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Love how these three colors match together!

I’ve used Stabilo pastel highlighters and Staedtler triplus fineliner pens (delft blue, light carmine and lavender).

  • thief: welcome to the thieves guild, rookie
  • new thief: i can't wait to learn the deep, hidden secrets of this city and find new ones of my own
  • thief: ahahahaha, yeah, sure
  • thief: okay so lesson one
  • thief: the self-checkout machine can't tell if you're lying about ringing up organic bananas as regular bananas

I got the most wonderful package from my far away friend this week 💗 I still can’t believe all of the pretty treasures she sent me! 🙏🏼😭 she also included the sweetest handwritten note plus a few special treats and goodies 🙊🌸✨

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I rang up a woman's cabbage and she stops me "No, it's ORGANIC." It's not, our organic cabbages are packaged with a purple band, so of course I tell her it isn't organic, I can run and get you one though "No, I want that one! And IT'S organic. Change the price!" Then loudly whispers to her small daughter "That way it's cheaper." So I void the original and ring up organic and her $1-something leaf ball went up to a $2-something leaf ball. Irony is a beautiful thing.


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theme thursday: alternative engagement rings

tiny delicate diamond stack rings by maryjohn

these solid gold rings are adorned with varied organic shades of bezel-set diamonds ranging from grey to champagne, yellow to brown to a deep cognac. if you have a preference for your color combo you can choose your faves!

How about a Hannigram fic where Will realizes Hannibal’s secret, and is deep enough into their friendship that he can’t stomach turning Hannibal in to the FBI, but can’t go on pretending like it’s all okay, either.

So, he hauls ass out of the state without warning, leaving only a generous fund (most of his savings) for his dogs’ care, and a short note saying ‘Don’t Look For Me’ for his co-workers.

He and his inner-demons settle into a inconspicuous little town to regret every life choice- ever. (To include allowing a cannibal to keep cannibalizing)(Second only to leaving his pup-pups).


While trying to live under the radar and avoid other sentient beings altogether, Will stumbles across a local illegal conspiracy involving all major officials in his new town (mayor, police, lawyer, etc) (such as maybe human tracking or a murder/organ harvesting ring) that sends Will on an unavoidable path of killing them all to save himself and many others lives.

Which he does with reluctance that quickly shifts into a One-Night-Bloodbath-Killing-Spree where he needs to channel every killer that ever crawled into his head (including Hannibal) to survive until the morning.

At which time, he is arrested for the horrific and alarming nature of his killings and mutilations (because even self-defense has limits and, WOOHOO SON, you crossed them when you BBQ’d the town Judge’s kidneys and ate them with a side of corn-on-the-cob).

And his real identity is revealed upon that arrest.

And his VERY CONCERNED former psychiatrist is allowed a visit in the interim before his court date.

And Hannibal is ecstatic happy pleased because Will couldn’t outrun his fate in the end.

And Hannibal arranges Will’s escape.

(And they collect all of Will’s puppers.)

And they run away to finally live their Happy Ending.


#hannibal #waiting for season four #but until then

Should You Fight This Footballer?

Cristiano Ronaldo: Please do it. Please fight him for all of us. You’ll probably lose because he’s jacked, but you also might make him cry and that’s honestly worth it. Please, please make Cristiano Ronaldo cry. 

Lionel Messi: I mean, you could fight him. You would probably win? But like, sometimes you just have to ask yourself, you know, why? Why are you fighting Lionel “Warm Milk” Messi? Do you not have more constructive things to do with your time, like eating ice cream or riding scooters? Don’t fight Lionel Messi. Take him to Disneyland.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Oh my god, don’t fucking fight Zlatan. Don’t do it. Dude is 6'5" and a black belt. Love yourself. 

Andrés Iniesta: Uh, this would be like fighting a small piece of cheese, except the cheese is a dear kind little man with a wife and daughter and like honestly, dude, what the fuck? 

John Terry: Yes, fight John Terry. Next question.

 Luis Suarez: Please don’t do this. Not because he doesn’t deserve it, but because I’m honestly not sure if you’d come out of it with all your skin still attached? Like, this could go one of two ways: either he falls down as soon as you breathe on him, or he rips your liver out and eats it. Don’t risk it. Don’t fight Luis Suarez.

Andrea Pirlo: At first glance, Pirlo looks like the kinda guy you want to fight. I mean, he’d probably be too concerned with deep-conditioning his beard and avoiding bloodstains on his white linen capris to pose a threat, right? But he’s also probably running an organized crime ring, or the government. So don’t fight him. 

Leonardo Bonucci: Why the fuck would you fight Bonucci? He punched an armed robber. In the head. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Bonucci. 

Mario Götze: Oh my god, yes. Do it. Fight Götze. Doesn’t he just look like he smells like ham? Is there anyone in football with a more punchable face? Please, please fight Mario Götze. Fight his ham-smelling, Beats-wearing, Bieber-listening ass.

Javier Mascherano: Dude, do you hate yourself? Masche may only be like 5'9" but he will literally fight anything. He tore his anus on the football field and just kept playing. He humped Zlatan’s leg and lived to tell the tale. He probably has a side gig going as a hit man, I mean, have you seen how bald he is? Don’t do it. Don’t fight Mascherano.

Marco Reus: He is kind of fightable, isn’t he? But don’t do it. Don’t do it because he’ll break and it’ll be your fault and he’s been through enough already.

Mario Balotelli: Literally everyone in the world exists in a constant state of fighting Mario Balotelli. Leave the dude alone, okay? He likes dogs. Let him play with some dogs. We don’t need to be fighting all the time.

Luka Modric: Why would you fight the king of the elves? Do you not fear their ethereal retribution?

James Rodriguez: God, yes, please fight him. Has any other player ever been so punchable while still basically being a good person? I mean, I can’t think of any real reason to, but fight him anyway. Fight his stupid charming face. 

Franck Ribery: I mean, you could fight him, but like, that would probably mean touching him. I’m honestly not sure I can ask anyone to do that? Not even for a good cause (i.e. fighting Franck Ribery).

Oh hai you guys, remember that time 7 months ago when Eleanor and Gigith hung out?

And then Eleanor was featured on the Tommy Hilfiger website for TommyxGigith?

Well Eleanor has customized a look for TommyxGigith’s new collection which will be featured in the runway show

The styles were then customized by influencers Naomi Davis (The Rockstar Diaries), Camille Charrière (Over the Rainbow) and Eleanor Calder (The Trend Pear) for the upcoming runway show.

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If it appeals to you at all, would you consider writing something for the fugitive phase? Like the highs and lows or something along those lines?

Day 1

“What are we going to do?” Scully asked once the rain had stopped.  Mulder had thought she was asleep.  He was barely clinging to consciousness himself, but still clinging to her.

“There’s a contingency plan,” he mumbled against her shoulder.  “The gunmen-”

“The gunmen are dead.”

“I know.  We worked it out before…everything.  I-we have IDs, passports, papers…money to disappear with.”

“We do?”

“There’s a safe deposit in San Francisco.  That’s what we’re going to do.”

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It's late at night, about a half hour to close. There's basically no employees in the store anymore; no one to help out the custs. A lady comes up and asks if we have any non organic bananas in the back, we're out on the shelf. I say, "I'm not sure but if you want to grab organic I'll ring them for the non organic price." The reply? "NO. I need NON ORGANIC." slowly as if I'm stupid. I'm sure there are reasons why someone can't have organic but it seemed more like she didn't hear or understand me

One Foot Out of the Grave (Part 5)

Read Part 4

Pairing: Pietro x Reader, Dad!Tony x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: angst, language

Words: 1,597

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Things that remind me of each MBTI type

I saw this kind of post going around and I decided to be unoriginal and partecipate.

ISFP: creative face painting, genuine laughter, having a picnic with a few close friends, beanies, cat cafes, the color green, the smell of grass after it rained, a sunny day with a few tiny clouds

ESFP: blue butterflies, staying up to watch the dawn rise, dancing on your own, frivolous giggles, peaceful protesting parades, Rio carnival, dancing in the rain, dim pink lights

ISTP: leather jackets, the smell of gasoline, the color brown, walking alone through a crowd that’s walking in the opposite direction, late nights spent drinking and chatting with a few friends, hiking, motorbikes, lighting a match

ESTP: smirks, camping, firecrackers, running through busy streets, beer pong, gambling, british rock, fighting for someone you care about, roadtrips

ISTJ: Valkyries, being able to “see” your breath when it’s cold, ancient books, stalactites, flannels, intense stares, well-aligned book piles, any type of mythology, candles

ESTJ: organized notes, rings, fixing your tie, spending time with your family, being proud of your friends’ accomplishments, the smell of graphite, movie night with your friends

ISFJ: dandelions, pastel colors, enjoying classic literature, blouses, acoustic guitar, cupcakes, early summer mornings when the air is surprisingly cool, gardening

ESFJ: Christmas morning, sunlight, spring, flower compositions, the feeling of being in love for the first time, warm hugs, travelling, photo albums

INFJ: cloudy sunsets, knowing you’ll miss a moment while it’s still happening, cursive handwriting, being underwater, fantasy books, flower crowns, walks in parks, the color lilac

ENFJ: a clear night sky, golden retrievers, quiet cafes, sleepovers, reassuring smiles, fancy jackets, pool parties, warm blankets, relieved sighs

INFP: walking barefoot in the sand, pugs, being in your pajamas all day, awkward smiles, dream journals, hanging Christmas lights on your bed frame, poetry, giving advices

ENFP: karaoke night, rainbows, soap bubbles, graphic tees, homevideos, unexpected sarcastic remarks, unnatural hair colors, trying to stay positive through hard times

INTP: skeletons, when everything is calm right after a storm ends, eclipses, museums, having an epiphany, feeling at ease while being with your friends, nerdy shirts, laying in bed thinking

ENTP: hopping on a bus without knowing its destination, grins, playing would you rather, exploring a part of your town you had never been to before, the color orange, going on a holiday with your friends, bonfires

INTJ: conceptual maps, walking alone at night, having ink stains on the side of your hand, the distant sound of a siren, the color purple, voltures, worn out shoes, working late at night

ENTJ: the contrast of black and white, watching your friends’ back, sci-fi novels, coins, challenging stares, mountains, the skyline of a big city at night, clenching your jaw