Remember Ritter Jasper (Now Green Jasper because the actual Jasper could eat him for breakfast and he’d be grateful)? Well he has friends now! (And fusions with said friends) Who are also fantrolls because I’m lame and unoriginal

Chrysocholla is eat-at-eriks‘s Erdrac and Cuprite is rinamk‘s Yaulet. Fluorite is another fantroll of my own, Rossia.

I don’t know what I’m doing, I just know I’m neck deep in gemverse

Also Turquoise doesn’t have any extra limbs because I’m dumb and I forgot to add them, but I’m just going to go along with the theory that the most stable fusions have less anomalies (Ritter and Erdrac are moirails after all, so they would make a good fusion pale vatos 5 ever)

lol idk


I got something in the mail in Friday, But I had to pick it today! (closed in Saturday-Monday) And oh my gosh! Is Mr.Joyce’s Drawing!!! When I had the tube in my hands my stomach started to hurt and there was this huge smile in my face, I was so excited and couldnt wait to get to my house to open it!! When I got there I opened the tube veery slow (Didnt want to damage the thing) And I was expecting a note and a drawing…but I got only the drawing but a NEVERMIND was in my brain when I saw the drawing, It was a beautiful sandman!! 

I dont know If I can upload a picture of it? Oh my god Im a whirlpool of feelings and naksdakdnjfbas dfjb a Im so happy ;www;

Thank you very VERY much Mr. Joyce! It’ll be one of my biggest treasures.
 And thank you to you Sophie! Without you this wouldnt be possible ;A;


So today I got a bday gift from my best friend! (My bday was april 6th btw) And she told me that it would be the rotg movie, so I thought “ow you ruined the surprise :c” but OH SURPRISE THE DVD COVER IS DIFFERENT??? Oh my god I prefer this cover that the spring one!, Here are some photos so you can see it too!, The dvd is gray though,not white (Celphone photos, bad quality haha)

Ow Chio, ty <33 Even though you dont have tumblr I love you :c

A few minutes ago I was sleeping and suddenly I felt something like a shadow? (Like, I dunno, I SAW the shadow even though my eyes were closed) I tought I was dreaming but my computer did this loud beep that sounds when you turn off the sleep mode, My will of sleeping went to hell and I tried to check out the house to see if there was something unusual, after seeing nothing I went to the bathroom and I saw the toilet seat up. I stared at the toilet for a minute, and then I realized…..in my house there are only girls.

I freaked out for a moment and then something flashed in my mind “Did Pitch just use the bathroom?”