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It’s my birthday so I wrote a birthday fic


When I wake up, the bed next to me is empty, but I don’t worry.  I can hear bumping in the kitchen and the sheets where he slept are still warm. I’m not ready to move yet, but I breathe in deeply and the pillow smells like him, bright and sweet and sleepy. There’s really no reason for him to keep two pillows on his bed, when I spend the night we end up entwined so close that our heads share the same one.  My bones ache to stretch out but I don’t budge.  I can still feel the ghost of his arms, of his breath on my neck.  If I move I might break the spell.

           Pathetic, I think to myself.  We’ve been dating for months and still not a day goes by that I don’t think it must be a dream, it’s too good to be true.

           The door swings open slowly with one soft creak, and my eyes have drifted closed again but I don’t bother to open them. His bare feet tiptoe across the room, there’s a clink as he sets something down on the bedside table (a glass of water, maybe) and he climbs back into bed, careful not to disturb me, slotting himself in the crook of my neck as though neither of us had ever moved. He gives a sleepy sigh as he settles into place, and the sound alone makes me smile despite myself.

           I decide I’ve been unresponsive long enough and press a kiss to his forehead.

           He chuckles quietly.  “Are you awake or having a really nice dream?”

           “You tell me.”

           “Morning, Baz.”

           “Morning, Simon.”

           I finally open my eyes as he wiggles himself higher up the pillow so we’re level, which makes me smirk a little.  The height difference between us isn’t massive, but it’s enough that he has to stand on tiptoe to kiss me.  It’s why he takes advantage of the time we spend horizontal.

           He kisses my mouth, quick and warm.  “I’ve got something for you.”

           “Oh?”  What more could I possibly need right now?

           “Yeah.  Sit up.”

           I want to protest as he pulls away from me and the air between us goes cold in his absence, but I follow as he retrieves a small plate from the nightstand, the thing I heard him place there a moment ago. On the dish are two chocolate cupcakes with immaculately swirled icing, one blue, one yellow.  The frosting is so perfect that it has to be from the bakery downstairs.  Not that I mind, cupcakes are cupcakes.

           “Breakfast in bed, eh?” I smile as he pushes the plate towards me, sitting cross-legged on the covers.

           “Yeah, well, I would’ve made you a real breakfast in bed,” he blushes, “but after last time…”

           I drop a kiss on his nose.  “I prefer the kitchen fully functional, anyway.”

           He blushes harder, but he’s smiling down at his lap.  “Happy birthday, Baz.”

           I start.  I had completely forgotten that was today.  “How did you…”

           “Mordelia told me.”  He shakes his head at me.  “I can’t believe you weren’t going to say anything.”

           “It’s just another day,” I shrug.  No one in my family ever made a big deal about birthdays. It just wasn’t that important to us.

           “It’s your day, Baz,” he insists, starting to unwrap the blue cupcake.

           “Simon, there’s really no need to -”

           “Baz.  Every day you make me feel like the most special boy in the world.  It’s your turn to feel like that, alright?”

           He says it playfully, but my throat actually closes and I might even tear up a bit.

           It’s a moment before he glances away from his cupcake and back up at me, but I still haven’t spoken, my chest is too swollen. He sees my expression and smiles almost shyly.  “Alright?” he says again.

           “Thank you, Simon,” I manage.

           “Eat your cupcake.”

           I do.  It’s soft and still warm from the bakery.  He must have snuck downstairs as soon as they opened, still in his pyjamas. I wonder if he threw on a shirt to do it.  He’s not wearing one now.  There’s a smudge of blue on the corner of his mouth from the icing, and I hope there’s not yellow on mine.  “You know,” I venture, “you have my full permission to bring me cupcakes in bed whenever you feel like it.”

           “I’ll keep that in mind.”

           We lick the icing off our fingers and brush the chocolate crumbs from the bedspread.  “So, what are we doing today?” he asks, completely oblivious to the frosting on his mouth.  I can’t look away from it, and I purse my lips to keep from laughing.

           “I hadn’t thought about it.”

           “Well, it’s your day,” he muses.  “Is there anything you want to do?”

           I decide it’s time for some fun and shift closer to him until there’s only a breath between us.  “Absolutely,” I grin.

           He goes scarlet from his ears to his collarbone, catching my drift immediately.  I want to laugh at how easily I can fluster him but I really have no right to because just seeing his reaction is enough to have me blushing just as hard.  As if I’ve never teased him like this before.  As if we haven’t been in plenty of far more compromising positions than this.  Fucking pathetic.

           “Okay, well,” he stammers, “we can definitely pencil that in.”

           I bring a hand up to cup his face and his cheek is burning to the touch.  Not fever-burning, just blushing-like-a-cherry-burning.  “Simon,” I murmur.

           “Baz?”  His voice is smaller than I think I’ve ever heard it.

           When I lean in the rest of the way, he responds immediately, tangling a hand in my hair and scratching the back of my neck with the other, gently but not idly.  His mouth is hot as always and sweet with frosting, and I purposely focus my attentions on the spot of blue at the corner of his lips.  I’ve never cared much for chocolate but I can taste it on his mouth and right now I love chocolate, would eat it indefinitely and it could never be as good as this, as my hand on his waist and my name on his lips.

           He actually tries to pull me back to him when I break away a moment and an ecstasy later, even though he’s gasping for air and falling backwards against my hands like he’s lost his sense of direction, and Crowley, I want to follow him, to kiss him into the mattress until the sun goes down, to stay exactly like this until we fall asleep, only to wake up in the morning and start all over again, but I stay where I am.  “Simon,” I say again.

           “Yes?” he whispers, eyes still closed.

           “You’ve got frosting on your face.”

           His hand whips out of my hair and to his mouth, and he rolls his eyes when he finds the icing still there, despite my endeavors. “Really Baz,” he mutters as he wipes it away with the back of his hand, “you couldn’t have just said something?”

           “My way was more fun.”

           He grins and pushes me back until I’m propped up on my elbows.  “You know, you’ve got something on your face, too,” he breathes when he’s only an inch above my lips.

           “Do not.”

           “Do too.”

           “Prove it.”

           He shuts me up with his mouth.

           I never find out if he was lying or not, but I sure as hell don’t care.


TEAM MINATO x AESTHETIC for @blackkatmagic.

Those who break the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash!


pairing: Makoto/Haruka (Free!; Maruka/Makoharu) [ read on AO3 ]
rating: M - warning, smut ahead! (PWP)

     Outside the window, city lights embellish the night sky. Inside the dimmed hotel room, a certain raven-haired boy pays his surroundings no attention. It was only a little past 11 o'clock, but he had decided to ditch the tournament’s celebration banquet downstairs, right after he had finished eating.
     The room did not have a bathtub, so Haru was left with a somewhat unsatisfying shower. Alone in the twin room, the freestyle swimmer had found himself slipping on Makoto’s oversized orange t-shirt after drying his body off, and was now lying in bed with his legs spread open, briefs skewed somewhere on the floor, and an opened bottle of lube lying next to him on the mattress.

     "Mmm.” With one hand, Haru gingerly wraps his fingers around his erection; the iciness of his own touch makes him flinch. With the other hand, he drags Makoto’s oversized shirt above his chest, and scrunches the fabric against his nostrils.

     Makoto’s scent… He breathes deeply into it, and lets out a shuddering sigh as his eyelids flutter shut. The hand at his shaft begins to slip a little lower, and he uses his index finger to gently circle the rim of his lower entrance. He raises his legs upwards and towards his chest, and with his digits dribbling with lube, he manages to slip one finger inside himself.
     “Ah…” He could barely believe that playing around with himself in Makoto’s shirt was such an incredible turn on… his head was fogged up, and he felt as thought he was about to lose his mind.

     He slides his index finger all the way out; he uses it draw a circle around the rim again, before pushing it back inside. He repeats the motion over and over again, while with the other hand, he leaves the hem of Makoto’s shirt just under his nose, and his fingers ghost down towards his chest, in order to roughly pinch one of his nipples.
     “Nn!” His back arches at the sudden, though self-induced sting, but he continues to twist the erected nub back and forth between his calloused fingertips. Before long, a second finger joins the first inside of him, and Haru sighs again, making scissoring motions as he gently thrusts his digits in and out. Too caught up with the semi-satisfactory feeling of his own hands, the swimmer completely misses the sound of the door click open and  close over his quickened breaths.


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Maine Gothic
  • You smile at the familiar scent of pine. You are alone in your rowboat. There are no pine trees in sight.
  • “Fresh off the boat!” Shouts the lobsterman. He clicks his claws at you. The lobsters he are selling gaze in adoration upon their father.
  • The snow drifts down lazily. “Lovely weather, isn’t it?” says the man in the beach chair next to you. “Quite lovely indeed” you reply pleasantly. It is the middle of August and the sun is shining brightly.
  • The moose stare at you from all angles. As they slowly close in, the largest whispers “Finally. Finally the way life should be.”
  • The sounds from the carnival haunt you during your commute. “Vacationland” you murmur to yourself. Blue ice cream melts down your arm. Where are you going? There is no work here.
  • You can see the lighthouse through the fog. You sail for weeks and weeks, yet never get any closer to the coast.
  • DRINK MOXIE instructs the sign hanging above you. Obediently, you select a can off the nearest pine tree and perform the standard ritual. The can opens with a satisfying hiss.
  • No-see-ums swarm around your head. Your older brother told you to never swat them. Thousands of invisible beings devour the flesh of your face.

missvanillacchii  asked:

Hi! i love your blog a lot! um.... The iwatobi and samezuka guys' confession and first kiss with their s/o?

combining these two cause it seemed relevant

Haruka: The relationship between him and his partner was very casual, neither of them going out of their ways to do overly-romantic things. Simple dates at the pool were enough for both of them, and Haru clearly remembered when he had swam to the end of the pool and back to his waiting partner who pecked his lips and sweetly remarked that they liked him a lot. He smiled, pressing his wet forehead against theirs, “Me too.”

Makoto: After class was over one day, he had gone to his locker, only to find a love letter from an anonymous person. Three minutes later, he’d met them, only to realize that they were just his type. Their first kiss came many weeks later, as they sat reviewing notes before a big test. He had leaned in and kissed them as gently as he could before fumbling with excuses. “I-I’m sorry, I just…” He exhaled, before smiling, “I like you, ___-chan.”

Nagisa: It’s no surprise that he was first to confess and first to kiss his partner. His partner had mildly scolded him for the pace they were running at, as he led them to the ice cream parlor where he gleefully made them pick out their favorite flavor. After they were seated on a park bench, Nagisa had gone and made his move, “___-chan, you have something on your lips.” He wasted no more time in kissing them and then gently nuzzling their shoulder, “I like you, okay?” 

Rei: He looked over to see his partner of a few months squeezing his hand and pointing out a constellation above their heads. His partner stared up at him in curiosity, quietly asking why he was looking at him like that and he acted impulsively, leaning down to kiss them-only to knock foreheads and see a different set of stars. “I-I’m sorry, that was terrible! I-” He squeaks when his partner grabs a fistful of his shirt and drags him towards him, effectively silencing him with both a confession, and a kiss. 

Rin: He was such a crybaby that the waterworks came as soon as he saw their face illuminated by the television screen and realized that his feelings were 100% real. He leans over and rests his cheek against the top of their head, “___, listen…” He doesn’t get far when his partner looks up and smiles, and suddenly his whole world is different. “Shit-I…” They kiss him softly, and he swallows back a sob, “I’m only saying this once… but I like you, alright?” 

Sousuke: It was hot, the sun was shining, and he was out with his partner of a few months on a date in the park. He presses a kiss to their temple when he gets the chance, playing it off as though it wasn’t him. ‘Hey, don’t look at me.” But when they admit that they liked him a lot, his cool demeanor crumbles and he falls back against their picnic blanket, “God, when you say that it makes me-” He grabs their arm, pulling them into him and kissing them sweetly. 

Aiichirou: When he watches his partner-the ace of their volleyball team-play with such zeal, it makes him both proud and envious. If he could be like them, he would be so much more confident. After the game is over, he approaches them with a clearly shaken exterior, handing them a water bottle and complimenting their playing. “When I see you… I get really… happy inside and…” He swallows, “I l-like you, ___.” Ai ends up chickening out, but manages to kiss their cheek and then runs off, leaving his partner very confused. 

Seijuurou: His partner had been putting away their things in their locker when he approached, slamming it shut, and successfully kabe don-ing them. “Yo.” he says, appearing disinterested before taking pleasure in his partner’s bashful expression at having so many people watching. He leans in closer to them, “I like you, alright?” His smile is as wide as the seas when his partner giggles and brings their face in for a kiss.  

Momotarou: “I’m totally gonna win this.” He says, concentrating on the game on the screen, “If I do, you have to kiss me, ___-chan!” Fast-forward five minutes, and Momo ended up losing, leaving his pride in pieces on the ground. But not for long. He takes his partner’s hand and squeezes tight before pecking their lips nervously, “I-I forgot to tell you that if you won, I’d kiss you!” His goofy grin breaks apart and he nuzzles their neck with his nose, “It’s not fair! Why do I have to like you so much?!” 

Whenever I see...

Whenever I see a dolphin, it’ll remind me of Haru.
Whenever I see an orca, it’ll remind me of Makoto.
Whenever I see a penguin, it’ll remind me of Nagisa.
Whenever I see a butterfly, it’ll remind me of Rei.
Whenever I see a shark, it’ll remind me of Rin.
Whenever I see a whale shark, it’ll remind me of Sousuke.
Whenever I see a duck, it’ll remind me of Aiichirou.
Whenever I see an otter, it’ll remind me of Momotarou.


Free! + Pokemon | Samezuka Swim Team

super-sexy-commando-kyouko  asked:

Koizumi Hanayo, Hoshizora Rin, #1?

  1. “Can I kiss you?”

The question came fast, unexpectedly. Hanayo stared, her head spinning, as her best friend’s chartreuse eyes bore holes into her. She wanted to turn away to hide the splotches of red that began to color her cheeks, but the fear that Rin would take that as instant rejection prevented her from moving a single muscle. She simply stared as her heart beat wildly, and her brain worked furiously to register the situation. 

“W-Where did this come from?” Hanayo asked, her voice wavering. She was unsure if Rin could feel it, but the atmosphere on the rooftop felt much heavier than it had ever been before. If they hadn’t been the only ones there, she was sure that this shift would have attracted the attention of the others.

Rin answered immediately, “I was with Nico and Nozomi earlier, and they told me that if you like someone, you’re supposed to kiss them! You’re my best friend, and I like you a lot, so I wanna kiss you!” The other girl’s eyes glittered with enthusiasm as she spoke.

Those words sent a shiver up Hanayo’s spine, causing her to fidget uncomfortably in her seat and wring her now sweaty hands.. Rin was innocent and cute, and Hanayo wasn’t sure if Rin truly understood was she was asking of her. A kiss was a big deal; you weren’t supposed to kiss just anyone. 

“Rin…” Hanayo spoke in a soft murmur. “I think they meant to tell you that you’re supposed to kiss someone you love. It’s for someone you want to spend a long time with. It’s for someone who makes your head spin, your heart race, and your palms sweat. A kiss is for the person you yearn to be closest to, not for best friends… It’s for someone you love…” Hanayo trailed off, bringing her hand up to clutch at the fabric above her racing heart.

“But I do love you, Kayochin,” Rin replied, showing no sign that any of Hanayo’s words had affected her even a single bit, “Why would I wanna be with anyone other than my best friend? That’s why I wanna kiss you!” 

Was this for real? Rin looked unfazed, almost eerily so, but there was hint of seriousness in the other girl’s expression that Hanayo never saw often. But having grown up with the short-haired girl, Hanayo recognized the look. It was one that Rin only wore when something was affecting her on a personal level. This had to be real. Rin was serious. Before Hanayo could speak another word, Rin asked a familiar question.

“So can I kiss you?” 

Hanayo nodded numbly in response. Without hesitation, Rin moved her face closer, her eyes closing as she inched closer to the girl sitting beside her. Hanayo closed her own eyes instinctively, bracing herself for the sensation of lips meeting lips.

It was better than she could ever have imagined. The moment their lips touched, Hanayo felt as though a jolt of energy awakened every muscle in her body. Sudden desire budded in her chest, and she longed to put a trembling hand the cheek of the girl who had just kissed her. But she stayed her hand, unsure if an action like that was too bold, and settled for sinking comfortably into the warm presence of her best friend.

With the sudden closeness, a comforting scent filled her nose. It reminded her of times she spent laying on the other girl’s bed, laughing and sharing stories with one another. During those times, Hanayo could smell Rin’s scent on every inch of the plush bed; it smelled almost like fresh laundry, and for some reason, nothing soothed her more than that. Warmth spreading in her chest, Hanayo prayed that this feeling would last forever. 

But it was over as quickly as it began, and as Rin pulled away, she heard the familiar sound of the rooftop door opening. Loud chatter coming from that direction told her that their friends had finally arrived for their daily Muse practice. Hanayo couldn’t help but feel disappointed as the warm sensation in her chest dulled with the absence of Rin’s closeness.

“Thanks, Kayochin! I liked that a lot, so we should do it again sometime!” Rin jumped up from her spot on the ground, and without another word, she raced to greet their arriving friends. Still feeling dazed, Hanayo was left a breathless puddle of emotion on ground, unable to move as her mind replayed every second of her first kiss.

hi i’m ria and i have been gone over the course of my sem break and the first week of my second sem, and during that time, i spent my days reading cupious amounts of fics and shifting from 3-4 different fandoms i have never been a part of

guess which one i got sucked into atm

anonymous asked:

Rin finding out his gf used to like Sousuke, and conversely, Sousuke finding out his gf used to like Rin?

Rin: Whoa, wait…what? Had he heard her correctly? “You used to like Sousuke?” He asked. When she gave a very casual confirmation, he really wasn’t sure what to think about it. They’d been talking about their “types,” and she just threw it out there that she used to like his best friend since he fit her type pretty well. “But that’s in the past, right? You don’t like him like that anymore?” He waited for her answer, but when she turned to look him in the eye, she bit her bottom lip to keep from laughing. Apparently he looked pouty. Once she apologized for laughing at him, she made it very clear that he was the one she loved, not Sousuke, and that he had nothing to worry about. He felt better and he trusted her enough to know that she wouldn’t lie about that, but still…there was no way in hell he was telling Sousuke about this.

Sousuke: Crap. This was something that he probably wasn’t supposed to find out about, and he sort of wished that he never had. He’d agreed to help his girlfriend go through some old school notebooks and papers to figure out what she could keep and what she could throw away. While she was out of the room getting drinks for them, he’d picked up a nearby notebook so that he could take a piece of paper to keep track of everything, but a small envelope fell out from between the pages instead. He hadn’t thought anything of it until he saw Rin’s name on the front. In her handwriting. He knew he shouldn’t pry, but it only took a quick peek at the contents to know that it was a confession letter. It was dated over a year ago, but he’d never known that she liked Rin before she liked him. When he heard her bedroom door opening again, he tucked the envelope back between the pages and shut the notebook. He was trying to figure out a way to bring it up when she looked at him with one of those charming smiles that he loved so much; a smile that reflected the happiness and affection she felt around him. “Something on your mind?” She asked. Shaking his previous thoughts away, he told her that everything was fine. And it really was. She’d obviously never given Rin the letter. He didn’t know the details, but her feelings had changed at some point. That was why they were together now. Still though…he might not be able to help paying closer attention to her interactions with Rin next time the three of them were together. Just to be extra sure.

Coffee Break (Rin/Aiichirou)

(For information on commissioning me, please see here!)

Title: Coffee Break
Pairing(s): Rin/Aiichirou
Rating: T
Length: 3,553 words

Also on AO3 and FF.net.

Music drummed against his pulse along with his steady footfalls and breaths. The morning was still young, and the air was brisk and invigorating.

In the quiet neighborhood that was still sleeping, Rin was the only one who was awake.

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I would like to take a moment to appreciate Rin's expressions in these three scenes

(this is just my take on the scenes, though!)

The topic of the conversation was Rin taking Haru to Australia. The focus is on Haru. But Rei, Nagisa and Makoto are included for a reason; because by helping Haru, Rin helped the team.

“Is there something different about Nanase-kun? Until just recently, things were kind of strained between all of them.”

Last season, it was due to what happened with Rin that Haru lost sight of himself and managed to open his eyes to his team. And this time? By helping Haru find himself and his dream, Rin helped Haru be able to respond to Makoto’s, Nagisa’s and Rei’s feelings at last. He helped them be in sync with each other again. 

That trip to Australia wasn’t only pivotal for Haru’s character; but for the team, too. It was Rin’s contribution to the sight Iwatobi was able to see. 

So I find this scene very moving, because those smiles on their faces? Rin helped put them there, and so I feel it’s not only knowing that Haru is finally okay, but seeing them all this way that makes Rin smile in turn. They are the nakama who “saved him”, after all. And it just makes me swell with love for Rin.

Another expression I really liked was this: 

Rin who notices the look Haru is giving the stadium. And Rin who smiles to himself because he knows that Haru is going to be okay now; that what is he feeling now as he thinks about Nationals is far from being apprehension. 

And then of course, the changes Rin’s expression goes through after Haru thanks him.

The surprise at hearing Haru actually say his appreciation aloud for once. You can see that Rin had not been expecting it at all.

Just like in that final scene of episode 12, Haru is doing what Rin has been wanting him to do all along and actually voicing what he is thinking. And you can see how guessing that Haru is thankful versus actually getting to hear it means the world to Rin.

He did not take Haru to Australia expecting any thank yous in return; he took Haru there with the honest desire to help him. Knowing that he succeeded and that Haru did find it is all Rin needed and more.

So hearing this from Haru is so meaningful - you can see how touched he is; imo he looks close to tearing up before he finally breaks into that smile. And even that grin is softer than his usual one; the tenderness of his expression even slips into his voice.

And lastly, of course, is this. Which to me is born out of a lot of things packed into one.

To me, Rin looks satisfied. Content. What he hoped for? That “One day I hope that we can fly together, then the light would…” 

It’s happening

And Rin here doesn’t only look excited to me. He looks overjoyed. Because Haru is in the same world as him. Because he is one step closer to fulfilling his dream with the person he has wanted to fulfill it with since the day they first met. Because swimming together makes him feel this way.

And because they are about to blown everyone out of the water, aren’t they?

So the fact that Haru matches his expression? That he smirks back with the same amount of self-satisfaction and determination?

I am willing to bet they are both feeling it. The thrill. And they are planning to win that race, because this is only the beginning and losing is only worth it if it’s to each other and even then none is planning to go down without a fight.

Fandom: Free!
Pairing: HaruRin
Word Count: 2.107
Prompt: things you said when we were on top of the world, for @oikawasstooru​ ♡

AO3 Link

“When they ask you if you’ve got anyone you like, forget about saying water, you hear me? Wouldn’t want them locking you up right after your first medal.”

Haru rolls his eyes at the predictable jab, but he can’t find it in himself to feel affronted. At the contrary, he feels rather feather-light; an all too familiar thrill building up inside him and making the edges of his lips curl up with amusement and something else entirely.

And maybe that’s why he says it.

“Then, I’ll say Rin.”

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on a lighter note, while lurking around other things, I had this wonderful kidfic AU idea:

Tachibana Makoto is a preschool teacher whose life is shaken when his distant relative gets into an accident and ends up leaving their 5 years old son Nanase Haruka alone. Makoto watches as the other adults makes excuses to pass Haruka off to an orphanage. He takes it upon himself to take care of Haruka and raise him as his own child.

Yamazaki Sousuke’s perfect high-salary, fast-paced life gets turned upside down when Matsuoka Gou’s parents turns up on his doorstep 5 years after he broke up with her. She had his child, they said. Matsuoka Rin, a bright, energetic boy with his mom’s hair and eyes and almost nothing of Sousuke. But he’s certain Rin is his, too. Call it the blood link or anything. Rin is his child.

And then there comes the first day of preschool.

Sousuke goes inside to fetch his son. Only to see Rin crying at the playground, shouting “But Haru!!!”

That’s where it starts.

aka a fic where Sousuke is Rin’s papa and Mako is Haru’s adoptive dad and Rin has the biggest crush on Haruka. Also where Sousuke gets overly protective of Rin and maybe glares at Haruka a lot. And where Makoto uses all his skills to help Haru and Rin adapt to their new lives.