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[flynn rider’s off screen voice] “this is the story of how I died”




Long-distance relationships don’t last? aren’t real? that we don’t know each other? that we will never meet? that we are delusional? Bullshit.. maybe there are 4,273 miles between us but that never stopped us from loving each other. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. I love her with all my heart. I am so in love with her. I thank to God for blessing me with such an amazing girl like her. She became my everything in such a short time. She made me fall in love with her so deeply. I was scared of being in a long-distance relationship I didn’t know if I could make this work because of distance and a different languages but she never gave up on me and chased after me really hard and showed me that this relationship can work just like any other relationship. She showed me the true love. I was hurt and broken and she made me believe in love again, she makes me the happiest girl ever. And 11/12/2015 was a really special day for us. We finally got our promise rings!! We promised each other forever. We are 110% sure that we are soulmates, we just know that we are. We found each other so young and we couldn’t be more thankful. Her heart ring for me stands up for that her heart belongs to me forever. My knot ring for her stands up for that it’s not quite tied yet but has all the intentions of being tied.

I love you so much babygirl and I always will I promise.@eendysbabygirl14, @fifthharmonylover14

Jumin Finds Out MC Is a Corporate Heiress

Hello! new blog here lmao i hope to find a release from all the mysme ideas that i have so i’ll just go dump em in here (this turned out so long i cry)

  • Jumin just finished a call with Jaehee saying that his father was going to make a deal with a huge company that would greatly benefit theirs 
  • he let out a sigh and when mc hears him she gives him a kiss on the cheek
  • “Whats wrong?” 
  • “Nothing, it’s just my father would be making a deal with this company”
  • then he says the company name and boy was mc shocked
  • her dad’s company??? oh no mc was not yet ready for him to meet jumin and although she really wants to, she was better off having him to meet his dad when they had proper closure
  • “MC, what’s wrong?”
  • She let out a nervous chuckle as jumin cocked his head slightly in an adorable manner “Um well heh i guess its time for you to know that I… well.. um that I used to be a corporate heiress to my father’s company.. the company you’re planning to make a deal with” 
  • Jumin was shocked but was not shocked enough as he aready had the hunch she was involved in the business industry
  • When she visited his office, the employees would always shower her with gratitude and compliments, even Jaehee was doing it
  • And when Jumin got jealous of the men who were complimenting her
  • He asked around and found out that she had been helping them with their task, often offering advice to help with their workload
  • One time she was looking through Jumin’s papers when she spouted a small comment that eventually helped solve the problem Jumin was facing
  • He was shocked but brushed it off as thinking maybe MC just really had a bright mind 
  • But now he knows and all of these little hints finally clicked
  • “Surprise?” MC gave him a sheepish smile
  • Jumin returned the look and wrapped his arms around her waist, finding it endearing that his beloved was partaking in the industry he’s involved with
  • “Why didn’t you tell me? Why aren’t you contacting your father now? What happened to your responsibility in the company?”
  • “Whoa easy there on the questions tiger” MC chuckled and planted a kiss on his nose
  • “I was always favored by my father… my brother, who wanted to inherit the company, practically disliked me. Even when I wasn’t working as hard as him it always ends that his result falls short compared to mine and he didnt like that. So I told my father to give the company to him instead, he was furious but I told him all would win since I never really wanted to inherit it anyways. I left without notice afterwards”
  • Jumin lazily traced circles around her waist as he listened to her “Come with me to the meeting”
  • “What?”
  • “I’d like to be there so you can introduce me to him, not as a business man but as a person you would want to consider as a lifetime partner” 
  • Jumin smiled and MC felt a furious blush on her face as she tries to calm her heart “Of course” did he just propose
  • The meeting comes and MC is sweating bucks
  • Jumin held her hand assuring her it was going to be okay but little did she know he mostly meant that to be for himself
  • Poor jumin has never been nervous meeting with a business partner but for this he can feel the slight tension in his chest
  • They sit down and MC’s dad, along with her brother, were shocked to see her there standing by Jumin. Mr Han, according to Jaehee, could not make it, so it was up to them to form the deal
  • “Hello dad” MC tried greeting him but he kept a stern, blank face along with her brother.
  • “Hello Mr. (last name), I am Jumin Han, MC’s-”
  • “I believe we are here for a deal Mr. Han, I don’t enjoy the pleasantries of speaking about anything else unless the contract has been made” 
  • “Very well, I’m sorry for the inconvenience, allow me to-”
  • “I will accept your apology if you let her persuade me into partnering with C&R” 
  • dammit stop interrupting me
  • MC’s dad pointed at MC and she gulped
  • Jumin curled his fingers around her with a reasurring squeeze
  • “Don’t worry, if she fails to entertain me, feel free to do it yourself instead Mr. Han, nothing is lost here” MC’s dad gave a business smile as if to test her.
  • MC was not having his attitude and she started to blabber about C&R, the benefits, what they’re looking for and the both of them were in a constant quarrel about why they should be partnering
  • Everyone was shocked
  • MC’s brother knew of her abilities but none this great and so up his face
  • Jumin too was especially shocked, he found himself distracted by her regal posture, the way she talked and that cute determined face she was making
  • Boy was Jumin falling harder for this woman she was too beautiful
  • In the end MC’s dad agreed with the deal without Jumin’s assistance 
  • MC’s dad smiled and he opened his arms as if expecting a hug and they all stared at him in bewilderment
  • MC sighed knowing that was all a test and hugged her dad
  • “I knew you were a good businesswoman, what a shame it all went to another company but your brother here has been doing well, I’m proud of both of you.. Now introduce me to this young man right here” He gestured to Jumin
  • Jumin managed a small smile as they enganged in a firm handshake
  • “Dad, meet Jumin.. My boyfriend” MC hugged Jumin’s arms.
  • “It is a pleasure to meet you sir, I have been with MC for a while now and I love her very dearly. I promise to make her happy and protect her for the rest of her days so will you give this man a chance to have blessing as I take your daughter as my wife”
  • MC gasped
  • MC’s family gasped
  • Jaehee gasped
  • you could hear elizabeth the 3rd gasp
  • “Why of course, should I call you Jumin now? you have my blessing” MC’s dad smiled along with her brother who has been quiet the whole time
  • After the meeting back at their shared penthouse, Jumin pinned MC to the wall as they enganged in a heated makeout
  • boy was MC flustered as she roamed her hands on Jumin’s body, trying to feel his warmth
  • “I never asked you formally but…” 
  • Jumin pulled a ring worth god knows how much and placed it in front of MC, still holding her against the wall
  • “Will you marry me MC?” 
  • MC had tears in her eyes as she engulfed him in a tight hug nodding and speaking silent yes’s
  • Jumin felt relaxed as he slipped the ring on her finger 
  • “I love you MC, you’re my everything”
  • “I love you too Jumin
Mother's Day - Pack mom

It was a chilly sunday morning. I rolled over in bed groaning in disappointment when I couldn’t feel my boyfriend, Derek’s werewolf warmth beside me. I looked at the alarm clock that sat on the bedside table and it read 10:24am.
“Der?” I called out groggily. I listened for a few seconds and heard no answer. I decided to get up anyway since my boys would be wanting breakfast soon so I quickly freshened up before heading downstairs in my nightdress and slippers before I shoved my hair into a messy bun.

As I walked downstairs the sweet smell of freshly brewed coffee and steaming hot buttermilk waffles hit my nostrils. I walked into the kitchen to find Derek in his white tank top and pajama pants standing by the counter plating up rest of waffles. Liam saw me walk into the kitchen and chimed “surprise!” with a big smile on his face.

“What’s going on, guys?”, I asked quite baffled by the sweet scene before me raking through my mind to pin point what occasion it was. It wasn’t often that Derek would wake up early and make fresh buttermilk waffles from scratch for me.

“Morning beautiful”, smiled Derek turning around and leaned forward to kiss me, the taste of coffee lingering on his lips as I melted into the sweet kiss.

Liam was smiling down at the large pink envelope he has clutched in his hands as he stood by the kitchen counter where I had later noticed that there was a beautifully arranged bouquet of bright pink, orange and yellow flowers in a glass vase, a steaming pile of waffles covered in fresh bananas and strawberries drizzled with melted chocolate…my favourite, a small shiny pink gift bag and large cream and raspberry cake standing neatly together.
“Am I missing something?” I asked still very confused.
“You’ll have to wait and see” replied Derek who entwined his fingers with mine and led me into the living room which grew nice and toasty because of the open fire roaring from the fireplace beside the tv that was showing reruns of friends episodes…also my favourite. Derek kissed my temple and disappeared back to the kitchen where he came back moments later carrying a tray of the breakfast he had prepared earlier along with a nervous little Liam trailing behind him. They both sat in the living room with me as Derek dished out the wonderful smelling breakfast that had my stomach growling.
“Guys, this is really sweet but I don’t understand? My birthday isn’t until next month?” I stated as he took his seat next to me wrapping an arm around my waist.
“I know but it was actually Liam who put all this together for you, I think you’ll be surprised. Go ahead Liam”, Derek encouraged the shy little beta who also came to sit next to me.
“I already am, what is going on, sweetie?”, but before I could ask another question Liam hands me
the bright pink envelope he was holding earlier.
“Open this” he says handing me the envelope. He eyes me slowly and carefully waiting for my expression as he sat nervously twiddling his thumbs.
“What’s this?” I asked fumbling it open curious to see what was inside.
I opened it to reveal a beautiful floral glittery card that read “Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom ever”. I look at Liam who’s nervously playing with the hem of his t-shirt.
“I…I know this is weird for you. It’s just that, it’s Mother’s Day and I know you’re not my real mom even though I think of you as my real mom, I really wanted to show you how much you mean to me because you’ve helped through everything from the start of becoming a werewolf and I…”, he stops and looks down at the floor.
I couldn’t help but find myself to be absolutely speechless at such a sweet gesture.
“I knew this was a bad idea”, Liam mumbles and starts backing away. I realised that I hadn’t said anything for a while which probably scared him.
“No no, sweetie. Of course not. I’m sorry, I’m just so speechless. No ones ever done something so wonderful like this for me”, I told him and he lifts his head up to see me smiling down at the card in my hands. I opened it up and read the sweet little message he wrote inside knowing it was written truly from the heart and couldn’t help but smile down at it letting an “aww” escape from my lips.

“You ok?” asks Derek who put his hand on my cheek wiping away the tears. I nodded and smiled holding the card to my heart. I looked at Liam and smiled up at him and held my arms out for him. I embrace him in the biggest mama bear hug and kiss the side of his temple. We disconnect from our warm embrace and Liam sees tears rolling down my cheek.
“I hope those are tears of happiness” he hopes before wiping them away. I nod and pull him back into my arms and onto my lap.
“I…I know that you’re not my real mom but…” he rambles again but I stop him and hush him before replying “this is unbelievably sweet of you. I wasn’t expecting any of it and you definitely didn’t need to get me anything. You already show me how much you love me, sweetheart and that’s enough for me”. I gently cup his cheeks and look into his beautiful big baby blue eyes before saying “I may not be your biological mom but from the moment I saw you and the first time I helped you with your shifts and with every moment after that especially holding you in my arms I knew you’d be my baby forever. I might not be your biological mom but no matter what anyone says I am your mom and you are my baby and I love you so so much”. I kiss his forehead and wrap my arms around him holding him close to my chest.
“I love you too, mom” he replies sighing in relief and leans in and hugging me back.

Derek watches the sweet moment between his mate, the chosen mother of the pack and the beta despite his I.E.D is actually a really big sweetheart.
Derek clears his throat pulling both Liam and I out of our little world and asks him “aren’t you forgetting something, pup?” He smiles raising an eyebrow at him.
“Oh yeah, you need to open your presents! I’ll be right back!” He remembers jumping off my lap and excitedly scurrying off to the kitchen.
“You were in on this from the start?” I asked Derek surprised at how much effort they had both gone for me. He smiles and nods handing me a hot mug of coffee from the tray sitting in front of us and cosying up next to me.
“Afraid so. Liam came to me and asked if I could help him put together a little gesture for you”. He spills.
“Little? This is unbelievable. I’m still so speechless but still it was really sweet of you. Thank you”, I smile and lean in to place a kiss on his lips lingering on longer until we hear Liam clear his throat looking away slightly blushing. He sits down in front of me and hands me the pink shiny gift bag that stood on the kitchen counter earlier.
“You got me gifts too, baby?” I ask surprised. Liam nods looking at me eagerly waiting for me to reveal what’s hidden inside the bag.
I reach in and pulled out a small box opening it up to reveal a beautiful pair of stud earrings.
“Oh my gosh, Liam?!” I gasped.
“Do you like them?!” He asked his beautiful crystalline baby blue eyes gleaming with happiness.
“They’re beautiful, sweetie but I can’t accept this. It must have been expensive.” I loved my boys to the end of the Earth but I couldn’t help feel guilty that they would spend so much on me. I knew this was Derek’s doing with all the extravagant ideas that continued throughout the morning.
“No i want you to have it, I saved up 3 weeks of my allowance to get them just for you, mom”. He looks down into his lap playing with his thumbs and I could see his cheeks turn a light shade of rose. I leaned down and kissed his forehead.
“I love them, thank you so much baby”.
I took out the last gift box that was slightly smaller and couldn’t help but know what this was. I opened it to find that my guess was right. I glare over at Derek not believing he actually did it. The small black velvet box in my hand revealed a beautifully crafted diamond ring. The exact diamond ring that had caught my eye at a jewellery store the last time Derek and I had gone shopping focusing on getting furniture for purely for the loft.
“Derek Hale, I know this is your doing. I can’t believe you”, I gasp.
“What? You don’t like it?”, he questions.
“Like it? Derek, this ring is absolutely gorgeous but you know I hate it when you spend so much on me”, still in shock that I was holding it in my hands.
“What? You spent 20 minutes admiring it. I figured you liked so Liam wanted to get you a gift so I thought I’d throw one in there as well”. He replies defensively. He gently takes hold of my chin raising it so I could look into his eyes, him knowing very well that they make me melt.
“Please tell me you’ll accept it?” he asks inching closer to my lips.
“Please mom? You don’t even know the best thing about it”, Liam chimes in. He takes the ring out of the box and I see that it has all of our initials engraved into it. It was no doubt that the ring was beautiful. I sighed and nodded in disbelief that it was actually mine.

“Do I have to put it on myself?” I ask. Liam passes the ring to Derek who slips it onto my finger.
“I love absolutely everything you’ve both done for me today. Even though it’s a little much, I really appreciate it”, I smile, I couldn’t be happier. I lean to the side pressing my lips to Derek’s. I pull away and turn to Liam who jumps back into my lap and I cuddle him close peppering lots of kisses to his face. “I love you so much, my baby”. My heart so full of love and happiness that I’m sure it’s about to burst at any moment.
“I love you more, mom” Liam mumbles into my shoulder and reaches up to kiss my cheek. I hold him gently rocking him in my arms and I settle back onto the couch and lean in to Derek’s warmth as we all snuggle together watching the remaining part of the episode playing on tv.

Going to sleep at a decent time:


- I feel better

- I have more energy

- I have more time to do things outside

- The rings under my eyes go away


- I love staying up late because everything is quiet and I can actually think.

- I can never fall asleep right away like I can when I go to sleep late. 

- People get annoyed with me if they want me to participate in something that will make me stay up past my bedtime. 

- I become the first person to wake up every morning, which means that I have to clean up any messes that the animals make during the night. 

- Since I’m the first one awake, I have to be really quiet to avoid waking up anyone else.

If I would be given a chance to be with someone, I would choose you without any hesitations. Why? Because you made me feel that I’m worthy of love, care, respect and attention. I’m grateful. You saved me from my one-sided den, you embraced for who I was way back then, you wiped away my tears, you helped me overcome my weaknesses and fears, you accepted my flaws, childish acts and baby talk, you made me stronger, so now I can walk.
Without you, I will just be a fork without a knife and a spoon, I will just be a star without a moon, a blanket without pillows and a stick without mallows; I’m useful, but I’m incomplete. I can do things on my own, but with you, I can do much more things. I can do almost everything. I am completely better when I’m with you.
In this life, I will never replace you, no matter what happens. I feel something strange inside of me when you’re near. And to be honest, I can’t explain the exact feeling that I’m feeling when we are together. It’s beyond happiness. Words aren’t enough to define how happy I am because I have you in this journey. I’m glad you are here. Before, I was watching the sunset alone but now, it’s totally different. I’m with someone who hold my hand while watching the sun fades in front of us.
You, you made me a better person. You made my life more meaningful. You cast out the negativity on me, you shed light on my life that I have never seen before. You made me one step closer to our King, and I know, you deserve my everything. Please, accept this ring. I love you. I’m so grateful you are in my life. And I feel honored to call you my wife.


this is supposed to be a bday gift but I know it’s too late 8’D I really love your Wedding AU :“)



It’s not you–
It’s the broken way I was built
The gut-rot I become in a good man’s bed
I am Queen Midas stirring your drink with my ring finger
Turning everything into alone

I loved you when I was sober
But I am so often full of wine
I can’t be held accountable for either state
This is why I drink–
To absolve myself of my own hands
As they are pick-pocketing your teeth

I emptied another arrow into your already unmoving chest
Watched the blood pool into an oblong shape
If you squint real hard you can almost make sense of it
Like a red scribble along the kitchen wall
That the guilty child swears is supposed to be a heart

“Do you know him?”

As soon as she said your name, I smiled for, I could see your face clearly in my head. I could hear your voice saying “I love you,” ringing in my ears. I remembered everything you liked to do, and how happy it made you when I joined in. I recalled every single moment you cried to me, and every single hole you made in your basement when the pain got too much. My arms tingled and I could almost feel you embracing me, and the soft kiss you’d place on my forehead to assure me that everything would be okay.

The corner of my mouth dropped a little when I remembered your face contorted in laughter, as you mocked my feelings. I could hear you shouting violent and cruel words as if you were yelling them in my ear all over again. I remembered everything that you said wasn’t good enough about me, and how hard I tried to make you love me. I recalled every single moment I cried myself to sleep, and every single scar I made on my skin when the pain got too much. A shiver ran down my spine and I could almost see you walking away, and the smirk you had to assure me you’d never be coming back.

I looked up at her, and shook my head. The boy I knew was not the same one who left me stranded that day, so I smiled sadly.

“I used to.”

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never publish #004

Will you marry me?


Request from anon: “Part 4 of ,tired of feeling unloved’ please!” “I need part four already 😭” “Part 4 to tired of feeling unloved pls I don’t mind waiting I just love this story so much 💕🎀👑” “If it’s okay with you can you make a 4th part of 2ND place with Sam cause the series you have going on made me cry. Finals has been stressful so all I need is a good imagine to read. Thank you love ya baby girl ❤”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


“Y/N?!” Jamie yelled from downstairs. When I hear my little brothers call my name, I start to panic. I jumped out of my bed, speed walking to the railings looking down the stairs, “Jamie? What’s wrong? What happened?” “You might want to come look outside…” I jogged down the stairs and ran into the living room, looking out the windows. “What the fuck?” I go to the front door, opening it walking onto the porch. I looked at all the boys, minus Sam, standing on the sidewalk in a straight line, just staring at my house. I walked down the porch and down the cemented pathway. “What’s going on boys?” “Hey Y/N,” Johnson longed out.

“We just wanted to see how you’ve been. Miss seeing you around, you know?” Hayes said. “So why are you guys just standing outside my house? Why didn’t you doorbell? This is creeping my brothers out..” I awkwardly laughed. I watched them exchanged looks, “This is about Sam, isn’t it?” I started getting mad. They all just gave me sorrowful looks. I scoffed, turning back around and walking back to the house. “Hey Y/N! Come back here!” Nate yells for me, making me stop in my tracks as I turned around, anger tears running down my face. “Why? So you could tell me how INNOCENT Sam is?! How his intentions didn’t seem to be the way it seemed? Right. So I should man up and put the ring back on my fucking finger just so he could stop his freaking fit? But you guys aren’t even going to ask me about how I’m feeling? Or talk about how I’m hurt in all this?” I started pointing at myself as my voice started cracking.

“I FUCKING CALLED OFF A WEDDING. I FUCKING BROKE UP WITH A GUY WHO STOPPED LOVING ME WHEN ALL I EVER DID WAS LOVE HIM! All I needed was for him to FIGHT FOR ME! But he couldn’t even give me that! What I did was best for ME! I was not about to get stood up at my own fucking wedding.” Tears rushing down my face faster. “Not ONCE did I get a phone call or text from any of you… So you all could just leave and leave me alone..” I turned on my toes, walking back inside, with my head held high and my shoulders back.“Y/N, PLEASE, WAIT! You guys are an unstoppable team! You can’t walk away from that!” I hear one of them yell but I just kept walking and closed the door behind me, sliding down the door on my back, breaking down in tears. I hear Jamie and Jonah run to me, grabbing me and hugging me.

It’s been a couple days since I told the boys off and i’ve been trying to not let it get the best of me. “Uhm, can I ask you something?” Jonah started playing with his food. “Hmmm, what’s that baby?” I took a bite of my dinner, “A couple days ago,” He looked up at me, “When you were yelling outside.” “Mhm.” I dropped my fork, and paid attention to him, “I heard you say that all you needed was for him to fight for you?” “Yeah…” “If he fought for you, then…. You would still be with him right now.. Right?” “That’s right.” I fake smiled. “But when I brought him to you the other day at the mall, you just walked away… What if that was him fighting for you?” “It was too late for him to be fighting for me baby..” “Better late than never! Right?” He sounded hopeful. “Sometimes, but that’s not the case for this one. I’m sorry..” “I just want you to be happy.” “I know, I know. Remember, the Y/L/N are unstoppable.” I smiled. 

“Uhm, you got a visitor sister..” Jamie ran into me yelling in the halls. I jog downstairs and open the door abruptly. I stopped breathing for a few seconds, looking at Sam stand in front of the door, holding with a big bouquet of flowers, eyes puffy, face flushed of color, and hair all messy. “Hi…” His voice shaky. “Sam,” “Before you tell me to leave, please, let me say something.” He held his hand on the door preventing me from shutting it. “When you gave me back that ring, everything I loved and my whole human being followed you. I felt empty. When I saw you at the mall, I just- my heart broke when you wanted to get away from me and not even talk to me. When you answered my phone call last week telling Jonah you were tired of feeling unloved, all I could do was blame myself. I’m the reason you are like this. I’m the reason why your heart is broken. Me. I’m the reason. And I am deeply sorry for making you feel unwanted. I don’t, I don’t know what happened.” He started sniffling. 

“I felt like me and you were on a different page in the relationship. You were on page 200 and I was still on 103. That you were too ahead.” “So why did you ask me to marry you if you were behind?” “Because I knew that’s what you wanted!” “If you were behind, WHY SKIP AHEAD TO A NEW CHAPTER WHEN YOU WEREN’T THERE YET!” “I thought if I did it, I would be on page 200 with you!” “It doesn’t work like that Sam! If you just told me, we wouldn’t be in this mess! I wouldn’t have so much hatred for you for breaking my heart!” I started sobbing. “And when I gave you that ring back, I stood outside the house, waiting for you to come after me. But you didn’t.” I started breaking down. “What did you want me to do Y/N? YOU left ME!” “I WANTED YOU TO FIGHT FOR ME! BUT YOU DIDN’T AND THAT SPOKE ENOUGH FOR ME!” “I was told you cried to Kian after you left me. I’m supposed to be the person you run to. ME! I’m supposed to be your person!” “THEN BE MY PERSON SAM!” I cried out. “BE MY FREAKING PERSON!” I felt my heart break into a million pieces. “If you wanted to be my person, you should’ve fucking been there for me the whole time! I ran to one of the only people I talk to outside of the group!” I slammed the door on his face. I stood there sobbing for a minute before walking away. 

Right before I walked away, I heard something outside the door. I paused and listened carefully. I heard a guitar being played. I turn around and slowly open the door, looking at Sam playing the guitar. He keeps playing and starts singing.

You can’t just give up now
There’s still so much to say
Wanna tell you, show you,
What you mean to me without walking away
I know it’s been so rocky,
What kind of struggle today?
But girl you’ve been my sunshine
When all my clouds were gray
This hearts been through tornadoes,
Earthquakes and hurricanes
But my worst disaster is knowing
That it’s me to blame.
Your feelings now are mixed
The more he kept singing, the more I felt my heart break. I started crying in my hand confused on what I want to do and how I feel.
Your heart’s in constant strain
But now I’ll change my ways
‘Cause without you babe I’ll go insane

Can you hear the melody
Can you see the sounds
Enter your body
And travel up and down
Baby don’t be frightened
Let it free your soul
Take my hand, once again
We’re unstoppable

If it’s us against the world, we’ve got it
But sometimes it gets the best of us
If you feel our love would fall, I’ve caught it
Me and you, we will pursue, the impossible, we’re unstoppable now

How many times have we, turned the bad into great
Turned the hate into love
Turned the laughter to pain
Turned the smiles into frowns
We’ve been through the ups and downs
Though it takes a while just to make you smile
Let me tell you now that it’s all worthwhile
And the feeling I get, when I make you cry
Is a feel of regret, I’m s-o-r-r-y
But I’ll stop the pain and change my ways
'Cause without you babe ill go insane

I heard my family walk up behind me and watch Sam sing to me as I kept crying. I saw behind on the lawn the boys standing in a line again, watching us.

Can you hear the melody
Can you see the sounds
Enter your body
And travel up and down
Baby don’t be frightened
Let it free your soul
Take my hand, once again
We’re unstoppable

If it’s us against the world, we’ve got it
But sometimes it gets the best of us
If you feel our love would fall, I’ve caught it
'Cause me and you, we will pursue, the impossible, we’re unstoppable now..

 He puts the guitar down and picks up the bouquet of roses again and takes a step forward towards me. My brothers push me out the door, and in front of Sam. “We are the unstoppable team that everyone wants in a relationship now. I may not be on page 200, but I’m catching up. I’m on page 160 now..” He stuffs his hands in the pocket and takes out a small black velvet box. He opens it, revealing the ring I once wore. I gasped for air while sobbing, not knowing what to do. He gets down on one knee, as I once seen before, “This time, I’m ready. I promise. Y/N,” “Sam,” I whispered. “Will you,” I shut my eyes closed, stopping tears from falling, “Marry me? For real this time?” I look up into the ceiling and at the sky, “Please be right this time…” I whispered to myself, wiping my tears. 

I looked back down at Sam, “Okay..” I softly smiled. “Okay?!” Sam smiled big. “Okay.” He quickly gets up, dropping the flowers and picks me up, twirling around as everyone that was watching, started cheering. He puts me down, putting the ring back on my finger and we kiss. “It will be right this time… I promise..” He wraps his arms around my shoulders, giving me a bear hug as I lied my head on his chest, sinking in comfortability. “We’re unstoppable.” We both said. 

[There will be no continuation to this imagine]

Imagine returning to your chambers in Erebor after The Battle of The Five Armies and finding a small box on your pillow. Upon opening it, you find the ring that you King once wore with pride and a note from Dwalin: “He would have wanted you to have this.”


It had been a long day. Sighing, you let yourself sink on the throne and gazed upon the Arkenstone. Was that all? Did your lover gave his life for this? Had Thorin Oakenshield, your beloved King, won the war for a stupid stone? Enraged, you threw the stone through the throne room.

“Should I come back later?” Balin saw through the half-open door and frowned.

“Get out!” Your voice sounded as broken as you felt. “No, come here. What is it?”

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