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do @bittenrage@unsolvedcase@laehey,  & @raidsent  know how much they mean to me like really…..  they’ve been ??  the best group of friends i could ask for and i needed to let the world  (ok maybe not the world but everyone hERE)  know how much i love them and appreciate them !!  they’ve been there for me and listen to me rant and rave abt anything and helped me laugh when i didn’t feel like doing so and i’m just……  it’s 5:37am and i’m affectionate as hell.  but yeah.  i love them,  they’re all wonderful and loving,  lovely people.

anonymous asked:

Could you write a fluff with mark where he goes to the army and you say you'll have a surprise for him when he gets back, and a few years later when he comes back you are reunited and he sees the surprise, which is your guys' twin boy and girl

Sure! (Even though, I’m not sure if Mark intends to go to the military since he’s a US citizen and they don’t have a mandatory service requirement).

Mark rested his forehead on yours, holding your hands gently. His thumb ran lightly over you wedding ring and he closed his eyes to take a deep sigh.  You nudged him a bit with the top of your head making him look at you and see your smile.

“It’s not forever you know.  Just two years.”

“A lot can happen in two years. I can’t leave my beautiful wife around these wolves.” He teased with a little chuckle. You pressed your lips to his and he let go of your hands to wrap his arms around your waist and bring you close. He deepened the kiss and you wrapped your arms around his neck to let your lips linger.

“What if I promised you would have a wonderful surprise when you returned home?”

“Seeing you would be enough.” Mark said sadly,

“Please,” You said cupping his face. “Imagine the best thing in your world and in two years, hope that it’s what you will come back to…okay?”

“Okay, I love you.”

“I love you too, Mark.”

~2 years later

Mark stepped off the plane, searching the crowd for the love of his life.  When he saw your eyes doing the same he ran to you.  His luggage dragging behind him, struggling to keep up with his speed. He pulled you into his arms and spun your around.

“To think you look even more beautiful standing here now than I could ever imagine.” He whispered. “I read every letter and kept every picture.”

“I did the same, but I must admit, someone stole all the pictures from me.” You said with a laugh.  Mark frowned and pulled back to stare at you. You pointed downward and he glanced down to see clutching your legs were two toddlers. One was a little girl with her hair in pigtails and a yellow dress clutching the aforementioned photos. The other was a little boy with a cute bowl cut in a suit, his mouth agape like his sister.

“They insisted dressing up for seeing their Daddy for the very first time.” You said, your eyes tearing a bit.  Mark got down on his knees and opened his arms for them. They hesitantly walked toward him but then hugged him tightly. They stayed close for awhile before Mark stood up with them both in his arms. You grabbed his luggage and smiled.

“What do you think of your father?” You asked your kids.

“He’s pretty.” Your daughter said with a giggle making Mark laugh.

“Yeah and he smells great!” Your son responded.

“I could same for the both of you.” Mark said kissing their foreheads. “Now, you…” He said looking at you mischievously, “We need to talk how you kept two of the most amazing things to enter my life a secret from me for two years.”

You grinned, finally free to talk about your two joys to the man who mattered most.