Rineke Dijkstra | MoMA

Artist Rineke Dijkstra photographed Almerisa, a Bosnian refugee, over many years. In honor of the UN’s Youth Day, explore works in Dijkstra’s series.  

[Rineke Dijkstra. Almerisa, Asylum Center, Leiden, The Netherlands. March 14, 1994. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. © 2016 Rineke Dijkstra]

(via Rineke Dijkstra | MoMA)

> Well this is just great, you got yourself lost. Huff a little and snap a few photo’s here and there, the camera’s light illuminating portions of the dark woods. This is what you get for trying to snag some nature shots. Then you heard there were even caves out here, but seems unlikely you’d find /any/ of them.

> Hear a bit of rustling somewhere out of sight, silently debating if you wanted to head towards it. On hand it could be someone who could help you find your way back hive, on the other hand it could be something or someone much worse.

> Sit down at the edge of the lake.

> You hadn’t wandered to far from Leu’s hive, it made you feel uncomfortable when you got to far off. Especially since you didn’t like or trust most other trolls.

> But right now you had the pleasure of sitting around with something you did like, birds, or in this case a bunch of ducklings that had been peeping and following you around.  

> You’d just been crouched down playing with them. Not really paying attention if anyone was near, you doubting many would show up here.