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Beach vocabulary in Finnish

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Meri - sea, ocean
Järvi - lake
Lampi - pond
Joki - river
Saari - island
Ranta - beach, shore
Hiekkaranta - beach, sandy shore
Uimaranta - beach (where one can swim)
Palmu - palm
Kookospuu - coconut tree
Hiekka - sand
Kivi - stone, rock
Vesi - water
Aalto - wave
Virtaus - current
Syvyys - depth 
Vaahto - foam
Pyyhe - towel
Hattu - hat
Aurinkolasit - sunglasses
T-paita - t-shirt
Toppi - top
Uimapuku - swimming suit
Bikinit - bikinis 
Uimahousut - swimming trunks
Hame - skirt
Shortsit - shorts
Sandaalit - sandals 
Uida - to swim
Sukeltaa - to div
Uimalasit - goggles
Uimarengas - swimming ring
Uimapatja - air mattress
Pelastusrengas - life-buoy, life ring, life preserver
Uimavalvoja - lifeguard    
Pelata - to play (games, sports)
Rantapallo - beach ball 
Lentopallo - volleyball
Frisbee - frisbee 
Leija - kite
Rakentaa  - to build
Hiekkalinna - sand castle 
Lapio - shovel
Ämpäri - bucket
Rentoutua - to relax
Levätä - to rest
Aurinko - sun
Ottaa aurinkoa - to sunbathe
Aurinkotuoli - beach hair
Aurinkorasva - sunscreen
Ruskettua - to get tanned
Rusketus - tan 
Päivänvarjo - umbrella (against sun)
Kala - fish
Kalastaa - to fish
Rapu - crab, crayfish
Simpukka - clam
Näkinkenkä - seashell
Delfiini - dolphin
Hai - shark
Valas - whale
Meduusa - jellyfish
Meritähti - starfish
Merihevonen - seahorse
Merilevä - seaweed 
Koralli - coral
Lokki - gull
Hylje - seal
Kilpikonna - turtle
Kylmälaukku - cooler
Juoma - drink
Vesipullo - water bottle
Jäätelö - ice cream
Mehujää - popsicle 
Grillata - to barbecue, to grill 
Syödä - to eat
Juoda - to drink 
Surffata - to surf
Surffilauta - surfboard 
Vene - boat
Sukellusvene - submarine 
Majakka - lighthouse

Monsta X reaction- Crush not knowing how to swim

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He wouldn’t let you feel embarrassed because you couldn’t swim. He would sit with you and do whatever you wanted to do because he wouldn’t want you to do something that you didn’t feel comfortable with.

“Come on y/n join us!!” Minhyuk tried to drag you into the pool. You tried to stop him from dragging you. “I can’t swim Minhyuk” you told him. “Oh” he replied and immediately let go of your hand. “Its okay. You don’t have to go in. I can stay here with you and we can talk” he smiled. “You don’t have to Minhyuk. Go have fun” you urged him. “But I want to talk. You know how much I love it” he winked with both eyes like a kid. So the both of you sat on beach chairs by the pool and talked abut everything and anything attracting the attention of those in the pool with your loud laughs and bright smiles.


I think Kihyun would be very practical about the whole situation. He wouldn’t be too surprised. In fact I don’t think he would give much of a reaction at all because lots of people cant swim and there is nothing new about that. However he would say something along the lines of not be embarrassed by it.

“Why are you embarrassed that you can’t swim?” He asked you with a curious expression on his face. “I don’t know, because most people do, and I am terrified of stepping in the water because of it” you shrugged and pressed your lips together. He sighed. “I’ll teach you how to swim and then you won’t be embarrassed” he declared. “Ki.. Thank you” you smiled at him. Corners of his eyes crinkled and his smile reached his eyes. When you tried to apologize he stopped you by putting his index finger on your lips. “Stop being so formal and its not a sin. If you are scared then you are scared. Its nothing to be ashamed of y/n” he said in the earnest.


Hyungwon would be really sweet about you being scared to enter the pool. He would find it very endearing how you got scared but he wouldn’t force it upon you and understand your fear.

“Really?” He asked you when you told him why you didn’t want to enter the pool. You covered your face with your hands which he snickered at. He wouldn’t be able to to contain the smile that broke out on his face as he uncovered your face. “Y/n you don’t have to feel embarrassed by it in the slightest. If you don’t want to go in the pool you don’t have to” he assured you as he could see you feeling tense. “Dont tell anyone about it” you requested. He nodded his head but he couldn’t help but laugh at how cute it was. “ Ok. I won’t" he put his index finger on his lips. “Its our secret” he whispered while trying oi control his giddiness.


I am sure this boy himself might be scared to enter into the pool. But either way he would try to comfort you if the others forced you to go into the pool, or if you simply didn’t want to.

“Changkyunie stop, if she doesn’t want to go” jooheon lightly scolded him as he tried to drag you into the pool. I.M threw his hands up in the air and jumped into the pool with a splash leaving you wet in the process. “Are you okay?” He asked you as your dried yourself off. You nod. “Dont worry about it. It doesn’t really matter. There are more things out there than knowing how to swim” he patted your shoulder. “We can go somewhere else if you want. We don’t have to stay here” he offered. You could sense the sincerity in his voice so you gave him a small hug at which his cheeks went pink and his head hung low because he couldn’t stop smiling like an idiot.


He might tease you playfully because you didn’t know how to swim, but he wouldn’t mean it. Like Kihyun though he would also not not make a big deal about it because its nothing out of the ordinary.

“Wow the perfect y/n doesn’t know how to swim? Tsk tsk tsk” he shook his head. You slapped his upside on the head. “I am kidding. Chill” he screamed. “Dont” you said in a threatening tone. “Its not a big deal that you are scared of going into the pool. It’s normal. So stop being sensitive about it loser” he teased you. You couldn’t help but smile, although you should have gotten mad at him for calling you a loser. “If you feel scared you can always hold on to me” he offered feeling flustered himself. So he led you into the pool while letting you clutch to him as if your life depended on it. But for him it was a way for him to get you to feel closer to him so you would notice his big crush on you.


Wonho would understand you. He wouldn’t judge you for it because he has his own share of fears. I feel he would encourage you to not feel embarrassed or shy because you couldn’t swim.

When you adamantly refused to enter the pool the rest of the boys gave up. Except for Wonho. He took a seat next to you. Seeing your red cheeks made him chuckle lighty. “Cant swim?” he asked. Your eyes widened and you looked at him. “I just guessed” he smiled. “Dont be embarrassed by it y/n. I am afraid of heights, and I don’t go on rides. We all have something that scares us. Besides you can always learn how to swim. Its not an impossible thing to do” he smiled. He then held up an inflatable ring buoy in front of you. He placed it over your head until it reached your waist. “This will keep you safe” he winked and led you to the pool. (OMFG THIS GIF IS SO CUTE SOMEONE PLEASE HELP)


He would be surprised that you didn’t know how to swim but being the teddy bear that he is, he would try to help you out. Specially he would have a crush on you, he would try his best to get you to feel comfortable. He would be very sweet about it too.

You and the rest of the boys were at the pool. They were all having fun while you watched them splash water at each other from the sidelines. Shownu came up to to you and asked you to join them. When you told him you didn’t know how to swim he chuckled. “Is that it y/n?” You nodded. “Okay come on” he extended his hand towards you. You wrapped your hand in his and he led you towards the pool. You stopped mid way and started shaking your head. “Its not the deep end. The water will barely reach your waist” he squeezed your hand. He led you in further all the while holding your hand. “Thanks Shownu” you smiled up at him thankfully and returned the smile just as brightly.

-Beach Vocabulary- in Portuguese

Based on Black Tea and Language’s vocabulary list

Mar - sea
Oceano - ocean
Lago - lake
Lagoa - pond
Rio - river
Ilha - island
Costa - shore
Faixa de areia - sandy shore
Praia - beach
Palmeira - palm
Coqueiro - coconut tree
Areia - sand
Pedra / Rocha - stone, rock
Água - water
Onda - wave
Corrente - current
Profundidade - depth
Espuma - foam
Tolha - towel
Chapéu - hat
Óculos de sol - sunglasses
Camiseta - t-shirt
Top - top
Maiô - swimming suit
Biquini - bikinis
Sunga - swimming trunks
Saia - skirt
Shorts (shorter than knee-lenght shorts) / Bermudas (knee-lenght shorts) - shorts
Sandálias - sandals
Nadar - to swim
Mergulhar - to div
Óculos de natação - goggles
Boia - swimming ring
Colchão de ar - air mattress
Boia salva-vidas - life-buoy, life ring, life preserver
Salva-vidas - lifeguard    
Jogar - to play (games, sports)
Bola de praia - beach ball
Bola de vôlei - volleyball
Frisbee - frisbee
Pipa - kite
Construir - to build
Castelo de areia - sand castle
Pá - shovel
Balde- bucket
Relaxar- to relax
Descansar - to rest
Sol - sun
Tomar Sol - to sunbathe
Cabelo de praia - beach hair
Filtro solar / Protetor solar - sunscreen
Bronzear-se - to get tanned
Bronzeado - tan
Guarda-Sol - umbrella (against sun)
Peixe - fish
Pescar - to fish
Caranguejo- crab, crayfish
Ostra - clam (actually “ostra” is oyster, but clams are informally called “ostras” anyway)
Concha - seashell
Golfinho - dolphin
Tubarão - shark
Baleia - whale
Água-viva - jellyfish
Estrela do mar - starfish
Cavalo marinho- seahorse
Alga - seaweed
Coral - coral
Gaivota - gull
Foca - seal
Tartaruga - turtle
Mais frio - cooler
Bebida - drink
Garrafa d’água - water bottle
Sorvete - ice cream
Picolé- popsicle
Fazer churrasco / Grelhar - to barbecue, to grill
Comer - to eat
Beber - to drink
Surfar - to surf
Prancha de surf - surfboard
Barco - boat
Submarino - submarine  
Farol- lighthouse


dubiousculturalartifact’s post made me curious, and I decided to look up the actual Sharkey’s.  (Simultaneously laughing and sad about that name given the loan shark thing.)  It’s about as nautical as you would expect.  They kept the buoys and fishing apparatus and the ring buoy, which as obsessionisaperfume noted forums a halo behind Cas at one point.

Also I feel obliged to note that Claire is drinking soda and not water.  At that point their relationship is strictly instrumental.  She just wanted to escape the child prison, and Cas simultaneously feels guilty and (I think) is looking to fill the road trip buddy-shaped void in his life that Hannah left behind.