ring of clovers

This panel breaks my heart a little bit because it fits with a sort of headcanon I have; ghouls don’t like to keep photos

Photos are a way to be tracked if the CCG get their hands on it. Keeping a photo of your loved ones puts them in danger if you were caught. So having a keepsake instead- their old mask, wedding rings, a clover hair pin- is the safest way to remember someone lost.

Rather than “she hated photos” I wonder if it’s more “she didn’t want to leave a paper trail behind if something happened”, probably for the exact reason so someone like Bujin has a hard time finding her. And now that she’s dyed her hair black again, she’s much more recognisable as the girl in Yoriko’s photo

*When mc closes her eyes when she’s in danger*

Me: …………………..

Voltage guy comes and rescues mc and ready to lecture me

Me: *Shhh* Yes. I know…..I know how u feel.
I also want to scream

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iridius is the name of the world in my dungeons and dragons homebrew campaign which is officially named ode to singing trees, but i affectionately call it the mount ethereal campaign

it has a two tags because im awful (#mount ethereal campaign and #the clover ring)

the summary is

Eons ago, there was Harmony, who was strict but kind, and Chaos, who was reckless but passionate, and the being who brought them equilibrium was Balance, who was poised but untroubled. Together, the three reigned over their domains and watched over the lesser gods, bringing the ultimate form of stability to their world.

But what came to be known as the Great Collapse brought their reign to an end and ushered in a new world. The lands became water and the water lands, the sick healed and the corrupted perished. Raw arcane energy had sewn itself into every inch of earth and every cell of every living creature it touched. This Rebuilding of the material plane happened over one million years ago, and any signs of the old world has long since been lost.

For as long as you can remember, your world has always been the same; peaceful, harmonious, and united by one goal: the endless, insatiable search for knowledge and power. The old gods sleep below the surface of the earth, lying dormant as the new gods walk the land. Nowadays, it truly is hard to discern whether one is mortal or not by just a glance.

  • the world of iridius is almost completely inhabited by aasimar, tieflings, and genasi. they make up a rough 70% of the world’s population
  • the only continent in the northern hemisphere is covered almost entirely in the clover ring, a forest where the normal laws of magic and reality start to bend into odd shapes
  • in the heart of the clover ring, is the tree of life. essentially, this tree is known to be the soul thing keeping the world safe. if it were to die and its powers fade, the raw magic energy of the world would become radioactive, poisoning everyone 
  • those who study magic put themselves at risk of arcanic radiation. the strongest magic wielders can sense the raw magic in the air. its like a faint buzzing. 
  • the tree of life is widely acknowledged of its power. everyone in the world know that they depend on it, save for a strange cult in the southeast who reject iridius and wish to return it to its water-filled state before the grand collapse
  • potable water is actually a large issue, because only 30% of the world is made of water, and only 6% of it is fresh. because of this, it isnt unusual for one if not more people in a single household to always have a water spell on hand
  • the clover ring is alive. and it needs to be looked after. it chooses who looks after it. this is the clover ring court. the clover ring court is spread out throughout the clover ring, but a select few cabinets go any further into the large forests past the third ring
  • their are four rings in the clover ring forest, and the fourth is where the tree of life is found.
  • the clover ring has a prince, who acts as an ambassador to the world beyond. the prince is birthed from the tree of life and imbued with some of its life force. if the prince travels too far away from the clover ring, he grows weak and so does his connection with the tree of life
  • there is no feywild, and there is no shadowfell. instead, there is a plane known as the luminesce. it is quite a strange place.
  • think about any rare creature in the monster manual. its probably in the clover ring. in fact theres probably four of them.
  • the clover ring is dangerous to outsiders, but it can also choose to protect them
  • one of the reasons the clover ring is so dangerous is because the arcanic radiation there is very high, because the tree of life brings the radiation towards it to filter out the energy into something that syncs up with the magic within the bodies of living creatures
  • the biology of living creatures on iridius is Whack
  • encounter type: “potential bears”. before the bears act or the players act someone had to roll to determine whether the bears exist or not.
  • i fucking love iridius 
When you've read all the headcanons you can find for your favorite Voltage game😱😩
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When you realize that school means less time for Voltage Games, its Fandom, and more Stress.

Meet the new princesses of the lemur kingdom. 

the culture’s sense of humour, with examples of popular jokes,

-“blame the tree of life”
-“the tree of life told me to”
-“who was that guy?” “probably a saizo.”
-*rescues a small animal* “I AM THE NEW PRINCE”
-“prince kaidan wouldn’t treat me this way”
-fantasy photoshopping pictures of prince kaidan to say shit like “i think dogs should vote!”
-really really awful pretentious poetry about the clover ring written by outsiders
-lions sitting on top of dinner tables.
-turning into a horse on the stage of a theater.

popular literature VS classic literature,

popular literature: boils down into “WHAT IF the tree of life DIED here’s 5000000 books” and “i was a sad sad man until i met the love of my life who is a beautiful druid”
classic literature: a lot of poetry and period novels tbqh. “the first saizo.”

what children learn in school (especially history, maths, biology),

history: how the world was formed, how the clover ring affects the world, past royalty, past wars between differing hemispheres, when the golden age was first reached and how
biology: you learn very basic biology of every race and then as you grow up you take a biology class for your own race in fantasy high school but if you want to you can take the biology classes for other races.
science in general : there’s a class dedicated to the clover ring. there’s also a history class dedicated to it.

the common grammar mistakes your conlang’s native speakers make,

-no one can fucking agree on what to call horses, dogs, apples, and the sun

the culture’s cuisine, with recipes,


toy production,


the embarassing old songs people sing when they are really drunk, but would not admit knowing while sober.

-fantasy kesha the bard who spent two years in the clover ring and came out with a 50 track album

when eren was little he asked his parents what their rings were for and they were like ‘well u wear matching rings when you wanna be with someone forever’ and erens like I WANNA SPEND FOREVER WITH ARMIN BC HES THE BEST!!! and they go and make lil rings out of clover flowers in the forest and year years later eren’s digging thru some of armin’s old books and he finds the lil rings pressed with the dates and everything and, his gay heart cant take it

Arcana Famiglia 2 - Jolly

–this post contains spoilers–

I played his route last among the guys. My feels were once again betrayed by Hunex…I wanted to write his part second because all the things i got from his route is still fresh to me.

Jolly is the family Advisor and Mondo’s right hand man. When the head of the family is not around, he takes charge of everyone. He is an alchemist and a researcher of matters about the tarot cards.

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Preference - The MC When She’s Been Drinking/Drunk...AGAIN!

Here’s another one for you guys!

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Kiss Me On Clover Hill:
“Yeah…sure guys, whatever you say…”

Be My Princess:
You fit right into your royal role after a few…maybe even a little too well.

10 Days With My Devil:
You tend to forget you’re in a house full of men…

Dreamy Days In West Tokyo:
The guys will be sure never to let you have any alcohol EVER again…

My Wedding 7 Rings:
You forget to give a shit when you’re drunk…but that’s okay.

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