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what programs and brushes do you use pico?

I still use sai most of the time, I try out photoshop, medibang, some other niche art programs, etc

and in sai have a bunch of experimental brushes that i never used but my mains are these:

  • these brushes probably only work for human stuff (not much for environment)
  • i dont often follow a step by step procedure when using these brushes (i actually used 2nd and 3rd brush in the last pic haha…)
  • i change some settings a lot depending on the situation
  • I color pick and modify it a bit to blend colors

hope you find them useful!

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How time flies from 200 followers just a few months ago tehe, really to all who are following me whether if it was in 2016, last month, last week, yesterday or just now thank you so much!!! ^^

Partaking in the rpg maker community has been something which I have no regrets in and shall always be looking forward for new games to play, new experiences to witness and lovely lovely art to share. There are a few peeps/projects out there that I feel are worth of praise and a big worth to look at, most of these peeps I talk to either here, Discord or on Twitter, all of them are without doubt great peeps.

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Things are a little slow for me upload wise, hopefully by the 13th of June I’m back to recording and uploading two videos a day when my tower desktop is fully operational.

On the 30th of June, I have an interview with East Kent Police to become a volunteer there. ^o^