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Me: reading Nitori’s wiki page

Page: “The director of Free!, Hiroko Utsumi, commented that, if you left Rin alone, he would be isolated without anyone, so there needed to be a character — more like a conversation partner — who would draw him out. The character who had been born out of this need was Aiichiro. Aiichiro’s role was to draw out Rin’s heart. Because Rin could understand parts of Aiichiro that were like himself, he felt like talking to him.“


Passionate Romantic

Round two of my lyric dump for tonight! Woohoo! I’m so excited to put these out I like how they turned out and I hope y’all do too. These requested by @valwyrie (thank you again and apologies for the wait), so here we go: singable English lyrics for Shunjou Romantic are under the cut!

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The Last One | 11

Reader x Yoongi

Summary: BigHit Entertainment was supposed to be the start of your producing career, and when Bang Si-Hyuk assigns you to work with the popular group BTS, things don’t go according to plan because of the hot-headed, perfectionist: Min Yoongi.
Rating (Overall): NC-17
Status: On-Going

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You woke up the next day early, as usual. The curtains had been left stretched out, the sun greeting you as you opened your eyes. You checked your phone for the time, only to realize it was seven. Getting up from bed, you noticed Rin still sound asleep on the air mattress next to you. Without trying to cause any noise, you quietly tried to get out of bed, only to create a loud creaking noise as you rolled off.

“You’re up early.” Rin yawned, scratching his messy bed-head. He squinted at you and rubbed his eyes to clear them up.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up.” You gave a sheepish smile.

“Too late now.” He chuckled, and got up from his position. Grabbing his sheets and blanket, he began folding them, “Back to Seoul now.”

“You sound disappointed.” You chuckled, making your bed.

“Sort of. I just forgot how stress-relieving this trip was. Now I have to go back to the source of my madness.”

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moon-child-yuki  asked:

(( totally love your blog your awesome )) so what would the iwatobi+samazuka boys do if there S/o was at there place and they got horny ?

(oh thank you, you’re more awesome!)

Makoto: He keeps fidgeting and keeps his hands tight in his lap; he won’t look at his partner, but his red face and ears give it away immediately. So instead he mumbles an apology and gives them a shaky kiss while holding their face. “I…I’m sorry…”

Haruka: He refuses to move from where he’s sitting, even though he knows he should take care of it himself but he really doesn’t want them to see his problem so he just tries to force it to go away. But if they keep prying he wouldn’t be able to take it and push his partner onto the floor, hovering above them with his hands beside their head. “…Let’s do it today…”

Nagisa: He’s blushing a little, and his heart is pounding harder than it should. He considers hurriedly excusing himself but it’s pointless when all his partner’s attention is focused on him. It gets a little overwhelming when they innocently ask if he’s alright, so he gives up and takes their face in his hands. “___-chan, I really want you right now.”

Rei: He shoots up from his chair and bolts to the bathroom right away, but if his partner stopped him or asked what was wrong he’d have to sit down again. He’s shaking and so red-faced his head might pop, so he simply hugs his partner to him to try to let them feel how hard his heart is racing. “…This isn’t a very beautiful state to be in…”

Rin: He’s putting all his will intro trying to force his arousal away, so much that he’s shaking as he’s sitting down. He bites his lip and looks away from them, mumbling that nothing’s wrong if they asked. If he’s prodded enough he’ll snap at them with a red face: “N-Nothing! I’m not turned on at all!” Before blinking and dropping his jaw.

Sousuke: He doesn’t let it show outwardly too much, but he gets a lot touchier than usual, cuddling his partner from behind and teasing them by blowing on their ear and tickling them a little. The mood is light until he starts to kiss up their neck and whisper: “…If you don’t stop me, I’ll keep going.”

Nitori: He’d be internally panicking, and shoot up straight and shout out a “Y-Yes?!” to anything his partner was asking him. His palms would get sweaty and he wouldn’t know what to say, so with blushing cheeks he dashes out of the room and to the bathroom, pressing his head against the wall and cursing how awkward he is. 

Seijuurou: He starts off by giving them a quick kiss, chuckling and telling them that he loves them. But then he starts to get a bit too close, and his hands snake around their waist while he kisses them until he’s out of breath. “Sorry… we don’t have to, but…”

Momotarou: He’s rapid-firing horrible jokes to his partner to keep them and himself distracted from his problem, but he’s blushing so hard and laughing so loudly it’s obvious that he’s uncomfortable. He gets pouty and huddles in the corner before crying out to his partner: “I-I just kinda wanna do it! Kinda! I think! I don’t know!”


Free! Eternal Summer DVD Volume 3 arrived today, with all of Kyoani Shop’s special items. This time, it came with a sticker sheet, and a book of animator sketches from Episodes 5 and 6 of Eternal Summer.

Since I love production art, this is the best extra they’ve given so far. Next DVD will include sketches of Episodes 7 and 8!


The real KyoAniShop in Kyoto recently added hand-drawn by the animators line art of Rin Matsuoka! Each set comes with an authentication certificate and the animators who drew them work right upstairs in the real studios above the shop!!

These sketches are so perfect, showing all sides of Rin Matsuoka. So many amazing poses, and unique only to this art set. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

The Rin sketches are their newest set. There are also two Makoto sets and one Haruka, all of which I own but have yet to take nice photos of! Soon!!


The real Kyoani Shop in Kyoto recently added two more sets of animator drawings to the collection of collectible art!! These are hand drawn, limited edition pieces of original art by the same people who animated Free! and can only be bought in the actual shop, which is of course located right below the animation studio!

There is also a set of Sousuke, another set of Rin, two sets of Makoto and another set of Haruka drawings (that I still need to photograph).