ring finger tattoo

So I was drunk and I had this dream where when you turn 17 a tattoo that represents your soulmate appears on your skin in a random place and its colour is proportional to the love your soulmate has for you.

Jimin has two little wings on his fingers, and he knows it’s Jungkook. He just knows it’s the maknae of his group, he has always loved him. Sadly, the wings are just black, so he always wear a ring because he doesn’t want to be reminded that his soulmate -the love of his life- doesn’t love him.
When Jungkook turns 17, he and the other members are gathered in their living room waiting for the tattoo to appear, but nothing happens. Jin tries to calm Jungkook with a “maybe it takes some time, we’ll se tomorrow, yeah?” So Jungkook goes to take a shower and HOLY SHIT there’s a super colourful flower on his hip.
He’s excited but also annoyed because “wtf I’m A MAN with a flower tattooed”.
So he never let others see his tattoo ‘cause “it’s in a very private part”.
Jimin looks under the ring on his finger: his tattoo is still black. He swears he’s never going to look at it again.
Time passes, it’s 2015 and Jungkook starts to panic because the colours of his tattoo are gradually becoming less vibrant.
He spends a lot of time walking around, looking at people, hoping to meet a person that would make his heart flutter, but nothing.
The flower on his hip, once painted with beautiful colours, now it’s almost black. He just gives up.
One day he’s putting on a pair of underwear after a shower and Namjoon -who never knocks- walked in their shared room and sees the tattoo.
“Isn’t that an hibiscus?”
“S-Sorry but don’t you know that hibiscus are Jimin’s favourite flowers?”
“What the fuck are you saying hyung”
So Namjoon takes him to Jimin’s room -thankfully no one is there- and points to a picture of baby Jimin where he’s holding a bunch of hibiscus in his small hands.
“Listen hyung, it’s a coincidence, how many people have a picture with flowers, c'mon”
“Yeah, but how many people have a picture with hibiscus AND a collection of dried hibiscus?” And he takes this notebook from Jimin’s bedside table and it’s full of hibiscus, and Jungkook wants to disappear because, 1) his soulmate is a man and it’s his band mate 2) how in the hell he didn’t know about these stuff.
So Jungkook tries to make Jimin love him again, but he doesn’t tell him he’s his soulmate because he couldn’t handle the rejection. He hugs Jimin, compliments him and all those cheesy stuff that he tought would make himself cringe, but he actually loves showering Jimin with attentions.
He loves Jimin, but, apparently, Jimin doesn’t love him anymore.
Does he even know Jungkook is his soulmate?
Run comeback is near and Jungkook is so fucking tired of trying to make Jimin love him again. His tattoo is colourless. So he just gives up, again.

Jimin Is on his bed, reading a really cheesy book, when he cuts his finger with the paper. He then goes to the bathroom to disinfect it, but a little bit of blood went under the ring, the one he never -never- takes off.
He takes a deep breath, preparing himself to the sting at his heart, and slides the ring off of his finger.
His heart stops.
The wings are painted in a beautiful golden colour.
He run towards Jungkook’s room.

Jungkook is working out in his boxer, when the door slams open.
Why doesn’t anyone fuckin knock?
He sees Jimin -so beautiful- and his eyes are glossy, his cheeks flushed and wet from the tears he’s shedding and he sticks his hand towards him, showing him the golden wings tattooed on his finger and Jungkook fucking loses it.
He runs and hugs Jimin so tight that he starts coughing, but he’s hugging him back so tightly, sobbing into his naked chest, tears flowing from the older’s eyes to Jungkook’s abdomen and even if they’re are basically squeezing each other, they feel like they’re breathing for the first time.
The younger cries too, one hand on Jimin’s back and the other in the orange hair and he’s so fucking happy.

They stare at each other, tears still rolling down from their eyes, the distance between their lips reducing, and they’re kissing, feeling the salt from their tears.

Jungkook -with Jimin surprise- pulls his boxers slightly down and looks at the tattoo : the hibiscus has never been more colourful.

1) Jikook is real
2) my English sucks
3) drunk me is a genius


Genre: Fluff/ Soulmate AU!

Pairing: Taehyung X Reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary: Everything couldn’t have been more chaotic with your stress about getting into your favorite art school so you convinced yourself you needed a break. You felt as though your art had been lacking something-like a muse. 

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The scent of coffee and baked goods easily filled up the entire cafe, while people bustled in and out on a saturday, and the sight of people either typing away on a keyboard or reading a book on the couch were all things you had grown to love. You had convinced yourself that it was a must to visit every coffee shop within walking distance and by doing this it would somehow calm you down from your otherwise panicked state. While everyone your age was freaking out about soulmates or having kids or what their lives were going to be like in the next 10 years, you just wanted to focus on now. You wanted to obtain your dream goal of getting the job you’ve wanted so badly. 

Sure, the school was going to be hard to get into but you’ve heard numerous compliments about your art. The only thing that worried you was that fewer and fewer people were actually noticing it anymore. You sat in your studio for at least 5 hours yesterday, trying to come up with something that actually meant anything to you anymore. Even you were noticing the repetitive themes or meanings behind your creations. Everything just seemed to be lacking. 

“Hey. this is not what I ordered. Are you kidding me? You work a part time job and you can’t even do that right?” The woman yelled, throwing the coffee over the counter. 

It wasn’t until then that you had looked up from your notebook, instantly catching the eye of the barista behind the counter. He nervously just smiled at the woman, telling her that he’d happily make a new one, and overall just trying to calm her down. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at the sight of another grown adult throwing a fit like a child that seemed to be happening more and more these days. It almost made you cringe thinking about your own experiences from the retail shop you worked at a few months ago. Feeling burdened by how the boy behind the counter must felt you did something out of your comfort zone. Yeah, you actually stood up and approached the woman. 

“Everyone makes mistakes, right? Can’t you cut him some slack, it’s packed here and i’m sure he’s doing his best-” You chimed in.

The woman turns to you, still with an angered glare locked into her eyes. 

“Mind your business. I’m not paying for this!” She muttered.

As much as you wanted to yell back at the irrational lady, you instead pulled a 5 from your wallet, tossing it her way. At this point everyone could use a break from her being in here at all. 

“There you don’t have to.” 

She scoffed at your boldness, snatching the bill from the counter top, and shoving past to you. 

“I’m never coming back here!” She yelled over her shoulder. 

Taehyung’s eyes shifted towards you, instantly looking apologetic.

“I am so sorry you had to deal with that, are you okay?” He came around from the counter, letting the other workers continue the line. 

“To be honest, i’m shaking but I didn’t want her to keep being rude to you guys.” You laughed, showing him your shaking hands from the confrontation.

The taller boy grabbed your hands as if it was an instinct, giving you a warm smile. It was the first up close look of him that you had gotten, practically melting in your spot at how delicate and model like his features were. His large hands completely covered yours in the most protective way, and you already felt yourself blushing. 

“Thank you for that. Oh, she took your money didn’t she? Here I’ll pay you back-What’s wrong? Your face is so red..” Taehyung stated too bluntly. 

Knowing that he actually noticed made you even more shy, trying to look away from him at the floor but something small caught your eye. You heart felt as though it had stopped completely, noticing the tiny, red ribbon that was now apparent on your ring finger. The small tattoo was something you didn’t expect to ever see since it only appears on you once you’ve touched your soulmate. You didn’t confirm that he was also seeing it but out of fear you pulled your hands away. 

“N-no! Um..Don’t worry about paying me back, really. It’s okay.”

When you finally looked back up at him, it was pretty obvious he had noticed what had just happened, staring down at his hand. At first he didn’t say anything, walking back to his boss. You didn’t know what he was doing as you stood there waiting but after a few seconds he came back without his apron. 

“Let’s go.” He said, walking past you to the door. 

You ran over, grabbing your sketch book and bag before trailing behind him.

“Wait, where are we going?” 

“Our first date. I wanna know everything about you.” Taehyung smiled. 

Suddenly you felt how dry your throat had become, gulping at his words. You clutched onto your sketchbook, looking at the stranger in front of you. It was hard to guess anything about him by just standing here, plus you had time considering your portfolio wasn’t due until the end of the month, and by some speck of impulsive whim you agreed to going with him. 

“What’s your name?” He asked as he walked alongside of you, guiding the both of you.

“It’s Y/N. I read yours in the cafe on your name tag, Taehyung, right? How did you just leave work like that? Are you sure it’s okay when it’s busy?”

He couldn’t hide his childish smile, happy that you paid attention to him. 

“Yeah, it’s not everyday you meet your soulmate. Some people never get the chance, you know? You don’t always live near each other or speak the same language. It would be lame just to give you my number and talk to you later. I seriously want to know about you so much. I can tell you’re a good person when you stood up for me in there. Also you can call me Tae if you want.”

Your cheeks started to feel warm again at his compliments. 

“Yeah, I don’t know why I did. That was really scary.” You chuckled. 

“Maybe it was fate?” Taehyung said in a more serious tone. 


Nodding his head, he decided to explain.

“Well you did something you wouldn’t normally do but since you did we were able to meet. oh, we’re here-!”

In front of you was one of the parks you frequented. It usually served as a good place for scenery inspiration but for some reason it looked even better than usual. The fall leaves had just turned their colors and the cold breeze that passed by the trees felt nice instead of freezing. Taehyung had walked over to you on one of the benches, sitting down. His large hand gently reached out to hold yours, encouraging you to sit down with him. 

“So you’re an artist?” He asked, looking at the sketchbook you were holding onto so dearly. 

“Huh? Oh, yeah. I’ve been practicing a lot lately. See, I have to come up with this portfolio and I’ve been having trouble coming up with new art. The theme was supposed to be things I care about the most. It sounds easy but it’s become ridiculously hard to convey the emotions in them lately. I was thinking that I need to find a new muse.”  There was smile brought to your lips as he asked about your work.

Tae sat there with a blank facial expression, tilting his head as he stared at you so deeply. He seemed concentrated as he scanned your whole self.

“Did I say too much?”

He shook his head, pouting in refusal. 

“No, I just-…Ah, I’m so lucky. I can’t believe you’re my soulmate.” His tone was more innocent and genuine. 

“…..You aren’t disappointed?”

“Why would I be? You’re into art just like me. My favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh. I even have the starry night painting in my room so every night I can look at it. It’s calming. Besides I thought you were beautiful when I first saw you and seeing you closer only makes me think it more.

His words easily had you melting into your seat, blushing like crazy. Maybe it was his voice that got you so embarrassed, it sounded like art in itself when he spoke. This whole thing just felt like a dream, making you look down at the crimson ribbon on your finger. 

“I wouldn’t say I’m-”

“Does that make me a liar then?” Taehyung pouted. 

“Well, no-”

“Then that means you’re beautiful. No more take backs.” He hummed, almost too happily. 

His childish antics were endearing to say the least, causing you to burst out in laughter. He looked at you, shocked. Picking his hand up, you placed yours on his, staring at the ribbon more intently before looking past it at him. With a smile, you took in the scenery with Taehyung sitting in front of it.

“You know what, Tae?”


“I think I found my new muse.”

Handmade Gold - Jongin

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Will you love me even if I’m not the one for you?”

Genre: Angst & fluff | Soulmate!AU, Requested.

Pairing: kaiXreader

Word Count: 7.9k

More than anything, you wanted to see that day that your boyfriend’s eyes flashed a liquid golden color and for you to feel your own do the same.

But it wouldn’t happen.

It never would.

Your boyfriend assured you that nothing could take the two of you away from each other but the mark that covered his ring finger was another reminder.

His finger was covered in thin black elegant circles and swirls whereas yours was harsh blue thick lines that were almost like stripes down your finger.

That was the thing.

You weren’t each other’s soulmates.

Because if you were, his eyes would change to a golden color and the tattoo-like mark on your finger would match.

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