ring kun

  • Atsushi: You're late
  • Dazai: A detective is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to!
  • Atsushi:
  • Dazai: I slept through my alarm

30th Anniversary of Animate

Special booklet SQUARE ENIX

Etymologically, the word kundalini can be broken into the following Sanskrit roots, each of which sheds more light on what exactly this divine energy really is:

kundalin = coiled, spiraled (from the word kundalam, which means “ring” or “coil”)
kun = earth
di = can mean “little pot of earth” or “a single cell”
and its alternative root:
da = to give or “the bestower”
lini = perpetual consciousness expressing in alpha and omega, or beginning and end

The sum total of these phrases adds richness to our understanding of kundalini. We could, based on these root words, now define kundalini as “the coiled earth energy that begins in a single cell and, when blessed by the Bestower, gifts us with consciousness.”

~ Cyndi Dale; Kundalini; Divine Energy Divine Life

For Posterity

So… can anyone clarify the Chairman’s and Asano’s relationship in the comic in the back of Graduation Time? (pics belong to the wonderful @blazardragon)

Since Matsui didn’t make anything clear, what do you think? Does Asano know that his dad’s a demon king? Does he have amnesia? Is he hiding it because people might discriminate against him? Or are they even related?

Now onto my real reason for this post:

Tfw demon king Gakuho dads better than the original.

It’s funny how the only official picture of Demon King Gakuho from Graduation Time makes him look like he’s wearing a fabulously gay fur coat/cape, so why not.

pls ignore the fact that gakuho looks like a generic bishonen, if u want to differentiate we can call him ohukag instead

Side Story 1 - The First Step Towards Our Dreams

The first side story for Chapter 1! To unlock it in-game you must have cleared the entire story first, and you have to clear two of the three requirements for the story live. This story details the moment when Riku first meets the other members of IDOLiSH7! It is not voiced.

As a reminder please do not use our translations without our permission.

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