Obvious bbys #17
  • Miyano: That’s right. I feel like, there are friends like that? It makes me jealous. It doesn’t just feel like the intimacy between close friends, they excite each other so much they want to be together all the time, that makes them the best rivals. I watched it while being happy that they have that sort of relationship.
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  • Shimazaki: They don’t really meet that often though.
  • Miyano: If it were the opposite, they wouldn’t be able to think so much about the other would they?
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  • Shimazaki: Rin is the one who was always able to move Haruka’s heart. Haruka thinks of Rin as his rival, and also his friend. That’s why I was really happy to hear Rin’s feelings for the first time in season 2, episode 12. Since up until then I didn’t know.
  • They didn’t say it directly but their feelings were the same, and they were able to convey that they remembered when they met. I think it was the final factor in Haruka deciding his dream, that talk was really important.
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  • Miyano: It really does feels like the two of them are a “destined pair”.
Soulmates and Tattoos/Closed RP with swim-club-boys

Growing up Makoto was always told that when he or his soulmate got a tattoo it would show up on his skin. He always thought it was silly until Haru woke up with a tattoo that matched Rin’s. Makoto wouldn’t want to admit it to Haru but he was jealous. 

Everyone else seemed to have their soulmate except for him. Everyone looked so happy and he wanted to be happy for them but he was jealous and sad. What if his soulmate never got a tattoo? What if he didn’t want to find him? Should he get a tattoo? All of these thoughts swirled through his mind constantly until one day when he was twenty.

He felt a pain and quickly went to the mirror to see a tattoo appearing on his skin. It was a pair of wings. They were so beautiful and Makoto felt like they suited him in a way. He was so happy that he knew now that he had a soulmate. He couldn’t wait to find him. Every day Makoto would search for the tattoo as he went to school. It was a pretty big campus and he knew it was stupid to look when his soulmate may not even live in Tokyo. They could be in another country for all he knew. 

Makoto was twenty and a sophomore in college. After months of looking he had given up on looking for someone with his tattoo. Until one day he caught sight of a pair of wings that looked just like his. This was finally it. He quickly followed the other hoping that this was his soulmate. His heart beating fast. 


Rintori + aquarium date headcanons

For my the sweetest waifu bear Lola-chan @miyakuli :* Hope you will enjoy baby bear :D

1. For their anniversary Rin and Nitori decided to go for some cute date, and Rin knew how Nitori wants to go to new opened aquarium so they went for their sweet aquarium date. :D Aquarium was super big and full of attractions. :D 

2. Nitori was the most interested in… sharks, tho he wasn’t sure why ;) because of resemblance to his beloved senpai of course. ;) . He was looking at them soo happily. :D Rin knew it was absurd but when Nitori was all fascinated staring at sharks and saying how amazing sharks are he was… kind of jealous? Buhahah more like he wanted his attention. So haha when he lost his patience he whispered to Nitori’s eras “Don’t make THIS  shark waiting anymore, because you will get eaten, Ai” and brushed his neck by teeth. :D and then kissed all blushed and smiling Nitori. :D 

3. They both were happily watching small baby seals. :D How cute and sweet they are and tehhe by coincidence they started the theme of babies overall. :D And how they want to have super big family in the future. 

3. They met  there for a moment… Makoto and Haru :D Who also were there on date. Tho… Makoto later was really regretting that he approved aquarium as place of his and Haru’s date…. because Haru had all this sparkly eyes when he saw water so Makoto needed to check Haru will not ran away from him and will not jump into fish or animals aquariums. :D Rin and Nitori met Mako and Haru exactly in such moment when Haru was running to water and Mako was running behind him with “haruuuuuuuuuuu-chaaaaaaaaan stooooop!!” . :D

4. Rin really had to admit he really loved design of this aquarium tehhehe :D because it had many many cozy places when Rin could sneak kisses from Nitori. :D And ahhhh of course they spent almost all date holding hands because Rin was worried Nitori will get lost Yeah sure. :D 

5. After watching all attractions they went to restaurant in aquarium complex, and Rin even was feeding by Nitori by spoon. Nitori really wanted him to try his ice cream dessert that much he completely forgot his boyfriend doesn’t like sweet food. But Nitori was so excited and wanted to share that Rin ate this with appetite and he really had to admit it was the sweetest and delicious ice cream he ever eat not that he even noticed its flavor buahah he just enjoyed the fact of being feeding by his cute Nitori. :D 

6. As souvenirs after date Rin bought for Nitori shark and duck cuddly toys- they are now in special place on Nitori’s desk. :D  He specially tries to have always clean desk for them because he treasures them a lot :D as everything from Rin. :D

Fragile blossoms. || @wild-crazy-and-beautiful


Don’t touch the flowers by the river…

But they were so pretty. Mei-Rin had always wanted to make a bouquet of those yellow blossoms. And now, at last, there was no-one to stand next to her, reminding her that she shouldn’t be doing that.

Smiling and inhaling the scent, she took off her shoes and sat with her feet in the cold water. At first, she wanted to pick up the flowers. But… something didn’t let her. Instead, she just admired them, playing with the delicate, velvety stem, humming a song quietly.

Many would be jealous of her life; it was carefree and quiet. Mei-Rin loved strolling amongst the flowers and just sitting in the water, surrounded by grass. There could be nothing better than that.

Unless that man was around…


Amaimon: He wouldn’t react well on it. And the relationship would end one way or another. Either because they played along with it and he would break up with them or they wouldn’t know what was happening and he would get so protective over them that it was a obsession.

Lucifer: Wouldn’t be jealous and just watch what his s/o was doing and watching out if they felt uncomfortable. If not he would just wait for them to come back and ask about the conversation they had.

Mephisto: He’d smirk and quickly make sure that whoever was flirting with them would know that they were taking. Making up would happen very fast and in the form of dominant sex.

Rin: Would be hella insecure about it. He never could understand why they wanted to be with him? Healing over such a thing wouldn’t be easy for him and his s/o would need to do a whole variety of things.

Yukio: Similar to Lucifer he wouldn’t get jealous. He trusts his s/o. If he wouldn’t, he wouldn’t be with them.

Ok, so Haru cockblocks Sou every time he tries to initiate contact with fem!Mako. 

But what if Rin finds out. And it turns out that when they were little, Rin had the biggest crush on fem!Mako. So now, he’s oddly protective of her (and kinda sorta jealous of Sou). 

So now, it’s not just Haru doing the cockblocking, it’s Rin too. 

Double cockblocking. 

If Sou ever manages to evade one of them, there’s the other he has to deal with. 

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about the other Cryptonloids?

I like all of them. We’re family!
Len: I’m closest to Lenny, he’s like my little brother. He’s really kind, although some of his jokes are kinda… inappropriate… but still! He’s a really nice boy.
Rin: Rin and I get along pretty well for the most part. When Len’s not around we hangout a lot, but she gets a bit jealous over me and him being so close. She doesn’t seem to understand that her and I have… different… ideas of what being a brother is.
Luka: Luka-nee is really cool. She’s the best younger big sister I could ask for! She’s kinda serious, but she takes good care of us. She’s also fun to sing love songs with.
Kaito: Kaito-nii is an amazing brother. He’s a bit clueless, but he’s really kind to all of us. His happiness is also really contagious. It’s difficult for me to be upset when I’m talking to him. He’s a great shoulder to cry on.
Meiko: Out of all of us, Meiko is definitely more motherly. It’s a bit strange to think of Meiko as a mom figure and Kaito as a brother figure because they’re together, but I guess since none of us are actually related to each other, it doesn’t really matter. She’s really assertive, but she’s also really kind and caring. If I have a problem I can always talk to her about it, she’ll help me solve it and show me what I did wrong. She may be a bit blunt at times, but she’s a great friend.