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Kuro Characters as Memes
  • <p> <b>Sebastian:</b> nyan cat<p/><b>Ciel:</b> how to talk to short people<p/><b>Real Ciel:</b> dark kermit<p/><b>Wolfram:</b> all your base are belong to us<p/><b>Sieglinde:</b> if you know what I mean<p/><b>Alois:</b> gangnam style<p/><b>Claude:</b> thank you for (not you) ...<p/><b>Nina:</b> the dress<p/><b>Lizzy:</b> she protec but she also attac<p/><b>Ronald:</b> damn daniel<p/><b>Grell:</b> you're doing amazing sweetie<p/><b>Othello:</b> me, an intellectual<p/><b>William:</b> *making my way downtown, walking fast* *walking faster*<p/><b>Vincent:</b> don't talk to me or my son ever again<p/><b>Diedrich:</b> *record scratch* *freeze frame*<p/><b>Viscount Druitt:</b> ya like jazz?<p/><b>Bard:</b> kill it with fire<p/><b>Finny:</b> precious cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure<p/><b>Mey Rin:</b> Yeah, it broke apart. Don't worry about that. It does that all the time<p/><b>Abberline:</b> this is the future liberals want<p/><b>The S4:</b> the evolution of dance<p/><b>Soma:</b> I want to love and support you<p/><b>Agni:</b> guess I'll die<p/></p>

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Heyo @animeaves I was your lame gifter for this summer round = 7 =;;; I apologize for the long delay! But better late than never, amiright? //slapped OTL I hope the wait was worth it;;; I luv your art so much so it made me so happy I was able to gift a senpai haha but i failed for being late to the party pffft

This is for the @sb69giftexchange

Listen I’m tired of all this negativity so I just gotta say that no matter how much this ikuya storyline parallels the rinharu one from s1. They’re still completely different situations. And ikuya only ended up like this bc of harus feelings for RIN.
Rin is the one haru quit swimming for.
Rin is the one haru broke the promise for.
Rin is the one haru could not stop thinking about.
Rin is the one haru was always waiting for.
Rin is the one haru thinks he was “destined to meet” no matter what like an “inescapable fate” pulling them together.
And sure haru feels guilty now for breaking the promise and hurting ikuya, he’s also older and wiser and he’s seen the effect his actions had on Rin and he’s scared that he’s hurt ikuya the same way. But all of this literally happened because of harus feelings for Rin outweighing his feelings for his old team. None of this is invalidating harurin. If anything it just confirms how strongly haru feels for rin.

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Any harurin fics that you liked? I need some pls

Okay, here we go. I didn’t know if you mean the pairing in general on harurin like haru tops, so I just list all my faves and if they’re explicit, I’ll write if it’s rinharu or harurin :)

1. My all time faves:

- Apron by shizuumi151 (just incredible rinharu smut, Rin being crazy about Haru in apron bc WHO ISN’T, Rin just being crazy about Haru)

- A Path Divergent by fencer_x (our Haru meeting with Splash!Free timeline Rin who is married to his Haru in his universe and he’s making him realize things, Soulmates AU, just beautiful, it was deleted one time I screamed, thank god it was reposted)

- In the act by timelordswillwasteyou (harurin smut followed with the fluff, the ending is just ASDFGFDSAJJK it killed me, Haru killed me, ending is just so them if they were together, so cute)

- Future planning by Anonymous (Haru taking Rin apart, Rin is wrecked by Haru, that’s just how I like it) 

- Talk Spooky to Me by ellerean & SleepingTsundere (harurin, Haru being crazy about Rin in the policeman costume bc WHO ISN’T) 

2. Smut:

- Non-club Activities by SpaceRat (harurin, pervert Nanase and his water kinks)

- Buy It by Remmy-Free (Haru realises he has a suit kink, poor Gou in this fic lol)

- Interruptions by kitkatty (harurin, asshole Haru fucking Rin while talking on the phone with Nagisa and Makoto, help me)

- Ties by shizuumi151 (harurin, Haru ties Rin to bed and has his way with him, just. seriously. thanks. for. this.) 

- We’ve got a headfirst kind of love by starstarfairy (rinharu, Haru can’t even get up to go to the bathtab after bc Rin broke him lol)

- The Museum Rule by astroturfwars (harurin, Haru wants to touch Rin all the time, always romantic Rin) 

3. Cute fluffy ones:

- It’s disgusting (how I love you) by thimble (Bakery AU, Rin pretends to like pineapple & mackerel croissants bc he likes Haru LOL Rin totally would do that)

- Kiss and Tell by overlymetaromantic (Rin runs a kissing booth and Haru doesn’t want him to kiss anybody except him of course, Nagisa tho he would totally do that lmao)

- Ticklish by magentam (Sooooo cute)

4. With some angst (happy endings only):

- Those Three Words by LittleMissSunshine (Rin is saying to Haru how much he loves him in english then translates it to him as some nonsense, but Haru is no fool, just RIP ME this is too much)

- Chronic Attitude Syndrome by Phosphorite (Medical AU)

- Everywhere and Nowhere by autoeuphoric (gives me season 1 feels)

- I’m Yours to Keep by catwing (idiots in love, misunderstandings)

5. Omega verse:

- Control yourself take only what you need by saezutte (omega!Rin)

- Coming home to you by shizuumi151 & tomakehimfree (omega!Haru)

If I remember something else, I’ll add it. Thanks for waiting, I just needed some time to answer this. Anyway lots of smut there, but I don’t make the rules:


Kimipedia - Junky feat. Kagamine Rin & Len

The spell broke, and I found you.

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One Hell of a Butler.

[Sebastian Michaelis x Tall/ Demon Reader.]

Requested By @black-widow-fangirl

It was a particularly busy evening within the Phantomhive Manor, as you swiftly swept away the mess of dishes Mey-Rin so graciously broke. The young Noble, Ciel Phantomhive, was hosting a masquerade ball for his company.

You, [Y/N] [L/N], are a well known Phantomhive-Maid, respected by your fellow co-works for your intellect, admired for your beautiful physique, and greatly feared by the disciple’s burning in hell. Sure enough, there so happened to be one fault about you. It turned out to be a physical feature that usually made females in your society self conscious; your height.

A tall women is certainly a rarity, though, it didn’t bother you one bit. I mean why would it? You are Hell’s greatest warrior, the mischievous little kitten.

“[Y/N]” A voice called. You scooped up the remaining pieces of glass, turning to the sound of the voice. It so happened to be Ciel, the young earl you worked for, along side another companion from hell; Sebastian Michaelis.

You sighed turning to the little brat, with a fake smile upon your face as you questioned his call;

“You called, young master?” You questioned softly, staring into the dangerous eye of the young earl. He walked up, a mask covering his face, arms crossed.

“Join the party, and keep a watch on some of our visitors.” He ordered firmly.

You nodded with a small smile forming on your face. “Certainly.”

You walked towards the crowd of Nobles, watching their every move. Suddenly, a charming man walked in front of you. He raised a glass at you with a smile, of course he had to glance up in order to see your smiling face.

“You’re quite the beauty, my I have pleasure of getting you a drink?” He hiccuped.

“That won’t be necessary, I thank you for the gracious offer.” You replied softly staring at the male, hoping he’d get lost.

“If you insist darling, you’re quite tall for a women–” He began, eyes scanning over your body “Yet, I still would like to dance with you.”

Your eye twitched in annoyance, he dare speak on your height like this!? So disgraceful, you were holding in the urge to kill this man now. But, you’re a women and you must keep your posture.

“Oh, no! I mustn’t dance with someone as powerful as you for I am a mere maid, nothing more, nothing less.”

Before, he could even pronounce another sentence. A powerful companion of yours stepped in, his face covered by a white mask.

“Terribly sorry, may I step in?” He spoke, with firmness in his voice. The other male, grumbled under his breath. Walking away from your figure. You were then, dragged to the dance floor.

You let out a deep breath “Saved the day, once again, Sebastian.” You smirked.

The unrealistically gorgeous butler, gave you one of his extremely devilish smiles. His red eyes, flashing magenta as he stared into your own blood red orbs.

“As always, what type of butler would I be if I didn’t save a damsel in distress?” He asked, his voice a silky smooth tone.

Sebastian twirled you in his strong arms, pulling you close enough were you can smell the wonderful scent of his cologne. Sebastian, was so sexy he made female demons swoon.

“Damsel in distress? Please. I am just as tall as you and more capable of taking care of myself.” You replied.

Sebastian chuckled, placing a kiss upon your knuckles. Looking right into your eyes.

“Darling, you can always change your appearance if you do not enjoy how tall you are.” He reminded.

You nodded, matching your body with his, dancing the ultimate waltz. Guest from all around watched in utter awe.

“I could, but, to many people have seen me in this height-“ You explained “It’ll cause me trouble if I suddenly came back as a midget.”

Sebastian smiled slightly, leaning closer to your ear as he whispered;

“It seems your little admirer still wants a dance with you, he hasn’t stopped staring since we’ve started.” Sebastian whispered.

You didn’t even look back “He is most likely waiting for me to stop dancing with you.” You sighed.

“Yes, well. I am enjoying our dance and I refuse to let him partake in anything that pertains to you.” He twirled you around and dipped you down. His lips brushing against your own.

“Shall I show him who you belong to?” He questioned with a wink.

You smirked “Please do, Beau.”

Sebastian leaned in capturing your lips, as you were being dipped. His tounge intruding into your mouth, keeping a firm grip on your figure.

The guest of the party either whistled, clapped, or frowned at the display of affection. Although, it was completely ruined by Earl Ciel Phantomhive.

“Sebastian! [Y/N]! I gave you one simple order, how dare you disobey me!?” He growled, his lip twitching upwards slightly.

You released the kiss, standing straight. Sebastian kissed your knuckles, whispering into your ears before he went to answer the young master.

“We shall continue later this evening, be ready My Little Kitten.” He walked away leaving you in the middle of the ballroom. Tonight was going to be quite enjoyable for the both of you.

After all, you’re a match made in hell.

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Akatsuki as songs please? 😄

these are all just taken from songs in my own personal library, i hope you like this. 

i also provided a short description of why i chose that song. 

Pein/Nagato; Waltz of Flowers by Tchaikovsky. I chose this song because its I listen to when I’m planning out my next few weeks and what not. It reminds me of Pein because he had everything planned out and he was always calm. He was able to operate six different bodies very gracefully and I think he would of liked classical music. 

Konan; Bloom Later by Jesse Rutherford, it’s a song about needing someone so you can bloom. She needed her friends (Yahiko and Nagato, and they needed her.) By her and Pein forming this organization they were both able to bloom. And they both supported each other and cared for each other deeply. 

Kakuzu; Hefner by Tana Mongeau. I wish i could have a better explanation for this other than Kakuzu likes money, Hefner had a lot of money and Tana raps about being rich in it.  He was a difficult person to get a song for. 

HidanAve Maria by Nadia Carolina Castillo, I can just picture this song playing in his head as he preforms his ritual. Its is a traditional Catholic prayer and Hidan prays an awful lot, he would probably enjoy this song. 

Kisame; XO TOUR Llif3 by Lil Uzi Vert, I chose this song because I see Kisame liking rap music quite a lot, and he was one of the last surviving Akatsuki members, only killing himself so the enemy wouldn’t get info. I dunno I just think of him when I hear this. 

Itachi; A Better Sun by Sorority Noise. This song is about everything in your life going wrong, and wanting better days. Itachi was always waiting for those better days. He had to spend years dealing with the weight of killing his own family and abandoning his village for the better of his village. 

Deidara; Bodak Yellow by Cardi B. This song is about Cardi glowing up and Deidara did glow up. He never let anyone think that they were better than him and he made a name for himself. “Little bitch you cant fuck with me if you wanted to.” Thats probably his life motto tbh. 

SasoriThe Quiet Things that No One Ever Knows by Brand New. Sasori was a very quiet person who did a lot of horrible things, who grew up in mostly solitude with his grandma and his puppets. He has a lot of grief about his parents on his mind and yet he never brings it up, just makes puppets of them to fill the lonely space of his heart. 

Tobi/Obito; do re mi by Blackbear. Okay so him and Rin never broke up, and this is a breakup song, BUT, later in life, Obito realizes that his life would of never turned out the way it did if he never had met Rin. It was saving Rin that made him get crushed and “killed”, it was Rin’s death that made him want to destroy everyone and hate Kakashi, but it was also Rin who believed in him and helped him become his true self again at the end. I can also see Obito being No Halo by Sorority Noise. 

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Can you do an angsty fic where Makoto thinks Haru is in love with Rin, when really it's him Haru loves

How do you angst? I tired!

Makoto’s feet froze, his heart in his throat, as he heard three simple words fall from Haru’s lips.

“I love you.”

The three words he had always longed to hear Haru say. Only problem.

“See? That wasn’t so hard.” Rin teased.

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Read the fully translated most recent Blue Exorcist chapter

God, i feel so bad for all the exwires (and Rin.)

Rin endured being burned alive at least a few times over

The others had to see that. They had to see their friend get shot through the chest, head, and throat, get up…then get burned over and over until he was just a husk that collapsed into ash.

Can you imagine seeing that? Thinking that you’re watching your friend die an agonizing death right in front of you and not able to do anything? And the way they were all in disbelief. Like “Rin can’t die!” because…he can’t. Not right in front of them, not like this. He’s Rin. Invincible and so strong. Right? But he’s burning and burning and burning and it doesn’t stop.

Then what wakes up isn’t quite him. Another horror.

But that panel with Shiemi’s eyes when Rin becomes ash, and Bon’s “this is Rin we’re talking about!” just broke my heart for them. They watched something horrible, watched their friend suffer through agony and were unable to do anything.

And they don’t even get a chance to process it all before they have to worry about this…not-Rin hurting them. Thankfully Rin comes back to himself fairly quickly and without anyone getting hurt. But talk about emotional whiplash.

I hope we get a scene with all the exwires getting a moment to catch their breaths, reassure themselves that RIn is okay. And so we can see that they’re relationship with Rin is alright and hasn’t regressed to pre-Kyoto levels.

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Rinrin, I hear from Kisumi that Sousuke was a different kind of monster when he was little - :) What kind of monster do you think Sou would have been like? I think the two of you would have been even bester of friends, don't you?

Rinrin: Uncle Kishumi! Souchke broke again!

Sourintori (anon request) NSFW (skirts/ Ai cross-dressing)

Nitori hummed to himself as he looked in his body length mirror, admiring the new frilly pink skirt he got on clearance.

“No it isn’t weird that a guy my age is wearing a skirt. It’s completely natural.“he said aloud to no one, spinning around and watching how the skirt poofed around his thin legs. He loved the feeling, loved how he looked, loved everything about it. However, he could never tell anyone about his little secrete. Especially his roommate. He would just die of embarrassment if Rin found out.


The little swimmer was busying himself with studies as his red haired crush sat on his bed, playing a game on his phone. Rins old friend Sousuke sat across from him, scowling at the captain. “Rin.. If you’re going to keep making that beeping noise with your phone can you at least plug in? ” the annoyed brunette snapped, nudging the male. Rin groaned “ mine broke.” He snapped back. Nitori, who was getting annoyed with the bickering, turned around. “You can borrow mine.. They are in my drawer.” He said and pointed to the small wooden box.

Rin smiled “thanks ai.” He said and shot up, padding over to the dresser and opening the first drawer. Realization hit the silver haired male, but it was too late. Rin pulled out the frilly pink skirt. “ um.. Ai.. What’s this?” He asked, holding it by one finger as if it was contaminated.

The swimmer froze, eyes wide as he stared at the offending garment. “I.. It’s not what it looks like.” He sputtered, mouth dry and heart racing. “Really? Cause it looks like a skirt.” Sousuke pipped up, walking over to his friend to examine the cloth. Nitori could have died right there. He shot up and snatched the skirt away, holding it to his chest. “So what!? I like to wear skirts.. Is that a crime?” He yelled, eyes filling with tears of embarrassment. He huffed, his face turning beat red.

“Ai..” Rin mumbled, never having seen the young boy this upset. “We aren’t making fun of you.. So what? You like to wear skirts.. That’s okay.” He tried to comfort his kōhai.

Nitori flushed and looked down, his nimble fingers tightening around the fabric. “Put it on for us.” Rin said with a smirk, making the silver haired male gasp. “N-no way..” He mumbled, turning away and throwing the skirt to the floor.

Sousuke popped up and picked it up, dusting it off as if it were a baby bird fallen from a nest. “ ai..please. I want to see it on you.” He said seductively, leaning into the males ear and brushing his hair back.

The teen tensed, shuttering at the feeling. He felt trapped, but he took the fabric back, sliding down his pants as if he was in a trance. He was wearing cute little lace panties, making the elders smirk. He tugged the skirt up his lithe thighs and over his plump ass. He was feeling over exposed and vulnerable.

Rin and Sousuke took in his appearance, licking their lips. ” damn ai.. You look amazing.“ Rin said as he walked over. His hand ran up Nitori’s shaved thigh, going up under the skirt and making the duckling moan. “R-rin -senpai..” He moaned out and gripped his elders shoulder, not fighting this.

Sousuke went to the other side of his kōhai, sucking dark marks into his pale skin. His big hand went to the males plump ass, snapping the panties against the cheeks. “ I like this.” He said to the shorter, smacking him affectionately.

Nitori felt like he was in heaven, sandwiched between two strong, attractive men. His cock was hard and pushing the front of the shirt away from his body. He should have died of embarrassment by now, but he couldn’t . He wanted this to last. He wanted to feel there hands all over him, inside of him.

And that’s what he got. Sousuke rubbed a slicked finger over his twitching hole, chuckling darkly as he slid it in. “ mm.. Ai. Do you play with yourself here? ” he asked, making the younger blush. “I-i.. Ahh.” He moaned, not wanting to answer the question. “I’ll take that as a yes.” The brunette said. Rin was rubbing the males cock, giving slow strokes as he kissed Nitori passionately, tongue sliding around the pale pink mouth. “Is this the first time anyone has Touched you like this?” Rin asked, getting a nod in response.

The redhead smirked and licked a stripe up the boys neck, chuckling against his ear. “ you’re in for a treat.” He said.

All three men made love all night, first rough and needy, then soft an passionate. Nitori’s skirt stayed on the entire time.