ring eye

I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen someone when their heart shatters into a million pieces. The far off stare of defeat with tears dripping from a vacant stare, the slouch inward, as if all their bones had fractured and standing up was impossible. The colour drain from their skin as their bottom lip trembles, trying to take in what’s happened, or rather, block it out. But the impact from a shattered heart is visible even to the ignorant. The coffee coloured bags ringing their eyes, the chapped lips and raw cheeks from crying. I don’t know how science can explain the physical pain you feel when your heart shatters, why your legs are reluctant to hold your weight and your hands are icy to the touch. Science can’t explain why it feels as if your veins are working against you to choke you from the inside out.

I’m not sure if I believe in afterlife. I’m not sure I need to. I don’t think it matters. If hell exists, a shattered heart resides there.

—  Shattered heart // E.E

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She pushed open the door of the police station, her head hung low so no one could see the quickly forming black bruise that ringed her right eye. She was only here to clean. No one cared what happened to the cleaner, for goodness sake. Her head hung low, she didn't see the detective until she'd almost run into him. "I'm sorry, sir..." She muttered, trying to get past him. [[ - brxndnxwsky - - hope you don't mind!]]

He grumbled a response before stopping short and mentally noting the black patch around her right eye. Of course he’d notice it, he’d be a terrible detective if he didn’t. He recalls seeing her around the station, but never got round to remembering her name. Frowning, he spins on his heel when he realises she’s nearly out of earshot. “Hey!”

You can call me “Miss Beauty spot”

Originally, i took this picture just to see exactly how the nose and the mouth is when the face is lightly inclined for a human drawing. And I found it was maybe amusing to show you my most natural and tired face. xD It’s the face “It’s 23h28, it’s the end of the week, it’s cocooning, no brushing, no make up and I have dark rings under my eyes“


Actually, I did have this one headcanon…

The World Guardian is always under stress. The game shows them more as being a snarky, wise-cracking pseudo-adult, but that could just be how WG copes.

In TWW, I imagine, just from all the quests leading up to it, the WG standing there with dark rings under their eyes. They don’t want to be here, but unfortunate circumstances dictate that they must.

In FoTG, the exhaustion as WG relentlessly pushes themselves on in a very foreign landscape. Even if you fail, WG gets up and does it again. And again. And again. Sliske notices, does Azzy?

I imagine at time at the WG’s poh where they just completely break down. Knock things to the floor from the table, holding their head. They just come to a complete standstill and collapse in the corner to cry.

And Sliske, watching from the Shadow Realm, actually feels bad.

The World Guardian wears a mask that only Sliske seems able to see through, because Sliske wears that same mask himself.