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Hi! I adore your blog and look forward to every time you upload, especially since I've been having quite a very rough time lately ^^ I was wondering if I could get a text scenario of Rin Okumura,Tokiya Ichinose,Levi Ackerman, Makoto Tachibana, Guren Ichinose, Mephisto Pheles and Zero Kiryu reacting to seeing their s/o crying during a phone call with s/o's father who was insulting their weight and the father saying that he does not want to see or speak to her ever again?

(I hope you feel better, hun. :))

Rin Okumura: His eyes flared up in pure anger after hearing what your dad said over the speaker. Before you could hang up in distraught, he ran over and grabbed the phone out of your hand and glared at it. “Listen up old man, I may never had a real, blood-related father before and I’m not sure what it is like, but I do know you’re doing to your own daughter right now is a really shitty and pathetic way of parenting.” You tried to get him to stop, but Rin kept screaming over the phone until he slammed the phone down on the table.

Tokiya Ichinose: The idol frowned severely at his s/o’s father’s words. After the whole incident, he saw you collapsed into a corner with your face hiding behind your crossed arms. Tokiya immediately walked up to you and pulled you into an embrace. “Listen ___, do NOT listen to your father. In fact, he doesn’t even deserve to be called your father.” He blushed a little before continuing awkwardly. “Also, I think you’re beautiful so cheer up okay? You can always come live with me if there is still trouble with your family.”

Levi Ackerman: Levi paused for a bit after you started to tear up, but tried desperately to hide it. Of course he was angry. He was livid that your own blood relative could say such repulsive things to you. He got two glasses of water and handed one to you before rubbing your head. “You know, your father and I have one thing in common. We’re both blunt. So let me be the one to be frank with you this time, ___. Your father is a shitty excuse of a human being and you’re quite cute the way you are.” He said and gave you a little smile.

Makoto Tachibana: You were sobbing and Makoto only wrapped his arms around you tighter. He could only feel your pain and it breaks his heart to see such a break down from you, but even the toughest person can shed tears. “Shhh…___” He murmured and rubbed his hands against your back in circles. “Don’t listen to him. He doesn’t know you like I do.”

Guren Ichinose: To your shock, Guren let out a bark of laugh after the phone call and even more when he saw that you were about to cry. You glared at him through your tears. “Oh, it’s funny isn’t it?” You demanded. He laughed again. “It’s funny, that you actually believed all the ridiculous bullshit your insane dad said to you.” He amended. He came over and pulled your reluctant self into a hug. “Come on. Don’t be too upset. I thought you were more confident than that?”

Mephisto Pheles: Mephisto didn’t say anything after that phone call. You cried. He did not laugh and joke around like he usually did. He didn’t even smile, but he made no attempt to comfort you either. A week after that, you heard a disturbing call from your aunt saying frantically about how your dad was deported into another country and was to stay there for ten years. Reasons were unknown.” You were confused and ran to Mephisto for help. He simply smirked. “No one talks to my darling girl that way and gets away with it.”

Zero Kiryuu: The vampire bounded your crying form with a blanket and placed you on the couch. He said nothing and let you cry your eyes out. He then made you a glass of warm milk and made you drink it until you calmed yourself down. “Feel better?” He asked softly. You hiccuped and said nothing and just sat there with tired eyes. “I’ll draw you a bath.” He said and walked away. “And then I will have a personal chat with your pathetic dad.”


Oh Shiro absolutely knew. I don’t doubt that for a second. He knew they’d all need each other and a part of me wonders if Shiro knew it would be the twins who would free Shura from her contract and let her lead the life he wanted for her. He probably did, he seems like that kinda guy lol

I still love this moment. Shura knows it’s because of them she’s still here with a brand new life in front of her and if she never had these two boys in her life it would’ve never happened. She’s just so happy and relieved to have them and I think it’s the sweetest thing. Also Yukio stop lying, when was it your mission to risk your life to save her, that was all you, boy ;3