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- Similar to Joshua
- While Joshua strays away from piercings, Jeonghan loves them
- Lip piercings, tongue piercings, nose rings, he loves them all
- Finds anything remotely cute, gross (except for Jihoon)
- Night owl
- Helped Joshua trick Jun into watching Happy Tree Friends
- Kinda bitchy and complains a lot
- “It’s too cold!” - him for like the 109384th time
- “Put your damn jacket on then!” - Seungcheol
- Always thinks he’s right
- Everybody hates him, but they love him too
- Over confident
- Shares clothes with Joshua cause of their similar fashion sense
- He met you in a coffee shop
- Spilled hot coffee all over your white shirt on accident
- Scoffed in your face when you demanded an apology
- “Sorry sweetheart, not my fault you were in my way.”
- Ended up buying you another coffee and gave you his sweater to wear
- Put his number in the pocket and left without it
- Totally not on purpose
- So you kinda had to contact him to give him his sweater back
- When you guys start dating, he manages to convince you to get matching lip rings
- For some reason, he’s always the one left with the children (Chan, Vernon, and  *cough* Jihoon *cough* Seungkwan) when the hyungs go out
- It’s sorta his punishment since Seungcheol knows he hates taking care of people
- Secretly enjoys it, just a tiny bit
- Pretends to dislike everyone and acts snippy all the time
- But deep deep deep deep DEEP down in his heart, he has a soft spot for everyone

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Come Closer:  The sounds of his feet pelting along the wet asphalt are ringing in his ear, the smell of rain, blood and ichor in his nose, traces of adrenaline ebbing in a slow hum as he has one goal in mind.

I See You In The Dark (Chapter 46):  Magnus’ frown deepens as he lifts his hand to place on Catarina’s arm and moves her to the other end of the room where it’s at least harder for others to overhear them.

Underneath:  Dim light from the livingroom is greeting Magnus as he steps through the front door, the tingle in his nape letting him know he’s here.

Summer Lovin’:  They leave the car in town, rent bikes to explore the landscape, their bags fastened on the bicycle racks.

The Other 10%:  Snow flurries and ice chunks, some as big as table tennis balls, are whipping against their faces and bodies as they’re rushing through the dark streets, sure-footed despite the snow storm and sleet raining down on them, a few wolves that joined them leading the way, their eyesight best.

What’s Important:  Her feet glide without a sound along the cold floor.

Snow Day:  The veil of unconsciousness is slowly invaded by a soft buzzing sound he hardly registers at first, wishing he could just ignore it and go back to sleep.

Not A Sliver Of Doubt:  His bottom lip is being devoured by a flushed, slightly swollen, hungry mouth.

Vanilla:  His feet come to a standstill, barely having crossed the threshold. His eyes take in a bare back, broad shoulders, well-muscled arms.


My dear Alexander,

My Love,

My Angel,

I can just see your face right now. 

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All I could draw for tonight before I called an ambulance