rincewind cosplay

because cosplay is fun

aaaand here is my twoflower costume. the only thing missing is the iconograph and the sapient pearwood chest, but i ran out of time. i spent all last night and most of today working on that extremely loud shirt. but it was so worth it.

and here is my husband…

whose costume took me all of this week to make (and i’m still not 100% done; there’s a bit of detail work i need to finish)

i’ll post some more pictures of the process later but all in all, it took me 40+ hours to get his costume to this point (i expect another 2-3 hours of work on the robe, and then another 2-3 hours sewing him a screen-accurate shirt from the movie adaptation of the first two Discworld novels). my costume was mostly bought things, but i sewed the shirt myself and i’m hella proud of it because i’ve never sewn anything that complex (garment-wise) before. and i’ve never sewn anything so intricately detailed as the wizard robe (all of those stars are handsewn, including the sequins on the hat).

anyway, i’m really really proud of myself for this year’s halloween costumes. i feel like i leveled up :)

and for reference:


Cosplaying as Moist and giving out letters, delivering messages from stall to stall.

Cosplaying Rincewind and just running screaming from every monster.

Cosplaying Susan and glaring at everyone or standing so still people forget you’re there.

Cosplaying as Twoflower and randomly taking photos with your vintage camera because why not.

Cosplay as Vimes and “arresting people” (with permission of course) The Melb Costume Group nearly always has a “Jail” as part of a stall so that would be perfect.

Cosplaying discworld because it needs to happen.


So I haven’t seen any love yet for the Hogfather cosplayers, so I wanted to share my photo. I nearly missed them until that guy turned around and I saw it wasn’t Santa. And then later I passed right by Susan and did a double-take. I thought they were great!

Later that day I bumped into Crowley (doctorswife) and Aziraphale (willsmiff).

And before the night was over there was Howl (slightly-bovverd).

The last one is me as Rincewind with another Aziraphale (candyexorcist) taken the next day.

magicmadzik replied to your post “YEA BUT U ARE CUTE THO (I’m a different anon too ok it’s not just 1 person who thinks that ok) U ARE CUTE AND VERY RAD”

Oh ok so you are also the Rincewind dude that kept showing up reblogged on my dash. Convenient!

That is me! I am he! (“And we are all together goo-goo-gachoo?” “What?” “It’s a song, by the Beatles” “Oh? How does it go?? :D” “Not now.”)

Yes indeed! Now you don’t need to worry about following him too! :D (Sorry, if you were going to avoid him… You failed. Very badly.)

I just need my Luggage… And possibly a Librarian.