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Shangst week: Captivity/gladiator ring

Throwing Shiro back in the ring wasn’t a bright tactical move. Cruel, sure, but not actually helping anything. Throwing Lance in there with him, against him, that was just the icing on the space cake.

It’s all just a cruel joke, because really, there’s no way that someone like him can best Shiro in a hand to hand fight. And there’s no way that Shiro can back down either. It’s kill or watch as everyone else is killed.

Pidge and Keith and Hunk are sitting in their cells now, a gun pressed to each of their heads. If either of them holdd back, doesn’t try, they’re dead.

Lance knows that Shiro can’t hold back. Not if it means his best friend dies, that Pidge dies without seeing her brother again, that Hunk never gets tl taste his mom’s cooking. Even if it means that he has to kill his lover.

The door slowly raises open, and Lance can hear the crowd roar. Across the arena, Shiro awaits. Lance doesn’t hesitate.


Well…it seems I can’t really let the @otayuriweek go, I’m having too much fun with the Fantasy prompt! XD

@nehart82 drew an awesome art, combining LOTR and YOI, and as we both adore the Lord of the Rings and Yuri!! On Ice I wanted to draw my version of Legolas-Yuri and Aragorn-Otabek…I hope you’ll like them <3 


Allison Reynolds was a bewildering choice for Palmetto State. She looked like a picture-perfect princess, but she could brawl with the best of them on the court. She refused to bend to others’ expectations of her and could be honest to the point of cruelty. She could have inherited her parents’ billion-dollar empire, but she didn’t want the restrictions that life came with. She wanted the right to be her own person. She wanted to prove herself on the court.


So were re-watching the LotR trilogy (again) & I noticed Legolas recycling bits of his dad’s old quotes.

Well obviously, I know Return of the King was released first. But it’s interesting that they’d have Thrandy use the same phrase to describe the threat of Mordor in DoS. It makes it look like Leggy is echoing his father’s words when you re-watch RotK.

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

We’ve been up close and personal with Saturn for 13 years now, thanks to the Cassini mission

From a tour of Saturn’s many enthralling moons to an incredible view of Earth through its rings, the planet continues to captivate the imagination. This week, here are 10 things you need to know about our fascinating ringed neighbor.

1. Strange Sighting

When Galileo Galilei was observing Saturn in the 1600s, he noticed strange objects on each side of the planet. He drew in his notes a triple-bodied planet system with ears. These “ears” were later discovered to be the rings of Saturn.

2. Solar System Status

Saturn orbits our sun and is the sixth planet from the sun at an average distance of about 886 million miles or 9.5 AU.

3. Short Days

Time flies when you’re on Saturn. One day on Saturn takes just 10.7 hours (the time it takes for Saturn to rotate or spin once). The planet makes a complete orbit around the sun (a year in Saturnian time) in 29 Earth years, or 10,756 Earth days. saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/news/2955/measuring-a-day

4. No Shoes Necessary

That’s because you can’t stand on Saturn—it’s a gas-giant planet and doesn’t have a solid surface. But you might want a jacket. The planet’s temperatures can dip to -220 degrees F.

5. Few visitors

Only a handful of missions have made their way to Saturn: Pioneer 11, Voyager 1 and 2, and Cassini-Huygens, which is there now. Since 2004, Cassini has been exploring Saturn and its moons and rings—but will complete its journey on Sept. 15, 2017.

6. Saturn’s Close-Up

This month is a great time to observe Saturn from Earth. Check out June’s “What’s Up?” video for a how-to guide.

7. Daring Dives

Saturn’s spectacular ring system is made up of seven rings with several gaps and divisions between them. From now until September, the Cassini spacecraft is performing a set of daring dives every week between the planet and the rings. No other mission has ever explored this unique region before, and what we learn from these final orbits will help us understand of how giant planets—and planetary systems everywhere—form and evolve.

8. Many, Many Moons 

Saturn has a total of 62 moons: 53 known moons, with an additional nine moons awaiting confirmation.

9. Curious Shapes 

Saturn’s moon Atlas looks like a flying saucer. See for yourself.

10. Would You Live on a Moon? 

Saturn can’t support life as we know it, but some of its moons have conditions that might support life. Ocean worlds could be the answer to life in space and two of Saturn’s moons—Titan and Enceladus—are on that list.

Want to learn more? Read our full list of the 10 things to know this week about the solar system HERE.

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Happy Birthday, Sophie Hunter! (March 16 1978)


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2017 | 6.19.17

FINAL DAY: KP’s wedding faves
featuring: unique alternative wedding + engagement ring duo by lexluxe

Six Sentence Sunday (6/18/17)

“The minor details of the case are inconsequential, Molly,” Sherlock said dismissively as they stood at the jewelry counter. “Point is, if you can tell me which of these rings is most likely to appeal to a woman who is intelligent, practical, lovely, and also works with her hands in a sometimes gruesome job…it would definitely help me find the suspect.”

Molly looked suspiciously back and forth between the nervous looking detective and the rings laid out on the counter, but then finally pointed to a wide band with small diamonds embedded in an elegant vine like pattern.

“That one is gorgeous and it’s practical because it wouldn’t get caught on anything like, oh I dunno…gloves…or something.”

Sherlock grinned and exclaimed, “ah ha, yes I thought you’d prefer- I mean yes, thank you, I finally know who the killer is and the game is on!”

Molly smiled to herself as they left the jewelry store in supposed pursuit of a suspect, but she simply couldn’t help adding as they got in the cab, “you are gonna actually ask me out first though, right?”