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Etymologically, the word kundalini can be broken into the following Sanskrit roots, each of which sheds more light on what exactly this divine energy really is:

kundalin = coiled, spiraled (from the word kundalam, which means “ring” or “coil”)
kun = earth
di = can mean “little pot of earth” or “a single cell”
and its alternative root:
da = to give or “the bestower”
lini = perpetual consciousness expressing in alpha and omega, or beginning and end

The sum total of these phrases adds richness to our understanding of kundalini. We could, based on these root words, now define kundalini as “the coiled earth energy that begins in a single cell and, when blessed by the Bestower, gifts us with consciousness.”

~ Cyndi Dale; Kundalini; Divine Energy Divine Life

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Can I have an Iida x fem! Reader scenario where the reader and her family have a lil hero training facility where heroes can learn combat(like martial arts and with weapons), and so class 1a goes there one day and its all normal until she kisses iida after fighting him and everyones like "whaaaaat?" Idk i never see anything for iida and im like noooo. If you're too swamped with scenarios then headcannons with a quirky! Reader is perfectly fine. :) i love your writing btw and congrats on 300! 💞

Last one for the night. Now I’m off to bed!

Iida Tenya:

“You’re what?!” Mina cried and looked around at the training grounds that their class had just been brought to.

“Yeah, I’m their daughter, and this training resort is part of my family’s business.” (Name) smiled and watched as some of her classmates reacted to this little reveal. Though it was not little at all, as a matter of fact it was huge.

The (Last Name) company were some of the leading teachers, inventors and activist in the hero industry. From their labs that made the best hero gear to their offices that hired some of the best rising stars, if you got picked up by them you were set for the big time.

“Everyone relax… (Last Name)-san has agreed to let us use their training facilities today due to (Name)-san being in our class. That does not mean you all can act as you please, treat this field trip like any other training.” Aizawa rounded in his students and gestured to the man who had been introduced as your father a moment ago.

“Hello Class 1-A, my daughter tells me a lot about you. Therefore I’ll let you have the run of our state of the art facilities today. However, before you get you access passes, I ask that you all do a one on one sparing to calculate your skills.

When done you access cards will show your stats and made suggestions on what part of our training areas would benefit you the most. Now who wants to go first?”

Twenty-one arms shot into the air as well as shouting and calls to be picked to go first and thus get access to this amazing industry as fast as they could.

“Iida-san. (Name)-san.” Aizawa called out. “You two go first, as you both were being the most polite to (Last Name)-san.”

You and Iida exchanged friendly glances before you both took spots on the opposite ends of the ring.

“Don’t go easy on me okay? Give it your all or you won’t get an accurate rating!” You called out to Iida, you heart thumping softly as he gave you a thumbs up and a smile.

“And-” You father held his hand in the air the waved it down. “-BEGIN!”

Iida was fast and was quickly at your side, raising a leg in an attempt to kick you in the side and send you flying out of the ring. You had expected this though and used your reflexes to dodge him.

He watched as you jumped over him and tucked and rolled away from him to ensure a safer distance away from the blue eyed male. When you had gotten back up, Iida had wasted no time and flung a fist your way.

You barely had time to register as he scraped against you arm. You jumped and kicked him in the chest, pushing him back a couple feet as you did so. You let out a tired breath, seeing as your own stamina was dropping by the minute having to keep up with such a quick opponent.

You had to think of a way to slow him down or distract him and fast!

Iida reached out to grab you and was surprised when you allowed him to bring you close to him, ready to toss you out of the ring. But then he froze when you tossed your arms his neck.

“Sorry about this, but my dad’s watching and I want to impress him!” (Name) declared and then smacked her lips onto the class president’s.

Iida froze in his movement, his grip on the girl letting go completely and his mind sparking at what was happening. You had completely broken him down by one kiss.

“EHHHHH?!” Your class cried, watching the scene unfold.

“SHE TOOK A NOTE FROM MS.MIDNIGHT!” Kaminari called out

“A kiss in battle? That’s q-quite a tactic…” Izuku scribbled away.

You broke the kiss and smiled sweetly at Iida who was slowing coming back to reality from his sudden journey to paradise. You saw him blink and knew that now was the best moment to fling him out of the ring.

“Sorry Iida-kun! About that… and this!” You cried and released a burst of wind, sending the male flying out of the ring and hitting a bush.

The buzzer sounded and everyone looked around dumbfound.

“Where did you learn to do that?!” Kirishima demanded.

“Her mother…” You father trailed off, and gave his daughter a thumb’s up for her actions. He was a proud papa that day.

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May I request a scenario with a character of your choice that one day confess to s/o, but unluckily for them she is cynical therefore she doesn't believe them and she thinks that maybe he is doing it for a bet? Maybe angst with happy ending? Thanks!

I feel like this is shit please message me if it was dont be shyyyy 

I wrote about Kageyama bc he’s a dork i love him a lot


You walk into school, your eyes settling on a handsome raven-haired boy. He was talking to Tyour seniors, Tanaka and Nishinoya.

“It’s a bet!” You hear Nishinoya say as he ruffles up Kageyama’s hair. You see him look away and he sets his eyes on you.

You pretend not to notice, heart beating fast. You smile to yourself and go into your class.


You walk towards your locker and see Kageyama pacing around by your locker. 

Your cheeks turn pink as you spot the bouquet of flowers in his hands. You walk over to him and tap his shoulder. 

He freezes but turns around to face you. “H-hello _____-san.” He says sternly looking into your eyes/

“Hello Kageyama-kun.” You say, slightly smiling. You were actually talking to him!

“Th-these are for you!” He slightly bows and bites his lip. He hesitates but looks back at you. “I, really like you _____. Please go out with me!” 

You almost say yes, your heart wanted you to. But thoughts started to cloud your mind. You bite your lip. What if this was a bet? You did hear Nishinoya say something about a bet. He could never like a girl like you.

He was popular among the girls after all, he was too dense to see it. He was one of the most handsome boys in the entire year, he could clearly have anyone he wanted. 

‘This must be a bet, he would never fall for me…’ you thought as you take a deep breath.

“I’m sorry Kageyama, but I don’t want to be in your silly bet.” He lifts his head up, eyes wide in shock. His heart broke, it was like his whole world ha stopped.

You were rejecting him? But Tanaka-senpai told him these thing work! And what bet are you talking about?

You walk away from him, almost in tears. But he stood there, unable to process what happened. 

He runs over to you, but you walk into the classroom, and the bell rings. 

“Kageyama-kun, please go to class, the bell has rung.” the teacher says as he bites his lip.

He shouldve chased after you sooner.


You lay in bed that afternoon. Club had finished, and you headed home as soon as possible. The word got around and pretty much everyone you knew known of you and Kageyama. 

Kageyama was almost perfect in your eyes. 

‘That was a bet. He could never fall for me, right?’ you bury your head in your pillow and scream. 

Your mom knocks on the door. “_____? There’s aboy outside asking for you.”

Your heart stops, could it be him?

You walk to your door and open it. There he was. 

He was still in his volleyball uniform, slightly sweaty as he stands in front of you. He stares into your eyes and steps forward.

There was nobody here. It was only you and him. And yet, why were you feeling so uneasy? 

It’s a bet!” Nishinoya says as he ruffles Kageyama’s hair.

“_____.” Tobio says as he holds your hand in his. His cheeks were a firery red, 

“Kageyama, I can’t do this…” You mumble. This bet has been on your mind for the whole day, it was driving you crazy. 

“Why not? Can’t you see that I really really like you?” Kageyama’s voice cracks. 

“I don’t know how to do this sort of thing… And i’m trying my best to win your heart but i dont, know, how to…” He bites his lip, avoiding your eyes. 

Your heart aches for him, you just wanted to say yes. You wanted to hold him in your arms and tell him you love him. 

But what if it was a bet?

“I’m not good at showing how I feel, that’s what my teammates say anyway.” tears start to ppool in his eyes and he wipes them away. 

“Gosh, you probably think i’m an idiot, huh?” He looks away from you.

“You’re not.” you tell him as you step forward. Your cheeks turning pink as you get the courage to wipe off his tears.

“I really like you _____. What can I do to win your heart?” his eyes stare into yours and you swoon. You feel your heart beat fast. His eyes were the perfect shade of blue.

“Tell me the truth.” 

He looks at you, confusion was written on his face. “Is this all a bet?” you bite your li.

“A bet? What are you talking about?” His eyebrows furrow and his lips part slightly.

“I heard Nishinoya-san say something about a bet yesterday, is this it?” You prepared yself. You were gonna get hurt. 

“What?” He thinks and looks away from you. Suddenly, his eyes widen and he holds your hands in his. The feeling of his calloused hands warmed your skin.

“He said he bet Tanaka-senpai thatyou would accept my confession he was going to get treated by Tanaka-senpai!” He exclaimed, he bit his lip and looked into your eyes.

You feel a weight liffting off your shoulders as your eyes widen. 

That was it? 

“Then you better tell Nishinoya-san that he’ll be treated then.”

But like, what if Wakamatsu goes through this elaborate shoujo manga-worthy proposal to Seo, but when the big moment comes and he gets down on one knee and pulls the ring out his back pocket, Seo’s just like…


And Wakamatsu’s soul and sanity are seriously broken as Seo takes the ring proudly and is just like, “yea, I’ll marry you or whatever BUT THIS RING DOE,” and just proceeds to cackle loudly.

i need dis.


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Um, have you guys considered the possibility of Rantarou's sister not seeing him?

“While we have considered it, we know that she can hear him at he least, so hopefully that will remain true when she is here-”

*doorbell rings*

“Ah, Amami-kun, I think she’s here.”

“Yup.” *opens the door to see a girl a few inches shorter than him with slightly darker green hair and eyes* “Heya Airi.”

(We don’t have sprites for her sorry ^^’)

Airi: “Rantaro!” *goes to hug him but falls through him, stumbling forward a bit and looking around in confusion*


Okay but can we talk about how there is 12 of YOI topic related trending in twitter japan when ep 10 came out??? I know its really popular, but holy shit!

1. VikuYuu marriage
2. Yuri episode 10
5. YOI10
6. Pole-dance
7. OtaYuri
8. Wedding ring
10. #第10滑走 (tbh not sure what this mean)
11. Otabek
12. Dance battle
13. Ring exchange
14. Engagement ring
15. Phichit-kun

Side Story 1 - The First Step Towards Our Dreams

The first side story for Chapter 1! To unlock it in-game you must have cleared the entire story first, and you have to clear two of the three requirements for the story live. This story details the moment when Riku first meets the other members of IDOLiSH7! It is not voiced.

As a reminder please do not use our translations without our permission.

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Whether it’s for sakumoto working with Hotei-san, Japonism, Miyagi Blast, hints of venue broadcasting to MS, 心の空 or Japonism tour, I’m getting excited for whatever Arashi’s planning. Whee~~

Happy 5x16 minna~~ ✨🎉✨🎉✨

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