Got some amazing photos back from our Skyward Sword photoshoot on Friday!

I’m just gonna credit everyone on their DAs for now
photographer: http://patchestakesphotos.deviantart.com/
FI:  http://ssoldiersaturn.deviantart.com/ 
Zelda: http://akuriko.deviantart.com/ 
Link is me 

It was such an honor to work with such amazing cosplayers and I already have so much of my Link cosplay that I want to change and improve before Youmacon.


Just wanted to show you guys what my mission has basically been for the past year or so. The first time I made Black Rose, I was in way over my head, and since then I’ve been trying my hardest to remake her piece by piece until I’m happy with her.

The picture on the left is how my cosplay looked when it was first completed at Youmacon 2011, and the picture on the right is from Youmacon 2012.

As you can probably see, all of my armor was pretty sloppy, my wig was far from accurate, etc. Since then I’ve remade my bra and skirt entirely and styled a thicker, more accurately colored wig. However, I’m still wearing my old gauntlets and shoes, and I no longer have a sword. (This is mostly due to me being held up by other projects, etc)

For 2013 my goal is to create an entirely new sword, set of gauntlets and shoes and also fix the symmetry issues on my chest armor. I have a good feeling everyone will be pretty sick of seeing this cosplay by the time I’m finally happy with it, but I doubt that I’ll ever personally get tired of wearing Black Rose :) And I would be lying if I said that I’m not proud of my progress over the year!


2012 Cosplay
This has been an awkward, but very valuable year for me. I learned a lot of lessons, but didn’t really produce anything that I’m actually happy with at all, mostly because I gave myself horrible deadlines and stressed myself out too much. I really tried to push the bar on my craftsmanship, but no matter how hard I tried I could never even come close to these new expectations.
Here’s hoping that in 2013 I will get a little bit closer with all of the lessons I’ve learned in 2012.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll finally finish Black Rose

2012 cosplays
Fluttershy- MLP FIM
Link- Skyward Sword
BlackRose- .Hack (work in progress :< )
Toph Beifong - ATLA
Fem!Watson - BBC Sherlock


Just wanted to post some Katsucon memories! It’s been a month and I still miss that con so much. I got to hang out with so many awesome people and I can’t wait to see them all again

Thank you so much Hythe for giving me a place to stay, being an amazing roommate (along with everyone else!) and just overall making this such an awesome weekend for me ;A;

New Years Cosplay Things

Cosplays I completed in 2011
Shoichi Irie (KHR)
Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)
Tsukasa (.Hack//Sign)
BlackRose (.Hack//IMOQ)

Definite cosplays to come in 2012
Skyloft Link (Skyward Sword)
Fluttershy (MLP FiM)
Possible cosplays for 2012 (Definitely won’t do all of these)
Malon (OOT)
Princess Agitha (Twilight Princess)
Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki)
Chitose (YuruYuri)
Sailor Neptune (Sailor Moon)
Sailor Pluto (Sailor Moon)