ring muscle up

Bar muscle up calisthenics practice after the WOD.

My WOD by the way was:
Barbell lunges 300m for time and every 20 lunges, I had to do 10 bar facing burpees. It honestly wasn’t that bad just kinda hot outside. I got 24:27 for the time.

Then after that I had to do 60 strict ring dips.
The bar muscle up practice was after all that, which is why I’m still geared up.

Tired to get three but as you can see by the WOD. I was tired. Lol. Enjoy your GOOD Friday everyone.


18 y/o Freyja Mist slow motion Muscle Up

5/24/17: Re-Enter The Muscle-up

Here’s a story for you. I went to CSFBK for a day of Back Rack Reverse Lunges and a gnarly MetCon. But the lunges went quickly and I had a minute to kill, so I hopped up on the rings and did my first strict muscle-up in, what, at least a year? This is after being away from consistent CF training for a couple weeks, doing absolutely no pull-ups, and otherwise making ZERO attempts to muscle-up in any way, shape or form. Outside of a couple false grip ring rows in the warm-up, I just…did it. The moral of the story? Twofold. One, don’t discount the value of long term recovery. Yes, you lose some conditioning when you haven’t been in the gym, but you also rebuild a lot of the slower-forming connective tissues that you beat on day to day. It takes time to get stronger, and more importantly it takes time to recover deeply when you’ve been training a lot. I was VERY fresh on the rings. Secondly, sometimes you have to sneak up on a skill or a PR. Especially if you’ve been trying and failing a lot, it pays to walk a way for a while and let yourself forget some bad habits. Come back when you’re fresh and there you go. Huzzah. Now let’s see if I can hang onto it for good this time. Also, weighing in the 170s now (!) doesn’t hurt.


  • 3 x 6 Back Rack Reverse Lunges

RESULT: Worked at 95lbs. Easy.


  • 12 x 24kg Kettlebell Swings
  • 10 x 75lb Thrusters
  • 8 Burpees
  • Rest 2 Minutes

RESULT: Whew, this was tough. I forget my exact time. 13 something maybe? I had to scale to 8 thrusters for the last two rounds. Otherwise this was a good one, but a motherfucker.


These late night workouts get to me…I get off work and show up at 10:15pm and gym closes at 11pm. My @strengthwraps helped push me through this intense 10 min AMRAP of ring dips, air squats muscle ups, and push-ups. This is all after I already did handstands, pistol squats, pull ups, leg press and a ring push up combo so I was spent!! If you need that extra push and wrist support use my promo ➡️RODSTAYSFIT10 ⬅️to get 10% off your #strengthwraps order! I use my strengthwraps EVERY DAY because they save my wrist from unneeded strain especially during high intense workouts, get at it!!! #amazing #fitbody #ringworkout #olympicrings #bodyweight #calisthenics #fitbody #muscleup #crossfit @armyfreshfitness @militaryfreshfitness #motivation #gymlife #gymnastics #yoga #eatclean #nutrition #instafit #igdaily #armyfreshfitness #beastmode #gohard #gymrat #fitness #yogi #core #determination #pushyourself #stayfit #stayhumble #workout

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Coconut Shampoo-Cake

Coconut Shampoo-Cake

“Calum you smell good.” Luke mumbled, running his hands through his friends raven hair. He smells like coconuts and pineapple and it’s deliciously capturing and Luke could smell it all day and never get bored.

“’S probably my shampoo.” The older boy mumbled, closing his eyes and stretching against Luke. The two were cuddled in Calum’s bed, the rest of the house was asleep seeing that it was 3am.

“What shampoo do you use?” Calum was very drowsy, barely being able to keep his eyes open, while Luke was wide awake, aware of every sound and smell around them.

Before Calum replied his eyes grew wide with something almost like realization. “Are we-what time is it?” He said. To Luke his voice seemed almost panicked.

“3:47, why?” Luke was confused now, Calum was acting strange, jumpy even.

“No reason, just wondering.” Calum had brushed off Luke’s attempt of understanding, which frustrated the blonde profusely.

“Anyway…. What shampoo do you use?” Luke was determined to get an answer from his suddenly not so sleepy friend. The smell was almost intoxicating in his state of hyper awareness, everything seemed to be buzzing, vibrating almost.

“Here come with me.” Calum grabbed Luke and pulled him away from the intensely soft bed, which Luke craved more now he wasn’t in it. Luke was also frustrated, Calum was in his own far away world and it needed to stop. Luke needed straight answers to his nonsense 3am questions.

Luke hadn’t noticed that Calum had led them into the bathroom until the light was flipped on. The brightness burned Luke’s oversensitive eyes and he wanted to crawl away and hide. “Why are we in here?”

Calum didn’t answer, he just locked the door and turned on the shower, which didn’t make any sense to a foggy headed Luke.

“It’s the middle of the night and you want to know what fucking shampoo I use, so why not just show you?” Calum said, not really to Luke in particular, just to the air surrounding them.

The two boys started to undress, going quickly due to the cold air in the bathroom. Of course they had seen each other naked before but this time it was different, for Luke at least. They stepped under the hot water and Luke sighed, his tingling skin absorbing each drop of heat that landed. He felt as if he was on fire as he leaned against the cold tile wall, Calum’s warm chest pressing into his back.

Luke heard the snap of a plastic lid, then one of Calum’s hands tangled into the mess of Luke’s hair. The sickly sweet smell of fresh soap filled the enclosed area, Luke drew in a deep breath, exhaling the fumes slowly.

“Can I wash your hair?” Calum said, his voice just barely above a whisper. It seemed strange for Calum to be speaking like this, sure he was quiet but around Luke he was very outgoing.

“Yes.” The single worded answer released a flurry of sensations onto Luke. The feeling of the hot water on his shoulders, Calum’s hands working through his hair, the smell of sweat and shampoo. It was sensory overload, but Luke couldn’t get enough, he let out a small moan, not enough to notice f you weren’t paying attention, but Calum was.

As the soap left bubbly streaks in the water Luke paid attention to nothing but Calum and his hands. He wanted those hands all over his body, feeling every dip and curve.

“Cal…. Cal, touch me please.” Luke whined quietly, reaching behind him to grasp Calum’s hips and pull him closer. The older boy’s hands left their position tangled in Luke’s hair to roaming his body, the pads of his fingers slipping over the slick, flushed skin.

Luke gasped as Calum’s hand moved over the curve of his ass and giving it a quick squeeze.

“Do that again.” Luke slurred, his face pressed into the wet wall in front of him. Calum let out a breath, one with hints of a strained sound desperate to come out. Luke was rewarded with another squeeze, then Calum’s strong hand pulled, spreading Luke apart and exposing him. Luke didn’t care though, it just felt so good.

“What do you want me to do Luke?” Calum whispered, moving Luke’s ass around which his hands a few more times.

“Inside, please, I want you inside me.” Luke gasped, blinking water away from his eyes. The blonde heard Calum chuckle, swiping his fingers around the tight ring of muscle that made up Luke’s entrance.

“You sure?” Luke could hear the smirk in Calum’s voice. The blonde ached for any contact that Calum was giving him, he just wanted Calum pushing into him roughly, pressing him harder into the shower wall.

“Yes.” The single word reply was all that Luke could manage at the moment. His voice was failing as he desperately rutted backwards for any friction against his ass. Calum pressed a kiss to the back of Luke’s neck, making the blonde shiver.

Calum pushed back for a second, grabbing onto Luke’s shoulder for balance. “Hold on. Seriously.” Calum said, his throbbing cock against Luke’s tight hole. Luke braced himself against the shower wall and bit his arm hard as Calum pushed in. The water acted as some sort of lube, but it wasn’t the best and Luke’s ass was still being stretched painfully.

“You good Hemmings?” Calum said, sliding out gently, then pushing back in. Luke shook his head, flicking water out of his tired eyes.

“Yeah, keep going please.” The painful stretch was less of a burn now, the pleasure starting to seep through. Calum rocked his hips forward, burying himself further into Luke. The blonde had to restrain a loud moan when Calum fell into a hard pace. He really wasn’t kidding when he said hold on, Luke was having trouble staying upright under the brunette’s thrusts.

After a while Luke was falling apart rapidly, he had to dampen moans that would probably wake the whole house at their full potential. Calum relentlessly worked his ass, hitting his prostate with each shift of his hips. “Are you enjoying yourself, Luke?” The older boy asked, moving his hands over Luke’s waist.

All Luke could do to respond was whimper when Calum hit a certain bundle of nerves. Luke has to bite his lip to stop himself from screaming. He was so close, just riding the edge of release.

“C-Calum… Touch me, I-I need it.” Luke was a stuttering mess, barely able to mumble out a few simple words.

“Whatever you want, babe.” Calum said, wrapping his hand around Luke’s leaking dick. It was almost too much for the blonde because Calum could barely get a few strokes in before Luke was cumming, his thighs shaking sporadically.

Luke’s walls clenching around Calum were enough to shove him over the edge, the brunette cumming with a groan of Luke’s name. They both stood there in the aftershock, trying to regroup themselves.

“That was… Amazing.” Luke finally said after a few minutes, standing up and turning around to face Calum. “I agree completely.” He said with a smile and a kiss onto Luke’s temple.

The pair of boys got out of the shower, dried off, and climbed into bed. Calum’s long arms were looped around Luke’s waist as they both drowsily went over the previous events in their heads.

“Goodnight Luke.”

“Goodnight Calum.”

Training this morning was waaaaay better than Monday, a rest day yesterday did me a whole bunch of good. Also it was really fun, even though it was an eye opener to how lacking my gymnastics skills are 😳

EMOM 9 mins, alternating between:
2 squat snatch, 45kg
1 power clean + 2 split jerk, 50kg
3 deadlifts, 65kg
(Based on %s)

For time: 
12 ring muscle ups (scaled to 12 C2B + 12 push ups)
1200m row
8 ring muscle ups (scaled again)
800m row
12:58 have I ever mentioned that rowing is actually something I’m kinda good at?

AMRAP 7 mins: ME handstand walk, but also EMOM 30 double unders
I got 9m, because I absolutely suck at HS walks and my DU were kinda shitty today and took 30 secs out of each minute

For time:
50/40/30/20/10 cal ski erg
20 KBS 16kg
1 min rest
19:52 this was soooo fun, although I feel like I’ve done enough skiing lately to have made it all the way to fucking Australia by now


“My first negative ring muscle ups 😁many more to come. Can’t wait until I get my first strict muscle up. I hope it’s coming soon.”

When your students have a goal and are serious about doing the necessary work things like this happen! There are no special short cuts or loop holes only hard work. (at Training Ground Sukhumvit 69)

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#transformationtuesday a day early because THIS finally happened!!!!!
After months of training @crossfitlindy and trying over and over again, I finally got my first ring muscle-up😹😹😹
I told myself last week that I NEEDED to get one before I go back to school and I freaking did it.
#traininsane #insanetrain #crossfitlindy #boomsaucemethod #crossfit #cfgymnastics #firstringmuscleup (at CrossFit Lindy)

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Thanksgiving WOD

14:00 EMOM

Even - 30 DU
Odd - 8 back rack walking lunges 95#

All DU were unbroken - for like the first time ever.

SKILL: 20:00 MU work

This didn’t go well. I wasn’t able to string more than 2 together. I stupidly tried games style grip first, which I couldn’t get any of. Maybe I should just master false grip.

WOD: For time
1000m row
50 ring dips

10:43 RXd

I’ve effed up my rowing. I’ve gotten worse. Time to go back to how I used to row. This took me more than 4:10 for the 1000, and then ring dips were slow. They are getting better, but still so terrible. I just go for fast singles. Down and up. PLUS my quads feel like they’ve been hit with a mallet from the air dyne and Karen. So rowing was a nightmare.

Pigeon, quad stretch, hip stretch