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🎤😎 “You done lost yo MOTHA F*#$!%’ mind!”

‼️This dance break has been a favorite of mine since 2005 🌚 & this new version killed me! Hope y'all enjoy this!!!!!! 😊😆😝🙌🏽🙏🏽

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Quick overview

Inigo is finally in the dancer garment he’s always dreamed of. And surprisingly out of all the characters on this banner, his stats deviate the most from the normal version of him (Laslow for anyone unaware). He’s surprisingly balanced across the board, much like his awakening counter part, and normally I’d say being balanced harms him. But in reality where his stats do edge over, are in the right areas, and being a dancer of course he’s confirmed to be usable.

Base set

Inigo, like his mother comes with a tome, called dancers ring, which gives 7 hp to nearby allies. It’s a decent weapon at best and will do him fine. Dance again is a must as with all dancers. Gale dance gives a unit +4 speed when danced, again like Olivia, if this wasn’t a B skill it’d be a must. Still he comes with Hone attack as well making him easier to pull the combo off with. Speaking of, hone attack is a great support skill in general.

As for missing slots, his special should be moon bow or Luna. He lacks the defences or attack for anything else. It’s worth giving him triangle adept too, as with it, he’ll be able to patch his res and live some of the blue mages like Reinhardt out there.

Suggested set(S)

A man and his flowers

+spd/atk - hp/def

Dancers ring +, Dance, Moonbow/Luna

Slot A = Darting blow 3,  Triangle adept 3

Slot B= Wings of mercy 3, Wind/water sweep

Slot C = Breath of life 3 , Any  c skill

Inigo much like his mother can make good use of the sweep skills. With 33 at base, with a +iv and darting blow he can hit 42 speed. And with it can heal allies for 17hp a turn with his weapon, breath of life, and its seal. However if you don’t wish for a sweep skill because you want wings of mercy then just use triangle adept, it helps him out massively.

Henry x Olivia

+Atk/spd/def/res - hp

Gronnraven+, Dance, Moonbow

Slot A = Triangle adept 3

Slot B = Wings of mercy

Slot C = Hone attack, threaten Resistance or any C skill

Gronnraven is mainly given due to the fact he appreciates triangle adept as is, so you might as well make him tank bows a bit better as well.  Wings of mercy is used as he’s a dancer but you can put something like Lance breaker, renewal, axe breaker etc if you want more offence. Any support will work in the C slot. Iv wise anything will work ideally. +defence helps against bow users, while +res helps against mages. +atk and speed make him more offensive. Hp is the only one which does little favour to him, so if you drop one, try to grab that one.

Beauty and the Beast Post-Curse headcanons Part 3: Christmas in the Castle

I’ve come to accept that there is now a corner of my brain that seems permanently dedicated to thinking up Beauty and the Beast headcanons. From this little corner of my brain arose the question “After spending so much time trapped in an eternal winter, how would the members of the castle react to the changing seasons and the eventual return of winter(albeit a distinctly less permanent one)?” And just like opening the floodgates, more headcanons came pouring in! So with that I present the winter/Christmas BATB headcanons no one else asked for…

(Note: I loved the STV Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas as a kid, but it just doesn’t fit with the new live action movie which is where I’ve been drawing inspiration from… so I made up my own fangirl fluff version. Enjoy!)

- At the sight of the first snowflakes of the season Adam frowns up at the sky, his old, grumpy self threatening to return. And then he sees Belle, cheerful and excited, look up to greet the snow. Her cheeks rosy from the cold. Arms stretched out wide, tongue extended to catch the falling flakes. He can’t help but laugh. After all, it was in those snowy days that he first fell in love with her. 

- As winter sets in around the castle and the nights grow cold, Adam convinces Belle to spend her nights in the west wing with him. He claims it is for warmth. In reality he just wants her there with him. He wants Belle to be the first thing he sees each snowy morning. A reminder that this winter is different. He loves that he can hold her close in the night, nestle his face in her hair, feel her snuggle closer to him in her sleep. She teases him that he snores and that his toes are always cold. He sleeps better with her there. They both do. For the first week or so Adam is very hard to get out of bed in the morning, insisting any responsibilities that day can wait a few more minutes. 

- During the curse the castle never celebrated Christmas (to be fair no one really felt much like celebrating.) Belle insists that they should have a proper Christmas celebration in the castle this year now that the curse has been lifted. The very next morning Adam surprises Belle by having the entire castle decorated. Candles and holly everywhere!

- Lumière is in full favor of the festivities and plans a grand feast. His goal is to see if he can out-do his performance from Be Our Guest, though now that he is back to his human self, swinging from the chandelier may be a bit more…challenging. 

-  Lumière also takes advantage of the holiday spirit by flirtatiously holding mistletoe above his head when he is near Plumette. She steals the mistletoe which leads to him playfully chasing her around the castle. 

- Before Belle’s school lets out for the holidays, the children are allowed a recess time to play in the snow, the sound of laughter and playful shrieks echoing across the castle grounds. A great snowball fight breaks out. The children all scatter when they see Adam start to gather a great mound of snowy ammunition. Some run to join him, while others try to valiantly protect Belle from their snow fort. At one point Lumière and Plumette are forced to make their way through crossfire of the flying snow. Lumière shields Plumette with his coat and frantically waves a white handkerchief as they run across the snowy ground to safety inside the castle. LeFou shows some of the more pacifist children how to build a snowman, safely outside the line of fire. 

- On their last day of school the children are each given a few presents. Belle gives them a journal to write their own stories in. Plumette, a new quill for them to write with.  Adam gives them each a rose (the white ones still bloom in winter even after the curse is broken.) Maurice gives them a tiny music box. Lumière gives them each a small jar of the grey stuff as a treat for the ride home. 

- Chip convinces everyone that they should all make Christmas cookies together. Adam ends up breaking a few at first but after a little practice gets pretty good at decorating. He later breaks a few on purpose so he can eat them. He also tries to start a frosting fight until Mrs. Potts shoots him a maternal look that tells him he should reconsider. Belle’s cookies are simple and cute. Plumette’s delicately detailed. Lumière’s are covered in decorative sugars. Cogsworth gets roped into helping and ends up making several as he gets into a steady decorating rhythm. Cadenza and Garderobe make a few for themselves but are more interested in baking dog-safe cookies for FrouFrou.

- Maestro Cadenza decides to compose his own Christmas music (insisting work by other composers to be rubbish unfit for such a special occasion) and can be heard playing almost constantly. Garderobe teaches the village children the words to a few of his carols and has them sing for him.

- Everyone gets together to decorate the castle Christmas tree. Adam hangs some childhood ornaments that were his mother’s favorites. Belle works in flowers and tiny carved ornaments that Maurice made. Some look like books, while others are tiny carved likenesses of the members of the castle. Maurice also makes a mechanical ring of ballroom dancers to dance around the base of the tree when the music box attatched plays. There is a section along the bottom that Chip claimed as his own. Lumière is in charge of the candles. Plumette nestles little fake birds among the branches and places the angel on top. Madame de Garderobe winds a ribbon garland around the tree and hangs delicate gold music note ornaments. Cadenza provides the music to decorate to, enjoying watching his wife and friends at work. Cogsworth attempts to make sure everything is spaced properly, hanging a few shiny old pocket watches as ornaments when he thinks no one is looking. 

Thanks for humoring me! Hopefully you enjoyed these headcanons, even if they are a bit out of season…

More of my Voltron dancer au! and a story to go with if you wanna read :D

So as a kid, Keith had found a dance community near the orphanage he lived in, and in turn, also met Shiro through it. It was home for Keith, and Shiro, being the older one, would teach them what he knew about dance. Time skip to later on where Keith starts to realize he might be in love, but then Shiro one day stops showing up and no one knows why and it just tears Keith apart.

Dance is how he releases his emotions and he’s so good that once college starts, he decides to be a dance major. Cue first day of school where he’s in class and the instructor introduces the TA and guess who it is? Shiro.

I’m in too deep. Song is Begin Again by Purity Ring


What an amazing week at @poleexpo! Not olnly did I get to teach workshops, private lessons and win Pole Olympia I was able to be a student and train!

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Spin Pole with @kiranoire
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Chair dance with @marioncrampe

Trained/jammed @aerialathleticalv
Aerial pole & gymnastics rings with amazing backup dancers @alberpole1978 @greshilovevgeny

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(at Las Vegas, Nevada)

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Choose Your Mistakes #15C

Part fifteen, round C, of the interactive fanfiction, Choose Your Mistakes. Please check the FAQ and the Setting Info if you haven’t already, and be sure to make your choice below.

You chose to go through the further, ‘keep out’ door.

Originally posted by lockeddimension

The instruction to not enter called out to you like a bright light to a moth. You wanted to go in. You wanted to know what was so important that it was worth labelling with a warning.
But was it worth crossing a room full of robotic dancers to find out?

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+10 weapon pre-abyss watchers! im proud

Family Ties Chapter 2

Pairing: Kihyun (mx) x reader

genre: drama, fluff, royalty!au

word count: 3120

Summary: Kihyun decides he has to see you again, this time away from prying eyes

Sorry this is so late! There were a few parts that were tricky for me to finesse, but I hope you like the way it turned out!

Chapter 1


The roar of chatter and wine glasses was boiling over the edges of the ballroom and over the balconies down into the front of the property where Kihyun was stepping down from his family’s carriage.

“Now remember, boy. Don’t get caught with that Praevorian girl. Not tonight.”

His mother’s warnings, though acknowledged with the flick of his wrist, went practically unheard as the boy’s eyes scanned along the candlelit banisters that made way into dancefloors lit by chandeliers where you were undoubtedly twirling away once again. The tails of his coat swept back behind him as he strode up the steps ahead of his family into the entryway of the grand manor.

He was greeted immediately by the din of hundreds of merrymakers, filling the halls of the public portion of the property. There was a golden hue to the entire place, given off by a combination of the warm lighting and the gold adornments everywhere; gold dishes, golden molding at the base of the walls, golden curtain rods, golden picture frames and golden chandeliers. Ornately chiseled marble planters that came up to a man’s waist were overflowing with pink and white roses, and each table had a centerpiece of marble cherubs, lions and eagles.

Completely skipping over all of the tables of meats, candies, and wines, Kihyun waded through the crowd towards the dance hall. Though he’d grown up in this lifestyle and was very much accustomed to all aspects of it, he was always amazed by the sheer number of people that attended these events. There truly were hundreds here tonight. One could disappear entirely if they wished, either within the crowd, or off into any small, overlooked back room or side hallway or staircase. But now was not the time for that. He had a much more pressing goal to achieve. You. And he knew exactly where to find you. Winding his way up spiral staircases and through throngs of nobles until he reached the ballroom, he found himself a wall to lean on and began scanning the room until his eyes landed on your profile, your head raised and a graceful smile adorning your lips. His chest lightened a little as he watched you for a while, occasionally stopping to carry conversation with the odd baroness or such.

He was not content to watch. But he was unsure. It could cause trouble to strike up conversation with you, he’d done so just a week ago and people had definitely seen. If he didn’t want to land himself or you in serious trouble, then he couldn’t be seen with you. There was no way he was going to go the whole night without seeing you again, but he was going to have to get you alone. But how was he going to do that? The keenness with which he’d been watching you was amplified tenfold when your eyes met his as you danced. Neither of you looked away. This had never happened before. You’d each watched the other in passing throughout these nights, but never had you done it so openly. It felt comfortable in that you acknowledged each other, but at the same time, it made his and your heart race with the secrecy and excitement of it. It was a moment shared by the two of you and completely unnoticed by everyone else between you. You held his gaze for as long as you could before the dance turned you away from him. He let out a sigh of frustration before being disturbed from his musings by an older man accompanied by a younger woman, clearly his daughter. Judging by the extravagance of his attire and by his rotund figure, the man was of both great birth and great appetite. His daughter coyly twiddled a very artificial looking curl of chestnut hair with her fingers as she stood in silence, looking up at Kihyun with an innocent smile.

“Young sire, it’s good to see you again! Congratulations on your older brother’s new station, the family must be very proud.” The man offered a slight bow of greeting as he began to speak. Judging by his words, Kihyun supposed he’d met the man before, likely once or twice at another such occasion, but he couldn’t recall at the time, so he simply played along.

“It’s good to see you again as well. Yes, we’re all very happy with him.”

“I couldn’t help but notice you staring longingly at the dance floor without a partner. Perhaps my daughter can oblige?”

Kihyun was about to refuse, but with another glance towards you changed his mind. After a brief pause, he gave a kind smile.

“Yes, that sounds lovely.” He offered his hand to the young woman, who giggled happily as she took it.

The two waited on the edge of the dance floor with the other partners until the end of the song, and sauntered into the ring for the next dance. It was the sort of dance where everyone went around the ring and danced with everyone at one time or another, and bringing your own partner in was more of a technicality than an actual necessity. Everyone took their places, neither Kihyun nor yourself affording even so much as a glance at the other, knowing that there would be time for that once the song began. And it did begin, at first as only the beat of a single drum, quick but with just a hint of solemnity. Then joined in not an orchestra. Not a quartet. It was a lone harp, playing an enchanting, witty melody in a minor key. As the melody began, so did the dancing. The pace was very quick, leaving everyone on their toes and very little time with each partner before twirling on to the next in the circle. Kihyun entertained each partner that passed him sufficiently, but forgot each of them as soon as they’d left and paid little attention while they were there. A playful violin melody entered the mix around the time you slid your hand into his, but there was no time to savor it. It was a fast-paced dance, and you were going to be moving on soon.

“It’s a rare pleasure to be dancing with you, Kihyun. You usually spend all of your time chatting.” You whispered to him, not wanting to be heard by those dancing beside you.

“I figured it was about time I broke the routine. And it seemed like the only way to-“

And you were off. Kihyun sighed lightly in frustration, watching you make your way around the small ring of dancers out of the corner of his eye as he danced on, a second violin joining into the tune to provide another harmony. When you finally did make your way back to him, he wasted no time.

“It seemed like the only way to see you again, given that you hardly spend a moment off the floor.”

“I prefer dancing to politics, don’t you?”

“Well I certainly prefer you to politics.”

As you were swept off to the next partner, you looked up at him, surprised a little by his bluntness. A flute of sorts added a high, fiery harmony as the both of you danced on impatiently until you made your way back around to him.

“How do you know? We’ve hardly spoken.”

“I’d like to fix that.”

“And how do you propose we do that without getting into trouble.”

And another go around the circle. A cello brought this round up to its crescendo and provided the support and fullness of a low harmony line.

“Go up the stairs at the left end of the hall that runs along the far wall of this room and turn left. There’ll be a parlor there, I’ll find you there.” He whispered lower than before, next to your ear as you danced.

And with that, you were off to finish the final round of the jig. Upon finishing the dance, you stopped to applaud the musicians with the rest of the crowd, before looking around to try and spot Kihyun. You had no luck, he seemed to have disappeared entirely after the dance ended. After giving up on finding the rather bold young man, you settled for finding yourself a glass of wine to give yourself a little added adventurousness. You knew you were going to go ahead with it like he said, there was no question. Even he knew it, that’s why he simply told you with such certainty, not even asking. But after spending so much time observing him from afar, suddenly in the last week, you’d spoken with him, danced with him, and were now about to hold a secretive rendezvous with him, nothing separating the both of you from the watchful eyes of your families but a lavishly carpeted floor that divided the parlor and the ballroom below.

After downing the crystalline glass of sweet wine in one swig, you wandered discretely into the far hallway, and followed it down to the stairway that Kihyun had told you of. You paid one final glance behind you to ensure no one was watching and tentatively made your way up the stairs to find the parlor you were to wait at. You managed to spot it with a quick glance around at the top of the stairs. The door was half open, inviting you to push it all the way and step in, which you did. None of the lamps were lit, so the only light illuminating the small room was what little dim, flickering candlelight poured in from the halls behind you. However, it was enough to see comfortably. The floors carpeted thickly in a dark, colder color, either a green or navy, though you couldn’t quite tell in the dim lighting. In front of you as you walked in was the back of a lavish sofa. Upon sliding your fingers over the material, you found it to be a rich velvet, trimmed in ornate metalwork and ornamented at regular intervals with pearl buttons like some old-fashioned cushions. To the right of the sofa was a dark wooden table holding a couple of books and a single candle on a delicate stand, and in front of the sofa was another table, larger but of similar build. On the far wall, however, was the centerpiece of the room. A marble fireplace with golden adornments peppered throughout reflecting tiny glints of the little outside light pouring into the room filled a large portion of the wall. You walked around the furniture and stood in front of the fireplace to admire the craftsmanship.

“It’s nicer when it’s lit.”

You spun on your heels to see that Kihyun had entered unnoticed and was now standing behind the sofa. You quickly recovered from the surprise, and turned back to further examine the gold filigree.

“Yes, but that would draw attention to the fact that we’re snooping around.”

“Then I hope you don’t mind the dark.” You heard the sound of his fingers delicately smoothing over the velvet as he rounded the sofa, just as you had a few moments before.

“Not at all.” You turned to face him, both of you spending a few moments to try and get a read off of the other.

“So.” He broke the silence.


And more silence, neither one looking away from the other. So, you decided to just get right into it.

“Why did you ask me up here? You know how much trouble we could get in.”

“You’re intriguing. You’ve always seemed somehow… a little above everyone else in the room at these things, and yet not in an arrogant way. You just don’t get caught up in all of the problems or the gossip around you like everyone else here. And then after that night when we actually talked for a little, I wanted to see more of you.”

You smiled a little and looked back to the fireplace, flattered that he’d noticed you before last week. You were glad you weren’t the only one who’d been watching.

“So why did you come up?” He continued.

“Same reason. I’m tired of all of these forced barriers, and you’d always made me a bit curious. You always play along very nicely, but I’ve seen crooked merchants and politicians try and bring you in on their business, and I’ve seen some very wealthy women who could set you up with a very nice social station, hurl their daughters at you but you don’t seem to take any real interest in any of it.”

“Well I’m glad we’re on the same page, then. If it weren’t for my mother in particular I think we probably could have talked under less secretive pretenses, so I’m sorry about that.”

“Don’t be sorry, the prejudices are ridiculous but she’s just trying to do what’s best for you in her eyes. And besides, my family would be equally as angry so it’s not just you.”

“What is your family like, I’ve never really met any one of them but you.”

“They’re good people, mostly. My dad is usually off socializing and forming political alliances when he’s not going about his duties as consul, and my mom spends most of her time in the parlor gossiping with callers. My governess has moved on to another family since I’m old enough to not have one anymore, so mostly I’m just left to my own devices to read and go out. What about you?” You walked over to sit down on the sofa, and he joined you.

“My parents are mostly the same.  The only member of my family that I really spend much time with more than I must is my older brother, but he’s recently married and running his own estate now so there’s less time for that. He did well though, his wife is very sweet.”

“Sareah, yes, I met her a few times at some party before they were married, and she seemed wonderful. She’s pretty too. It’s a little strange now with the whole family situation, which is sad. We really got on well.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that.”

“You would have liked my grandmother, Sareah reminds me a lot of her. She was one of the sweetest people I’d ever met, I spent all the time I could with her. After she died, I didn’t really know what to do with myself. I have two older brothers who are both off with their own families, and I don’t like either of them much anyway, and I have one younger sister who spends practically all her time with her governess. That’s when I really started coming to these parties all the time. I used to stay at home a lot with my grandmother.”

“When did she pass?”

“Three years ago. She left me this ring, I wear it every day.” You showed him your right hand, adorned with a delicate gold band. In the center was set a small, circular, blue diamond with smaller white diamonds diminishing in size around the band. Kihyun reached over to touch the ring, curling his fingers around the bottom of your hand and gently shifting the ring with his thumb. You flinched, almost imperceptibly from his touch. Dancing with him earlier had been one thing, you held about twenty hands in passing, as did he, it was just part of the dance. But this was part of a different kind of dance all together.

“It’s beautiful.” He admired it’s many facets intently. “Would you like to meet Sareah again? I think the two of you could get to be good friends, and she doesn’t seem much one to care for prejudices, she just needs someone else to approach her first. I can talk to her if you’d like.” As he looked up at you with the inquiry, he stopped idly fidgeting with your ring, but his hand continued to hold yours.

“Wouldn’t she tell your brother?”

“She has good judgement. They’re close, but if she thinks it would cause trouble for you or me if she told him, then she won’t. And besides, if we happened to cross paths while out walking the same trail, then who could fault anyone?”

You looked back down at your hand, and his. “Alright.”

“Would you like that?”

“Yes, I think I would. Thank you.”

“Your hand is shaking.”

“Dear, where are you?!” The sound of your father calling you from the stairs harshly yanked both of you out of the moment. You exchanged quick glances before he slid off of the couch and crouched in front of it, hidden from view of the door way, his hands sliding so that his fingers just barely held the tips of yours.

“In here, father!” You called back to the man, praying that he wouldn’t feel the need to enter the room fully. Kihyun began to slide the pad of his thumb slowly and delicately over the length of the top of your little finger, leaving tingles in his wake. Half of you mentally pleaded with him to stop so that you could keep your heart from speeding up and keep your voice calm, but the other half of you secretly wanted to keep going.

“What on earth are you doing up here? I had to ask around to find someone who’d seen you go up here.” Shifting to hold your hand more surely, Kihyun turned his hand to run his thumb along your knuckles, gently kneading your fingers with his. You took in a deep breath and let it out.

“I- I suddenly got a horrible headache, and I wanted to get away from the noise and the lights.”

Kihyun gently laced the tips of his fingers with yours, running his thumb over the inner side of your wrist and your palm and sending goosebumps up your arm.

“I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. We’re ready to leave now, I’m sure getting home and getting to sleep will help it. I assume you’re ready to go?”

“Yes, sorry.” You looked down and over slightly to see Kihyun looking up at you, and when you met his eyes, he let a teasing smirk onto his face. Rolling your eyes and holding back a smirk of your own, you discretely flicked his hand away, only to have him reach his hand back under your own as you got up, your fingers sliding off of the ends of his as you walked over to meet your father at the door.

This was really beginning to get interesting, you thought to yourself. Through the entire ride home, you couldn’t help but wonder what the next such night might hold.


Nintendo Dream Rune Factory 4 Special Official Comic: Chapter 11
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Story by Yoshifumi Hashimoto and art by Mariko Kawazoe

You might need to download or open the images in a separate window to make it readable. Let me know if you’d like a higher resolution image.

Translation notes below:

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