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  • who i will protect at all costs: sharkboy reeeeeeen
  • who deserves better: makoto
  • who was killed off too early: makoto’s goldfish????
  • who i used to hate but now i love: reeeeen (ok i never hated him but he wasn’t my fave when i first watched but now since i’ve finished rewatching it he’s my fave)
  • who i used to love but now i hate: no one
  • who needs to be killed off asap: NO ONE
  • who is unfairly hated: sousuke maybe??
  • who is unfairly loved: everybody is loved
  • who needs to sort out their priorities: haru
  • who needs a hug: makoto
  • who needs to get out of their current relationship: no one
  • who the writers love: haru
  • who needs a better storyline: i want to see more of megane babe makoto
  • who has an amazing redemption arc: ummm i like both rin and haru’s character development throughout the seasons but i wouldn’t call their storylines “redemption arcs”
  • who is hot af: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEN
  • who belongs in jail: momo will probably get himself in jail tbh
  • who needs to be revived from the dead: rin’s dad

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I’m crying on the inside. I have to erase this….and like I’m really proud of this, REALLY proud. I starting drawing and I didn’t realize I was doing it on my algebra paper (because I had scrap paper if I felt the urge to doodle) before it was too late. Please excuse the shitty picture.

I shall name them (I decided they would be gender neutral): Rin Sin

Reblog. Pass it on. Go my children, make me proud. I beg u.

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Hey i love your blog (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧* could i please have #58 with rin of the fluff prompts

Thank you! 

058:“We’ve become the clingy newlyweds you always complained about.”

“Stupid Rin..” You muttered, trying to act tough as you wiped away the tears that had previously leaked from your eyes. You turned to his side of the bed with a pout and furrowed your eyebrows. It was already late in the evening, but he wasn’t home yet.

Earlier, you two had an argument about how you acted towards the reporter who was obviously flirting with him. You didn’t even do anything wrong! You just wrapped your arms around his and emphasized your title as his ‘wife’ when she suddenly asked who you are. And when he finally got you all alone, he scolded you and told you how your male workmate is always with you, which sparked the argument between the two of you.

But no matter how mad you are of him, you longingly stared at the empty space of his side of the bed. Another tear rolled down your cheek as you frowned and wished for him to be home soon. You wanted to hug him, kiss him, and tell him how much you love him. You just don’t want anyone to take him away from you..

Rin went back home after he finally got enough fresh air and space. He was now really missing you, and quite regretting having that argument with you. Of course it was only natural that you’d act like that. It was too dumb of him to just realized that the lady reporter was flirting with him and when he did, he almost had the urge to slap himself hard across his own face. They say that you shouldn’t doubt a woman’s instinct and then there he was..

When he went to the bedroom, however, his frown turned into an amused smirk as he leaned on the door and watched you sleeping on his side of the bed. He went closer to you and crouched down, jumping slightly when he saw tears on your cheeks. He gently wiped them away using his thumb and pressed his lips softly on your cheek.

“I’m sorry ____.. It won’t happen again I promise.” He whispered before making his way to the bathroom. As much as he’d like to snuggle with you in bed already, he knows you very well that you’ll complain to him about how sweaty his skin is if he didn’t take a bath after a jog. He chuckled.

You could be quite a handful, but he loves you. And nothing could ever change the way how he feels for you.