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tbh my favourite scene from Bartimaeus is still the bit in Golem’s Eye where that one guy (I think it was Nat’s boss? Idk it’s been fucking ages since I read the books) casts a stupidly overwrought spell to catch a stupidly overwrought demon but he fucks up so the demon eats him


the other trapped demons just fucking stand around gossiping about it

“Goodness, did you see that?” 

“Lucky bastard”


Flames MASH, requested a long time ago by saaders and finally fulfilled! Tag your results :)!


Were You Having A Bad Dream…?

Why the Shamy-break is necessary

Deep breath shippers, this is a good thing.

Sheldon has a ring. Excellent. But consider the scene if he had proposed:
Sheldon proposes, Amy accepts joyfully. They tell the others, who make the usual jokes right up until the wedding.

Fuck that, that’s dull and devalues their relationship.

Now consider:

On-a-break-Amy has to study her feelings, decide if this is a relationship she wants. Penny and Bernadette will be consulted- they’ll either finally support her and Sheldon’s relationship as real, or they’ll advise her to drop him, and she’ll defend their relationship, realising for herself how much she values it. I like assertive Amy, but her past often makes her too accomodating.

On-a-break-Sheldon has to deal with his emotions, specifically expressing them, in order to show her his commitment. He will also need to fight for the relationship in a way that he has only done a few times in the past, and acknowledge her importance to him by giving her the power to decide. By doing so he will also need to really talk about the seriousness of his feelings with the guys. (I’m guessing this will also build Sheldon and Howard’s relationship as I suspect he’d be the one he talks to. Maybe Leonard, but Howard is happily married, so I feel it could go that way)

Just like Amy’s date with Stewart was the catalyst that formalised their relationship, Shamy need a crisis for full relationship development.

They will come through this stronger than ever, and the group will finally see their relationship as two adults, not the big joke it is often viewed as.

It absolutely infuriates me when people say stuff like ‘just call child services’ or ‘just call the police’

“Just ring child services” ah yes excellent so I can lose nearly all of my belongings after my abuser finds out I was the one who called or once they decide that I don’t deserve those things because they’re ‘theirs’.  So I can get moved out of the area I live and away from my friends. Some people have to go into hiding because of their abusers. And guess what? People will rarely adopt/foster anyone over the age of FIVE. Brothers or sisters? There’s no promise you’ll all be placed together. Do you have family members or friends who are associated with your abuser?  Well once you’re not there they might start copping it- for sticking up for you, or for not doing anything, or if they’re the ones that made the call, or maybe because your abuser just needs someone to blame

god if it was that easy we’d just call I promise you