So I haven’t gotten Breath of the Wild yet, but I DO know that the Temple of Time is still standing!! And even though the Master Sword isn’t where it used to be, I wonder if Link still feels something when he’s in that place.

Like the Temple of Time theme in this game is so heartbreaking and hesitant, like someone’s trying to remember something important.

And I wonder if that happens to Link a lot, like he’ll come across a place that was dear to him in a past life and break down into tears and not know why.

Day 1 & 7 | Family of florists AU | RinHaru lovechild 

I hope you all enjoy my art♡ A huge thank you and round of applause to the mods of this year’s event for organizing this and inviting me. I would have never known rhweek was going on without you ( ^∀^ ). Will post these on twitter sometime soon. Again, thank you!!