ring flame

“I stumbled upon this ring one morning as I walked through the forest close to my home. Nestled beneath the roots of a wide sprawling oak the faintest glimmer hinted at its beauty. A green resin, like a bright and clear jade was melted over the smooth wood. ‘The Fair Folk of the forest this must belong to’ I thought to myself hesitantly. Once I placed it upon my finger however, I knew there was no returning it”

Ring of the Embergreen
Ring, Rare (requires attunement)
This magical ring hums with the life of a once tempestuous forest. With it, your flame spells become much more powerful. All spells that deal fire damage produce one additional damage die and their Spell Save DC increases by 1.
When using this ring your flames take on an emerald green color, the copper sulfate of its homeland resides with it wherever it goes.

“On his first hand he wore rings of stone,
Iron, amber, wood and bone.
There were rings unseen on his second hand.
One was blood in a flowing band.
One of air all whisper thin,
And the ring of ice had a flaw within.
Full faintly shone the ring of flame,
and the final ring was without name.”

(Wacom has failed me once again and I decided that we should go our separate ways. I’m with Huion now and she seems really nice, I hope we’ll make lot of babies… And by babies, I mean drawings, just to be clear.)

fire and persuasion

edan never wanted to go back, she never wanted to step foot on the cobbled terrain or look in the eyes of people who labeled her as a hero. her prophecy was fulfilled, the fates had rested their scissors down and let go of her thread. olympus wasn’t supposed to need her again. 

but it did. 

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The Wilting of a Rose | 2

☇  soulmate/reincarnation au 

genre: slight fluff, angst

pairing:  jungkook // you // slight jimin

word count: 8.5k

warnings: none

DescriptionJungkook, reborn as prince, meets you, along with Jimin, in a village market but doesn’t realize you are the girl he loved in his last life. He finds himself falling for you, only to realize too late that the love of a prince comes with a cost.

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You would think after what happened that the universe would grow soft and take some pity. After all, the two of you were born from the very stardust that made the endless skies of infinity. But the universe isn’t quite done yet; it’s cruel and likes to play sick games. And it’s favorite is the game of hearts.  

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JoanAlexander McQueen Fall Winter 1998

Having explored the element of water, Alexander McQueen moved onto fire, closing his Fall ’98 show with a model trapped in a ring of flames. Dubbing the show Joan, in reference to the Catholic martyr, the designer made use of metal mesh; and he layered tragedy on top of tragedy, printing the portraits of the Romanov children on dresses and tops. Adding to the drama was the hair, or lack of it, and the red contact lenses. A hint of salvation was offered by Diana Ross, whose words “You’re gonna make it, you’re gonna make it,” were played at the fiery finale.

© Vogue

Seeing Is Believing (Pt 12)

A/N: Sometimes I just like to use the author’s note to say yay! I did it!

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: language, angst, mentions of torture, pain, Crowley being a dick

Word Count: 1.4k

Seeing Is Believing MASTERLIST

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“Hello again, princess.”

You tensed up from the sound of his voice. You didn’t want to do this. But if anyone could get to Castiel, it was Crowley.


“I’ll give you what you want.” you began as you let the water wash up over your feet, “I’ll go with you, but you have to help me get Castiel back.”

“Works for me-” Crowley stepped forward, holding his hand out for you to take it- “I could use him anyway.”

You took Crowley’s hand and stood up. Your eyes were still watery from Castiel waking up. This was killing you. You needed to get him back. In the blink of an eye your surroundings changed from the serene setting of the beach, to a slightly less dingy motel than what you’d stayed at with Sam and Dean on your way to Kansas.

You moved away from Crowley and sat down on the bed. The whole ordeal with Cas was tiring, which was weird, because you felt stronger now than you ever had before.

“So what do we do?” you asked.

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Forever At Odds~Comfort

Alright folks well I’m back from HVFF Nashville and somehow I managed to get this weeks prompt done! So this week the amazing @thebookjumper gave us the “Comfort” prompt and I’ll admit I was wondering how that would work in the world I’d created but it looks like comfort works in any reality. So here it is my contribution to the @olicityhiatusficathon 

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Chapter 4: Comfort

She brushed her fingers over his temple softly as her sated body began to fall into the familiar rhythm of mindless sleep.  His ear remained over her thudding heart while his palm remained splayed over her barely rounded stomach. “So are we finally in agreement?” Felicity asked hopefully before the exertions of the day threatened consume her weary mind.  

Oliver’s thumb skirted over her belly button, his chin rubbed along the upper aspect of her left breast while his lips brushed along her tender nipple. Felicity’s body reacted as her stomach stirred but, she’d delayed this conversation for far too long…

Oliver’s nose tickled along her skin when his furrowed brow slipped along her upper chest. “Do you remember the night you had your first nightmare?”

Felicity’s fingertips tickled along his hairline gently. “Baby we really have to make this decision before she storms the damn castle and, you’re talking about bad dreams? “ she laughed ruefully.

Oliver’s lips curved along her areola. Felicity’s stomach slipped through a series of frantic motions as the space between her thighs grew wet. “I’m trying to explain my choice,” he replied as his palm slipped over her small bump.

Felicity growled, “And how does that wretched night explain your reasoning exactly?”

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