime ring. Great plan, except for the part where they hate each other. 

  • Word count: 26,699
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Additional Tags: Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Undercover as Married, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternative Universe - FBI, Smut

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How to Summon the Signs


  • Prepare the largest bonfire you can make
  • Make Athena step inside the bonfire
  • Surround the fire with large marshmallows
  • Dump a truckload of ardor in the fire
  • Then kill the fire with the tears of bullies


  • Make a pyramid of money and gourmet food
  • Put Aphrodite in the center of the pyramid
  • Put many spotlights towards the pyramid
  • Chant a mantra of how stubborn you are
  • Then eat and enjoy the whole pyramid


  • Get the fanciest writing tool you can find
  • Gather lots of strings that arent attached
  • Surround yourself with influencial people
  • Make Apollo recite poetry about survival
  • Then drink the fanciest wine you can get


  • Find the cosiest and most relaxing sofa
  • Put Hermes comfortable sitting on the sofa
  • Get home cooked meals around Hermes
  • Add items with heavy sentimental value
  • Then sing a song about true lasting love


  • Sit in a throne of gold in a room of mirrors
  • Pour gallons of confidence on your body
  • Kindly borrow the lightning bolt of Zeus
  • Ask Zeus to temporarily turn into a lion
  • Then zap the lion with the lightning bolt


  • Move to a tranquilizing garden or farm
  • Make a ring of flowers and organic foods
  • Sew a tapestry about responsibilities
  • Cosily wrap Demeter with the tapestry
  • Then put her in the ring and start lulling


  • Surround Hephaestus with scented candles
  • Boil many iron and jewel in a pot of adamantium
  • Pour the melted concoction on Hephaestus
  • Paint Rococo art all over Hephaestus
  • Then spray him with your favorite scent


  • Get a gallon of water from the Styx river
  • Prepare another gallon of enemies’ blood
  • Then one more of trust, honor, and loyalty
  • Mix everything together and add chocolate
  • Then make Ares drink this concoction


  • Be adventurous and get lost in the woods
  • Look for Artemis and a unicorn 
  • Make an arrow out of the unicorn horn
  • Shoot Artemis right in the stomach
  • Then lotion Artemis’ blood on the unicorn


  • Make a castle out of books and coffee
  • Put a hundred cats around the castle
  • Pour buckets of determination and hustle
  • Tell Hades all your passion and dreams
  • Then place a large cat on Hades’ lap


  • Destroy the whole government first
  • Collect all of the bodies Hera cursed
  • Drink a lot of indepence and humanism
  • Stick many lit sparklers around the place
  • Then put Hera on top of the pile of bodies


  • Go to any beautiful body of water
  • Make a blanket and pillow fortress nearby
  • Put Poseidon inside the makeshift fortress
  • Soak everything with childhood memories
  • Then give Poseidon cookies and milk

FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 1 | 2.26.16

silvery jewelry by steamylab

  • organic sterling silver stacking ring
  • raw snowflake obsidian prong-set earrings
  • aquamarine cocktail ring with unique double ring silver setting

steamylab’s organic, rustic jewelry combines silver and, at times, gemstones, for a cool and special look.

Birthday Balloons-Vernon

Vernon scenario where you to the amusement park on your birthday and where he ins you a teddy bear and gives you balloons for all the reasons that he loves you

It had been a long time since you had went to an amusement park but when you were finally there it was so much fun.

It was a great day to be here because the sun was shining with a cool breeze and you were spending the day with your boyfriend Vernon.

Not to mention that it was also your birthday. He thought that it would be a great present.

“Wow, look at that one,” you said in amazement pointing at one of the giant teddy bears at the Ring Toss.

“Five rings please,” Vernon said to the Ring Toss organizer.

“Sure thing,” the man said as Vernon handed him a five dollar bill.

In order for Vernon to get the big teddy bear you wanted he’d have to put a ring on one of the gold bottles in centre of the table.

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Fakehaus -> Bruce Greene

When half of your life is spent fighting others in a ring, the transition to organized crime isn’t really all that bad. Bruce Greene is fiery, hotheaded, and impulsive, which makes him the perfect man to be the boss of Fakehaus. Deciding where and when to strike is his first job, and his second is intimidation. Wheezing laughter and a good attitude can turn into harsh words and intense eyes in a matter of seconds. Every time a new member joins the crew, Greene makes it his responsibility to guide them through their first job safely. With serene directions and a watchful eye, he calms the new member’s unsteady hands before they pull the trigger of the gun. At the end of the day, Greene hopes the rest of Fakehaus knows this one fact: 

Greene would die for his men. 

Joel / Lawrence / Adam / Spoole / James / Elyse / Peake / Omar