I got something in the mail in Friday, But I had to pick it today! (closed in Saturday-Monday) And oh my gosh! Is Mr.Joyce’s Drawing!!! When I had the tube in my hands my stomach started to hurt and there was this huge smile in my face, I was so excited and couldnt wait to get to my house to open it!! When I got there I opened the tube veery slow (Didnt want to damage the thing) And I was expecting a note and a drawing…but I got only the drawing but a NEVERMIND was in my brain when I saw the drawing, It was a beautiful sandman!! 

I dont know If I can upload a picture of it? Oh my god Im a whirlpool of feelings and naksdakdnjfbas dfjb a Im so happy ;www;

Thank you very VERY much Mr. Joyce! It’ll be one of my biggest treasures.
 And thank you to you Sophie! Without you this wouldnt be possible ;A;