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RinAi or SouMomo for number 5? I hope you don't have too many of these ◡´﹏`◡

things you didn’t say at all (RinAi)

Rin is a boy that says too much, but doesn’t say enough at all.

Ai can’t figure out how that is, because Rin - nowadays - is always talking, smiling with a sharp grin and a soft expression that Ai hasn’t seen on his face since that race when they were children. Rin has a thing about talking about anything, talking too much, and he’s glad for it, really he is, because before Rin had barely said anything — too closed off and guarded to really have a conversation about anything. 

But, sometimes, Aiichirou thinks that even though Rin is happier this time around, how his smile brightens the room and that gleam in his eyes mesmerizes everyone, he doesn’t think Rin is saying anymore than what he did before. At least, anything meaningful. 

And he feels bad about even thinking of that, but there are moments when he catches Rin’s eyes, sees that sad, quiet desperation or a tumble of happiness raining in them and understands that there are some things Rin can’t say - but Aiichirou knows those feelings, he understands it more than maybe Rin even realises it himself.

Aiichirou can’t help it when his heart squeezes to the size of a coin when he sees those looks - whether it’s something that says go faster, train harder, get better that leaves Rin gasping and Aiichirou hoping that Rin won’t push himself hard - toward the brink of too much, way too much or whether it’s a look of longing, like whenever he’s looking at the Iwatobi group, at Nanase-san and Tachibana-san and all of them, like he would much rather be apart of a group that he once was. 

Or even that look he sometimes gives to Yamazaki-senpai, that sadness in his eyes that says he’s sorry for never being there, or something along those lines that Yamazaki-senpai even chooses to ignore but Aiichirou can’t. 

He can’t even ignore the looks that Rin gives out to the team, his mouth spouting praises and his eyes singing with hope. (He like those looks the best because it reminds him of the split second when he saw Rin in that relay when they were children, like they have everything in the world at the palm of their hands and they can take it if they want to.)

And he definitely cannot ignore the looks that Rin sometimes gives him, whether it’s across the room or after a soft kiss when he drops him off at his dorm - ones that whisper thank you over and over again as he stares at Aiichirou as if he is even something to stare at. It makes Aiichirou blush the most because it’s not a expression that he’s used to seeing but he takes that to his heart, just like all those other ones and he won’t share them with anybody because there is a reason that Rin doesn’t say some of the things that he says but it’s okay.

Even if Rin won’t say them, Aiichirou still listens. 

This is one of the story in RinAi anthology website, unfortunately the artist didn’t allow me to reprint. 

So, I only put the link source to the comic & the translation script done by Millie

The story is set on Rin’s graduation day.

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"I love you, Rin-senpai…"

So, here’s the bigger version of my sidebar gif, I wasn’t planning to post this at all but underthesamestar kindly asked me to so here it is.
It’s based on 9th episode of Sukitte Ii Na Yo anime, 50% traced, 30% original screenshot and 20% half-assed drawing. I’m not proud but what’s done is done and enjoy some Rinai because these two are precious.

TRACK 08: Nitori’s Roomate Diary, October
  • TRACK 08: Nitori’s Roomate Diary, October
  • Kouki Miyata, Mamoru Miyano
  • “‡Iwatobi High Swim Club Activity Diary Vol.2

TRACK 08: Nitori’s Roomate Diary, October

translation credit

NITORI: “Nitori’s Roommate Diary, October.”
NITORI: [writing] I want to be able to handle any sort of challenge one day, just like Rin-senpai. Today, I tried ripping my clothes off really quickly in secret. [sigh] It’s pretty difficult. I’m not doing it as well as Rin-senpai does yet. I need to practice more!
NITORI: [pulling clothes off] Hah!
RIN: W–What are you doing, Nitori?
NITORI: Uhh… um… well, I… DON’T LOOK AT ME!!!