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10 reasons why you should stan Pentagon

1-Have you fucken heard their voices?

If heaven…or honey… or maybe even a sunset could have voices, I’m 101% sure it would sound exactly like Pentagon’s voices. I’m aware that if they are k-pop idols, they must have nice voices. But in the case of Pentagon… It’s as if God’s took the voices of a thousand angels and transferred those into Pentagon’s members throat. Am I exaggerating?  11/10 universe will agree.

Here’s a compilation of my favorites solos and voices of pentagon!

E’dawn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3Iqd-AhjQE
Kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YjQSyADihQ
Hui & Jinho : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GIPgm8nJ30

2- Genius composers

Ok let’s be real. Every single one of their songs are bops, and some of them were written by Pentagon’s members. Hui, E’dawn and Wooseok are writers and composers that put their hearts and soul into their songs and it makes them even more touching. In their new EP (Ceremony), the song “To Universe” was written by Hui, E’dawn, Wooseok and Yuto. It makes it so genuinely pure-hearted that Pentagon are the one that wrote this special song to their Universe.

One of my personal favorite is “Thank you”. You know, those songs that you hear for the first time and you just cry? Or the songs that you share with all your friends because it is just, so beautifully executed. “Thank you” is one of them.

Can we also talk about this magnificent poem from Yan An, it’s truly wonderful. A work of art. Wisdom in its purest form. Enjoy.

“Hey, my love Julie.
I’d like you even if you were bald,
Even a crew cut is fine,
I’d like you even if you were sweet like sugar,
It’s fine if you are salty like salt,
In the end,
You’re still my girl,
Pentagon member,
Yanan’s girl.”

Thank you:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GIPgm8nJ30
To universe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q00W_9iFJ1c



. I don’t know how I can explain how I felt when he launched this sex-bomb at me… Should I make a meme?

Me when I get a F in class : “idc”
Me when I have to walk and its raining af : “couldn’t care less tbh”
Me when there a nuclear bomb exploding next to me: “boring”

I can’t find the gif so here is the link to that grinding hoe’s performance:


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What sorcery is this? how can a cute boy like him grind this vigorously?

4- The relationship between Hui and E’dawn

*I ain’t shipping anyone*

Hui and E’dawn have always been best friends and their relationship is definitely goals! I’m not lying, E’dawn even got Hui a friendship ring during pentagon maker. (The fact that it was saying “I love Dawn” made me choke on my coffee tbh). The chemistry can easily be sensed from thousand miles away. And that time when Hui had to choose between two groups, one with E’dawn as leader and one with Jinho as leader. He looked so torn apart by the decision! He still took part in E’dawn team (obviously).

Their time in Triple H surely made their bond stronger! They had loooooooooots of fluffy times together in the making of the “365 so fresh” MV!

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5- They had the very first survival show that didn’t trigger me and made me want to throw myself from the 6th floor

Produce 101 who? No mercy who? MIX&MATCH WHO??? Never heard of those. My only religion is Pentagon Maker. Seriously though… *SPOILER ALERT* They started with 10 members “fighting” to earn their places in Pentagon and can debut and ALL 10 OF THEM WERE ABLE TO DEBUT! How super cool is that? The only thing I did watching this show is laugh, laugh and laugh again( and cry a bit lol)! I didn’t have to worry about Idol having their dream crushed in million pieces #fuckmnetamIright.

6- They have the prettiest and most genuine smiles.

Is there a need to add anything else? Oh yeah! I need to add a signature at the end of my certificate of death.

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7- E’dawn in general, I just can’t get over him.

He. Is. Jus. So. Fucking. Weird.

Don’t sue me, he is the cute/hilarious/perfect kind of weird but like… sometimes you sincerely wish you could see what’s going on inside his head. Because from the outside, he looks like a huge mess.

Scared Dawn:
E’Dawn: “I’m not scared of anything” 

*2 secs later*

E’dawn: AHHHHHHHHHH * Makes ultrasounds*

Here is different side of E’dawn:

Cute Dawn:

don’t mess with E’dawn:

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Weird E’dawn:

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E’down/ E’dead inside/ E’Done:

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8- Jinho is a level 1000 stealth master

They don’t call him “small hyung” for no reason! He is so small that during performences when he is in the back, we can barely see him. Even cameramen can’t seem to get accustomed to his stealth technics. Still, I’m probably 102% sure he doesn’t appreciate being call small and cute all the time since he is still a hyung. Since he probably won’t see this… He is so cuuuute!

can you see him? me neither. (He is behind Hui I think idk either)

9- Scaredy cats

Yuto is scared of the dark.

Shinwoon is afraid of animals.

E’dawn is scared of water (He can’t swim).

Here is a scared Shinwoon for you.

This gif in slowmo makes the dog look so much more scary even tho it looks so fluffy oh lord it’s really funny.

10- Yuto came straight out of a manga

- Japanese

- Played baseball for 6 years

- Unimaginably handsome

- Deep voice

- Tall

- More cool than cute (He says he can’t do aegyo)

If a mangaka release a manga based on Yuto, I swear I’ll sell everything in my possession to buy the entirety of mangas.

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***I’m not only saying this because he is Japanese***

Bonus: Jinho and Wooseok height difference

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My friend asked me for help with Midir and I made him a video

I made some Game Grumps Ringtones for my phone, so now whenever anyone calls me, I hear Arin’s primal piano ditty followed by “WHAT THE FUCK?!” and when someone texts me I get “Wakin’ up gay in the mornin’!!” I would have Dan’s genuine “No!!” From Mario maker, but I can’t remember the episode it was in..!!


“I think, Elrond, that in this matter it would be well to  t r u s t  rather to their 
f r i e n d s h i p  than to great  w i s d o m.” —J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

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Can you do 69 please? 🙂

“we need to talk”

Stiles paced around the room as he waited for Derek to get home. He thought he was going to buzz out of his skin at this point. His boyfriend was supposed to be home an hour ago and he wasn’t there yet. Stiles knew Derek wasn’t the type to cheat but this was the 5th time in the last month that Derek had come home late without explanation and Stiles was getting suspicious.

He started cleaning up Derek’s desk when Derek eventually came home. He placed his bag on the chair before joining Stiles.

“Hey, we need to talk,” Derek said as he distractedly looked through his mail.

This was it. Derek was going to admit to cheating on Stiles and this was the end of their relationship. Stiles wasn’t ready for this but he took a deep breath anyways before turning to face Derek.

“Who is it?” he started.

“Who is who?”

“The person Derek. It’s fine, I understand. I know I’m not the kind of guy that people spend the rest of their lives with but I thought things were going well with us. I’m sorry I wasn’t enough for you,” he finished, fighting back tears.

Derek said nothing and Stiles was mad. How dare Derek cheat on him and then not even own up to it.

Stiles looked up to see Derek staring at him with confusion.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“The late nights and the secrecy with your phone lately. I know Derek. Just admit it so I can pack up my stuff and leave.”

“Leave but why would you leave? What is-” Derek went silent, a wave of understanding washing over his face.

“Oh god no Stiles. I’m not- fuck. Stiles. I promise you it’s not what you think,” Derek said moving forward to hold Stiles.

“Then what is happening Der?”

“I’m – well. It was supposed to be a surprise but god I can’t bear to see you so upset over this. I’ve been working with a custom ring maker for the past month to help design and create your engagement ring. You thought I was cheating on you?”

Stiles nodded, feeling so incredibly stupid but relieved at the same time.

Stiles let Derek wrap him up in a hug.

“I’m sorry Der I just thought that-“

“Hey it doesn’t matter now babe. I’m so sorry I made you feel that way. I thought I was being secretive enough but apparently I can’t keep anything from you.”

“No you can’t. So when’s this ring going to be ready?” Stiles said, smiling, all doubts forgotten because he was getting engaged soon!

Marry Me?

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Cheryl x reader

request:  Cheryl Blossom and Fem! Reader where the reader was away for a while and comes and surprises Cheryl in the middle of her cheering routine and proposes to her and Veronica helps her

summary: Reader surprises her sad girlfriend with a question. 

written by Jasmine

You felt incredibly helpless as Cheryl cried in front of you. Well, not exactly in front of you, over a skype call.

“I just miss you so much,” She cried, tears streaming down her face far too quickly for her to wipe them away.

“I miss you too, love. I’ll be back before you know it,” You assured her. You wanted to tell her you would see her the next day, with a huge surprise that you were hoping she would love.

“Not soon enough,” She whispered, shaking her head.

“Cheryl!” You heard somewhere offscreen, and she turned around.

“What?” She called back.


Cheryl groaned, turning back to you.

“I don’t want to leave you,” She mumbled, pouting. You smiled a bit.

“Go get some food. We can text once you’re done,” You promised, your finger hovering over the ‘end call’ button. She nodded, smiling at you as she wiped away her last few tears.

“I love you,” She said.

“I love you too.”

The call was then disconnected, and you got to work quickly. You pulled up the text conversation with your ring maker, opening the photo attachment she had sent you. You gasped once you saw it, the perfectly made diamond almost staring back at you.

“Oh my god,” You whispered, quickly typing in a thank you message. The ring was delivered to your mom’s house in Riverdale so it would be there once you arrived. You asked for confirmation that it was a size seven, and your nerves decreased when they responded with a yes. You pulled out a phone with a smile still on your face, dialing your best friend’s phone number.


“Ronnie! The ring is done!” You exclaimed.

“Send me a picture!” She ordered, and you quickly forwarded the message to her. You heard her gasp over the phone, which made your smile somehow grow.

“I love it!” She cried.

“Is everything else set?” You asked.

“Yep, I told all the girls about the plan. I’ve made the signs, and Archie’s going to pick you up from the airport tomorrow,” She explained.

“Awesome! Thank you so much, Veronica,” You breathed, so grateful that she was willing to help you out with the proposal. Even though Cheryl was only seventeen and still in her senior year of high school, you were sure she was the one. You could only hope that she felt the same.

“You’re so welcome! I have to go, Betty’s calling me. I’ll talk to you later!” And with she hung up, leaving you with your thoughts for a bit.

You had arrived in Riverdale, and you were beyond excited. Today was the day you would surprise and propose to Cheryl, and the stakes were high. You couldn’t stop fidgeting as you drove with Archie, and he chuckled at you.

“Nervous?” He asked as you checked to make sure you had the ring for the seventh time.

“Is it obvious?” You asked, adjusting your hair and clutching the bouquet of roses you held tighter.

“Very,” Archie answered bluntly, and you hit him playfully. He parked, and you looked up to see Riverdale High.

“Wow,” You breathed. You hadn’t been inside the school since you graduated two years ago, you had been studying at NYU for the past two years. That’s where you met Veronica, and she just so happened to move to the same town your girlfriend lived in a month after you arrived in New York.

You smoothed out your outfit as you walked inside, your hand holding onto the ring box inside your pocket. You gave Archie the bouquet of roses as you entered the building, making your way towards the gymnasium. You texted Veronica, letting her know you were there. She responded quickly, letting you know everything was set up to go flawlessly. You smiled as you approached the entrance to the gym, watching as Cheryl directed the girls. As soon as Veronica saw you, she made a gesture to one of the other girls, who quickly ran up and changed the music. The song Marry You by Bruno Mars came on, and you almost laughed. Cheryl went to scold her until the other girls grabbed their signs. They got into a formation, and you quickly got down on one knee. You pulled out the box and opened it, holding it in your hands.

Cheryl read the signs out loud, and you could hear the confusion in her voice.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you-” She paused before reading the last two signs, which read ‘Marry Me? (Turn Around)’.

Her head whipped around, and her mouth fell open. She covered her mouth with both her hands, stepping away from you. Tears started to pool in her eyes as she walked towards you, nodding her head rapidly. You stood up, a grin on your face as Cheryl hugged you tightly. You laughed, pulling away to slip the ring onto her finger. Archie then came in, handing you the bouquet of flowers. You passed them to Cheryl, who shook her head.

“You ’re incredible!” She exclaimed.

“I know, I know,” You teased, kissing her forehead before pulling her back into a hug.