rina lee

— It’s a strange place.

Yoru’s voice sounded thoughtful, and Laith glanced at him, curious. He could’ve mock him, but then Yoru probably wouldn’t say another word; and his chances to find out something useful would fade as well.

— What do you mean?

— What I said. It’s a strange place. Too many strange things happen here, and we cannot explain it yet.

He fell silent and stared at the walls in front of him.

Laith narrowed his eyes.

— Whole islands aren’t getting restricted out of nowhere, and people don’t go mad in droves. These “strange things” happen here for a long time already, while the EMB sends you here, stirring everything up without doing anything useful.

— It must be so.

Yoru’s any willingness to chat faded as fast as it appeared.

/// Resonance, ep. I