ring in the nose

Just about finished. Took me 5 hours total, including breaks, to do the majority of her retouching. This included adding blush, redoing her eyes, reapplying freckles, removing her under eye rings and fixing the damaged paint on her nose. Am not 100% satisfied with the work so far, but any changes I make after this will be rather minor. Thanks for reading, and special thanks to follower @katsadako  for suggesting I share!

Something I haven’t specifically seen anyone else mention so far that I really like about the Tangled Series.

“I’ve Got a Dream” portrayed Big Nose as a hopeless romantic, which is all well and good, but he’s also a thug. I think the series does a really good job of balancing the aspects of his personality. When Eugene shows him the ring he’s planning to propose to Rapunzel with, Big Nose’s response is, “Nice.” Not the kind of reaction you’d expect a hopeless romantic to have. Yet, he writes poetry for and about Asunta (yay, she has a name now! I hope we get to see more of her!), in which he declares his love a secret, at least in the title (”Can You Keep a Secret? I Love You”).

It’s possible that he’s still not comfortable showing his softer side. Rapunzel is often the exception for people, bringing things out in them that they aren’t willing to tell anyone else about. She was for Eugene, for Maximus, for all the other thugs in the Snuggly Duckling. I’m really appreciating that they don’t think everyone who she’s come across has had a complete 180 in personality. It’s really realistic to have them maintain the core personalities they’ve been living with for years.

Good job, Crew!

(As an aside, I think it’s sweet that the guys ask Big Nose about his relationship.)

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Your Marktour art is amazing! When I first heard the idea I was just to be silly just imagining Mark in the middle of the labyrinth with a nose ring and a bad attitude haha. Your Marktour is much more badass

He looks like a meanie, but really he’s just too soft for his own good.

Darkotaur on the other hand….

<333 thank you so much heh! more to come i feel.

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i wanna get a nose ring so badly but im such a pussy hshsbsj

i got one once, you just need to relax because it doesn’t hurt! think about something else and relax your body it always works with me

All I could draw for tonight before I called an ambulance