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Beauty and the Beast Post-Curse headcanons Part 3: Christmas in the Castle

I’ve come to accept that there is now a corner of my brain that seems permanently dedicated to thinking up Beauty and the Beast headcanons. From this little corner of my brain arose the question “After spending so much time trapped in an eternal winter, how would the members of the castle react to the changing seasons and the eventual return of winter(albeit a distinctly less permanent one)?” And just like opening the floodgates, more headcanons came pouring in! So with that I present the winter/Christmas BATB headcanons no one else asked for…

(Note: I loved the STV Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas as a kid, but it just doesn’t fit with the new live action movie which is where I’ve been drawing inspiration from… so I made up my own fangirl fluff version. Enjoy!)

- At the sight of the first snowflakes of the season Adam frowns up at the sky, his old, grumpy self threatening to return. And then he sees Belle, cheerful and excited, look up to greet the snow. Her cheeks rosy from the cold. Arms stretched out wide, tongue extended to catch the falling flakes. He can’t help but laugh. After all, it was in those snowy days that he first fell in love with her. 

- As winter sets in around the castle and the nights grow cold, Adam convinces Belle to spend her nights in the west wing with him. He claims it is for warmth. In reality he just wants her there with him. He wants Belle to be the first thing he sees each snowy morning. A reminder that this winter is different. He loves that he can hold her close in the night, nestle his face in her hair, feel her snuggle closer to him in her sleep. She teases him that he snores and that his toes are always cold. He sleeps better with her there. They both do. For the first week or so Adam is very hard to get out of bed in the morning, insisting any responsibilities that day can wait a few more minutes. 

- During the curse the castle never celebrated Christmas (to be fair no one really felt much like celebrating.) Belle insists that they should have a proper Christmas celebration in the castle this year now that the curse has been lifted. The very next morning Adam surprises Belle by having the entire castle decorated. Candles and holly everywhere!

- Lumière is in full favor of the festivities and plans a grand feast. His goal is to see if he can out-do his performance from Be Our Guest, though now that he is back to his human self, swinging from the chandelier may be a bit more…challenging. 

-  Lumière also takes advantage of the holiday spirit by flirtatiously holding mistletoe above his head when he is near Plumette. She steals the mistletoe which leads to him playfully chasing her around the castle. 

- Before Belle’s school lets out for the holidays, the children are allowed a recess time to play in the snow, the sound of laughter and playful shrieks echoing across the castle grounds. A great snowball fight breaks out. The children all scatter when they see Adam start to gather a great mound of snowy ammunition. Some run to join him, while others try to valiantly protect Belle from their snow fort. At one point Lumière and Plumette are forced to make their way through crossfire of the flying snow. Lumière shields Plumette with his coat and frantically waves a white handkerchief as they run across the snowy ground to safety inside the castle. LeFou shows some of the more pacifist children how to build a snowman, safely outside the line of fire. 

- On their last day of school the children are each given a few presents. Belle gives them a journal to write their own stories in. Plumette, a new quill for them to write with.  Adam gives them each a rose (the white ones still bloom in winter even after the curse is broken.) Maurice gives them a tiny music box. Lumière gives them each a small jar of the grey stuff as a treat for the ride home. 

- Chip convinces everyone that they should all make Christmas cookies together. Adam ends up breaking a few at first but after a little practice gets pretty good at decorating. He later breaks a few on purpose so he can eat them. He also tries to start a frosting fight until Mrs. Potts shoots him a maternal look that tells him he should reconsider. Belle’s cookies are simple and cute. Plumette’s delicately detailed. Lumière’s are covered in decorative sugars. Cogsworth gets roped into helping and ends up making several as he gets into a steady decorating rhythm. Cadenza and Garderobe make a few for themselves but are more interested in baking dog-safe cookies for FrouFrou.

- Maestro Cadenza decides to compose his own Christmas music (insisting work by other composers to be rubbish unfit for such a special occasion) and can be heard playing almost constantly. Garderobe teaches the village children the words to a few of his carols and has them sing for him.

- Everyone gets together to decorate the castle Christmas tree. Adam hangs some childhood ornaments that were his mother’s favorites. Belle works in flowers and tiny carved ornaments that Maurice made. Some look like books, while others are tiny carved likenesses of the members of the castle. Maurice also makes a mechanical ring of ballroom dancers to dance around the base of the tree when the music box attatched plays. There is a section along the bottom that Chip claimed as his own. Lumière is in charge of the candles. Plumette nestles little fake birds among the branches and places the angel on top. Madame de Garderobe winds a ribbon garland around the tree and hangs delicate gold music note ornaments. Cadenza provides the music to decorate to, enjoying watching his wife and friends at work. Cogsworth attempts to make sure everything is spaced properly, hanging a few shiny old pocket watches as ornaments when he thinks no one is looking. 

Thanks for humoring me! Hopefully you enjoyed these headcanons, even if they are a bit out of season…

More of my Voltron dancer au! and a story to go with if you wanna read :D

So as a kid, Keith had found a dance community near the orphanage he lived in, and in turn, also met Shiro through it. It was home for Keith, and Shiro, being the older one, would teach them what he knew about dance. Time skip to later on where Keith starts to realize he might be in love, but then Shiro one day stops showing up and no one knows why and it just tears Keith apart.

Dance is how he releases his emotions and he’s so good that once college starts, he decides to be a dance major. Cue first day of school where he’s in class and the instructor introduces the TA and guess who it is? Shiro.

I’m in too deep. Song is Begin Again by Purity Ring

Fauve Poem

Matisse expressed a hope for his fauvism, it would be like an armchair for the mind-worker. You can recollect the bodily experience of sinking, sweetheart, Mia, your feet turn up pink overlapping the aquamarine Persian rug, your face so mild and serene! And I think I could, I would, narrate a fauve poem arching and sashing its musculature over whatever vermillion ottoman, like mink.

Da, leave me willowing into my mantle pipe, ah, approximating a rhombus with my delicately gloved hands–
sighting the  yewest  yellow  beam 
of lightest  stepping,
sunk shallow-olive under the
gay  ring  dancers.

I would frame it in cherry, drunk.

Staking A Claim | Prologue | Open

The dancing duo had taken many journeys together, whether it be by train, plane, sometimes ship. They were at ease with one another by their side during the long bus ride, and it wasn’t even all that unusual to doze off- the seats were comfortable and the ride long, after all. It was only when they woke up upon arrival, apparently along with everyone else who had mysteriously also given in and fallen asleep, that things took a note of wrongness. An uncomfortable feeling that something was just a little off.

And while Shin certainly wasn’t one to give much thought to such things without concrete evidence of a catastrophe staring her in the face and preferably yelling too, Natsume was somewhat more attuned to such things. She did spend basically her entire life trying to avoid Shin causing or running into such catastrophes. Their roles were clear as day, Shin was the one who confidently strode into danger, Natsume was the one who made softly corrected her course. Right now though, just staying ON the bus seemed no alternative, given both Shin’s driving style and the absence of its real, actual driver, and so when the taller dancer had gotten a little stretch in and left the bus, eager to get back to the fresh air and apparently not suspecting a single thing may go wrong, Natsume followed.

She arrived outside as Shin was already shifting through the luggage pile, picking out both her own and Natsume’s bags, with no intention to let her tiny friend carry either. Opting to carry the luggage rather than letting the wheels touch ground, Shin glanced around at their unfamiliar surroundings, quickly deciding on a course of action–right or wrong–and began walking, leaving Natsume see where she lead without so much of a word, simply trusting her to be there when she turned around.

It wasn’t long before both of them arrived at a gathering of cabins, or, maybe it would be closer to call them small homes; lacking the typical camping charm but instead having  a sort of Ren Faire feel all their own. Bustling to get in front of her friend, Natsume moved to open the front door of the cabin straight in front of them, the one the path seemed to lead directly to. All of them looked pretty alike, but now that she stood in front of it, she noticed a symbol on it’s door frame, beautifully laid into the wood. Looked like…. A star of sorts? And a crown? It was probably just decoration, and though Shin wouldn’t mind carrying the luggage while she was busy staring at it, Natsume still didn’t feel she wanted to MAKE her, and so just gave it a quick glance. Instead, she tried opening the door. To no avail. The knob rattled as Natsume continued jostling it. A small, disgruntled noise was the only thing came from Natsume before Shin kindly pushed her from in front of the door.

“Come on, lemme try this…”

With an echoing “bam” Shin rammed her shoulder against the door, attempting to unstick it from it’s stuckness. To no avail. It didn’t move an inch, and judging from Shin’s slight frown and the way she rolled her shoulder, it had probably left more of a dent on her than the other way around. Still, she didn’t let this stop her (as if she would ever let anything stop her) and now with a new task ahead dropped the bags where she was standing and grasped the doorknob, first giving the door a small shake that accomplished nothing, then letting go and taking a step back. Natsume could already tell what she was planning to do even without her spelling it out for her any more.


Natsume spoke clearly and cheerfully, having seemingly shaken off a good portion of the grogginess after their comfortable bus nap.

“There’s a key hidden ‘round here somewhere. No one’d leave a cute lil’ place like this unlocked.”

As if trying to prove her conjecture, Nastume reached up on the top part of the doorframe, searching around with the palm of her hand. Finding nothing, she began looking around the building’s perimeter, turning over small rocks (of which couldn’t possibly be hiding a key) and peeking in the corners and crevices of its architecture.

Shin, thus stopped in her path of destruction, watched on for a moment, but soon shrugged and joined, making for two of them walking around quite literally turning every rock.


Nintendo Dream Rune Factory 4 Special Official Comic: Chapter 11
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Story by Yoshifumi Hashimoto and art by Mariko Kawazoe

You might need to download or open the images in a separate window to make it readable. Let me know if you’d like a higher resolution image.

Translation notes below:

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Normani Kordei Opens Up About Bullying, Gets Another Perfect Score on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Normani Kordei wowed judges during Monday (May 8) night’s episode of Dancing With the Stars, delivering an emotional contemporary dance performance with partner Val Chmerkovskiy. 

The duo’s performance received their second perfect score of the season. It was designed to be a very personal piece for Kordei with choreography embodying the Fifth Harmony star’s personal struggles with cyber bullying, racism and more. 

“The piece is symbolic of times that I felt helpless and desperate,” she said in a behind-the-scenes segment before the performance. 

In the dance, Kordei soloed frantically with graceful execution in the center of a ring of dancers representing the crowd of faceless people who have harassed her online. The piece was set to the song “Freedom” by Anthony Hamilton and Elayna Boynton from the Django Unchained soundtrack. 

“I shouldn’t want to change the color of my skin, or the texture of my hair or the fact that I am woman, I felt really alone and just like everybody hated me,” she continued in the behind-the-scenes clip. “We all want to be loved, we all want to feel accepted, but when that doesn’t happen then it just breaks you." 

Kordei went on to credit Chmerkovskiy for helping her become more connected to herself, let her guard down and feel proud of herself. This dance was clear proof of that. Watch it below.

Ring (Exotic Dancer!Taehyung)

Plot: #048: “We accidentally got married in Vegas oops” with exotic dancer!Taehyung

Word Count: 840

A/N: so for everyone that doesn’t know a couple days ago, I did a poll for this request bc there were two options, there was stripper/exotic dancer!Tae and then there was bartender!Tae and stripper!Tae won by one vote so it was really close but both AUs would’ve had a similar theme to what this drabble is with a few differences of course so if you did want bartender!Tae, you could replace anything related to the dancing with bartending but when I saw this request, it just sounded so funny to me and I had to do it so here is exotic dancer!Tae!!!!

You have no idea how any of this happened. You didn’t know why you woke up with a ring on your finger and an arm around your waist. You remembered going to your friend’s birthday party in Las Vegas, the exotic dancers you and your friends had jokingly hired showing up around midnight. You remembered filming nearly every second of your friend’s embarrassed look, even the dancers started to laugh when they caught onto what had happened. You remembered flirting with one of the dancers, the two of you dancing together for most of the night. You remembered all of your friends circling around as the dancers began to take their shirts off, the birthday boy only staring at his best friend who only laughed even harder.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do more monster!au for the Overwatch characters! Could you do please do some Fluffy he's for Genji, Mcree, Zarya, and Lucio?

A/N: I’m going to refer back to this post I made about what I generally pictured everyone as.

It’s sometime in the night, a crack of thunder wakes you from pleasant dreaming and you roll onto your back, staring out into the night as a streak of jade fire blitzes across the sky. You smile but make no movement to remove yourself from the bed, watching the glowing light zoom closer and closer until the light burns so brightly outside your window, you have to cover your eyes. The wind shifts, rain pours over the side of the roof and something furry and warm glides into the bed, nuzzling against your stomach.

“Won’t you get in trouble, abandoning your post like this?”

Genji scoffs, shedding off the pristine white fur as it turns into a silk kimono, his eyes dance with an ethereal light as he kisses your nose.

“There are other Raiju around, unless you would prefer me to leave?”

“No, no. Stay.” You hurriedly wrap your arms around him, trapping him against your chest as he chuckles. “I do have one other question though.”

“Name it.”

“They say that when a storm like this hits, people need to lay on their stomach or else the Raiju will make a home of their navel. Is that true?”

Genji smiles slyly, disappearing under the blankets while laying kisses down your body. You can see the static from his body create harmless sparks in the dark, giggling when he pops out of the sheets with a small frown.

“Much too small in there, but I know others would not be deterred.” He shrugs. “Besides, I find it much more rewarding to visit upon you than put faith in those old tales.”

Winter comes quickly to the cabin and you wait until after dark when the full moon rises over the dense forest surrounding you, to go outside. It is still, quiet, the wind whispers through the trees and you cup your hands over your mouth, releasing a long howl into the air and then waiting for a response with baited breath. Minutes pass. You call again, and the response is very close, you dart around to the back of the cabin just as something large and furry skids through a snowdrift, flopping onto its belly before you.

Almost bashful, McCree tips his head his greeting, shaking the snow off his body and cautiously pads towards you on his hind legs, draping his arms over your shoulders and nuzzling his face against yours.

“I missed you too, Jesse.” You mumble, stroking his cheeks and giggling when he licks your face.

You lead him inside the cabin, and McCree see the large array of pillows and blankets on the floor, finding a spot in the middle and curling up with a yawn.  You sit in behind him at first, brushing a comb through his thick fur and humming quietly to yourself, McCree rests his head in your lap. After picking out the pinecones and bits of dirt, McCree moves up and around you, his large tail across your legs as you lean against his back. The two of you fall asleep like this until the morning, when McCree has shifted back and his wrapped himself around your back like a shield.

Zarya towers over you like a Frost Giant would, but her hands are gentle as they pass through your hair, a wistful expression on her face. The ceremonial robe draped around you is too big, an ornate wreath of snowdrops wrought from ice balances delicately atop your head, and Zarya can scarcely breathe looking at you.

“Are you sure this is OK?” you mumble, averting your eyes.

“Of course,” she laughs. “Never more sure.”

“But I’m human.”

“Small details. I love you, and so will they…or else.”


Zarya shakes her head, threading an arm around you and slowly turning you towards the massive doors at the end of the hall. You both can hear the noise of music and drink, of laughter and song. It was a little scary at first, but the more you listened, the more comfortable it became. Zarya smiled and carefully removed her own wreath, dropping it around a torch and shaking her vibrant pink hair out.

“It was my victory, and I will share it with you.” she said firmly. “They will “get over it”.”

You snort as she pushes the doors open, the room stilling. With the eyes of her clan on you, it takes moments for the right actions; you threw off the robe and wreath, walking down the steps with Zarya and grinning even if you felt like throwing up. The cheering started up again, seeing the two of you mingling with the crowd. Zarya swings you into the centre of the ring of dancers, spinning around and around as the drums push out a punishing tempo to keep up with.

 You didn’t think she could dance, and for that matter, you didn’t realize you could either. Maybe its whatever’s in the goblet someone keep refilling, its golden colour and sweet odor almost too sweet for alcohol.

Zarya’s cheeks are rosy, actually rose coloured versus the usual azure blush, and the smile she’s got makes suns pale in comparison.

“See! I told you.” She laughs. “You belong here!”


Lucio eyes the cliff above with a frown, the lights of the houses perched on the edge make him feel nervous, along with the boats out on the water, their searchlights piercing the darkness. You linger out on the shore, toes in the water and a heavy cloak around your shoulders. Lucio breathes deep, sitting on a rock like Ariel, and then he starts singing. The boats out on the water still to a stop, the lights search the water with fervent desire, falling upon his form. Your breath stills as the boat begin moving, the lights moving away from Lucio, his voice guiding them towards the other shore. That when he gets up, easing backwards through the water until you drape a cloak over his shoulder, pulling him back up the rock, hiking the old trails until reaching the village.

“They won’t be coming back for a while,” Lucio declares to a gathering crowd, and they cheer.

The festival starts up again and once everyone is no longer focused on him, he sags against you. Weaving through the town, you both return to your modest hut with a perfect view of the water, you expect him to get into bed to rest but he leans out the window with a few more tunes for the gulls and the waves, orders to keep watch.

“Come on, to bed with you.” You lean over his back, peeling his fingers back from the sill. “Lu, it’s done.”

“They’ll be back.” His voice dips lower. “They always come back, once the trance wears off.”

“Lucio, Lucio, go to sleep/ The bed is warm with good company to keep.” You sing and Lucio chuckles.

“Alright, alright. I hear ya.”

“I can sing about inner most desires too, you know. What did you tell them?”

“They had family’s waiting for them,” Lucio shrugs. “Probably something about dinner, it got away from me at the end.”

You nod and without further pushing, Lucio flops onto the bed with you and sighs deeply. The music from the festival carries in from the window and Lucio taps his fingers against your arm to the beat, and you can recall the exact play in the song where he finally drifted off to sleep.

I always feel like I’m the only one getting affected by the enormous amount of sport that Lindy hop actually is. 

It’s not like I feel that it’s really tiring, it’s mostly just fun all the the time.
But I DO sweat. A LOT. 

Anyways, it has happened that I dance with a new partner and when they first put their hand on my back they get pretty surprised by the amount of sweat that their hand plunged into.

Today’s comic’s theme music below! :)

operamatic  asked:

Adrienette, 19 (。◕‿◕。)

19. “The paint’s supposed to go where?”

The song starts, and the two on the dance floor fall easily in sync with each other. They move sinuously enough around each other to be mistaken as a duet, but the slick of paint on their hands marks a more dangerous game of flirting, of almosts.

Marinette reaches out to slap Adrien’s thigh as he freezes into a pose. He flips away at the last second, making her miss and almost mark his crotch instead. The ring of dancers around them roars at the close call.

“The paint’s supposed to go where?” Adrien laughs breathlessly as Marinette regroups without missing a beat, hips swaying, red coated hands flashing in the light.

“Wherever I can catch you.” Her exhilarated laughter reverberates through her body as she throws herself into the music and then she is nothing but motion, fluid and arresting and irresistible.

His body reacts instantaneously, matching her steps, complimenting her rolls and flips with his own. Each move comes like an instinct shared between them; but then again, dancing with Marinette has always felt like the most natural thing in the world.

“Not if I catch you first,” Adrien challenges, already closing in on her as the music swells into the last chorus.

Marinette’s smile, wide and wild, lights his world brighter than any of the flashing neon lights of the club.

Breath stolen, he almost succumbs to her hand upon his chest before bowing into a backbend. He flips back up onto his feet in a sharp snap. His hood sails up behind him like an afterthought, only to flare open to perfectly frame his huge grin, his shining green eyes. The last few seconds of the song has the dance floor flashing, signalling the end of the round.

“You haven’t marked me yet,” Adrien pants. “Looks like I wi-”

Marinette grabs him by the front of his hoodie and yanks him down as she arches up to meet him halfway in a searing kiss. Whatever space left between them is incinerated in an instant as his hands run up her back to pull her closer, as she slots her leg between his and grips his shoulders to bring her higher.

The monstrous roar of the crowd and the heavy thrum of the next song pulses around them, a heartbeat to live within.

Even from beneath the shadow of his hood, Adrien’s face is bright red from exertion and want, but it’s the crimson on his lips that signal her victory.

“Got you,” Marinette pants hoarsely, hungrily as she plants another kiss at the corner of his mouth. “You’re mine.”