Waah waah, it took me… almost four years… to finaly make one omg O3O

I should actually call it Adore forever but wouldn’t it sound creepy…?^3^ Anyway, a lot changed during these years of me being on here, and in the first place… I never thought I would be here for so long, I’m not a kind of person that would hold on something like blog so yeah. I’m surprised O3O Even more, because I never expected to meet so many amazing people here, some of them I became really close friends with. Their constant support really makes me so much happier and stronger, and I want them to know – even tho I’m not good at expressing myself – that I really love them so so much. So much. Really I love them a lot O3O

With some of you, it’s been years, with others it’s been months but I hope we can stay friends for a long time .

Since it’s my first follow forever, it’s a little long? >3<;; Some of urls are in bold, since I consider them special among special and are really close to me <3

But I love you all. A lot O3O Lot’s of love. Yup. Love.

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Did I mention I love you? ♥ O3O