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Sormik Epilogue

Ok ok I know we all agreed that they would hug for a long time and Mikleo would run his hands all over Sorey’s face and hair and body to make sure he’s okay and everything but imagine what happens after the hug.

These two nerds haven’t explored ruins together (in a fun peaceful way and not in the you-should-release-some-stress-from-being-a-shepherd way) for many hundreds of years and since they practically reunited in a ruin, Mikleo would probably start with all the things that happened as they’re walking around the ruins and maybe while they’re walking, Sorey would find weird shit that Mikleo never saw before and they’d be back to their usual selves.

They explore this ruin for hours or maybe days until they’re both exhausted. Imagine Mikleo showing Sorey the new world where seraphs and humans finally coexisted and Sorey’s so happy and excited and they meet all these new people in the village nearby. There was a theory that Sorey’s ‘important feelings’ was only inclusive of Mikleo so imagine Lailah, Edna and Zaveid re-introducing themselves because Sorey doesn’t remember them. But he gives them a second glance with a confused smile because he feels like he knows them.

Imagine when Mikleo falls asleep but Sorey can’t really sleep (cuz he’s been asleep too long) so he watches Mikleo sleep and Sorey takes his time really REALLY looking at Mikleo. And he’s there wondering how long did he leave his best friend for Mikleo to change so much in appearance. Imagine Sorey hugging Mikleo and cuddling him cuz he can’t remember the last time he cuddled Mikleo. 

Imagine the other ruins Mikleo would show Sorey, imagine them reading books together and then taking naps on each other surrounded by piles of books. Imagine the new stuff and possible technology Mikleo would show Sorey. Imagine Sorey being freaked out by them and Mikleo almost always laughing at all his reactions to the new things.

Imagine some seraphs telling Sorey that they’ve never seen Mikleo smile so wide or laugh so freely. And Sorey’s so happy because this is how he wants Mikleo to always look and feel. Imagine Sorey learning new cultures and then asking Mikleo to marry him eventhough that commitment was meant for humans but Sorey convinced him anyway cuz he compared their relationship to married couples and found dozens of similarities. Edna and Zaveid being the least surprised about this news. Imagine these idiots getting married and having official rings.

Imagine them with their happy ending of having each other for all eternity. Please just imagine them always smiling and jumping around traps in the ruins and finding weird shit together. Imagine Mikleo serving Sorey his new ice cream creations and semi-burnt cookies, I just want to talk about them all day everyday please think of happy smiling adult! sormik exploring the world one ruin at a time, finally free to do whatever they want to. 


When a person loves Allah (swt), it says much more about them than any words they could possibly say. A person who loves Allah (swt) shows something about their character - that they are fearful and grateful to the Unseen; they will be true and trustworthy to you. Always look for one who has love for the deen of Allah Almighty Insha'Allah.


It’s official! Dakota and I are engaged! After wearing promise rings for over 7 months now, I figured it would be time to pop the question to this wonderful gem! When I met him last year, it was love at first sight! I absolutely adore him! He means the world to me, and I can’t think of anyone better to spend my life with! I cherish and love all of the memories we have already created, and am so excited for the ones to come!! So here is to our wonderful followers who support us! We love you all! ❤️😘😍❤️