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HaruRin Merman AU || Christmas exchange gift for @cryopods 

One day, while walking on a beach, 12 years old Rin noticed something very strange. At first he thought it was a huge fish, but then he came closer he was in for a shock. It wasn’t a fish! It was a merman, who was enjoying the sun away from strangers’ eyes. The beautiful creature got startled when he noticed the boy and disappeared in the water. Rin was so sad that he couldn’t even ask for the merman’s name. But he started come to the same place every day, hoping for a chance to meet the merman again. Five years have passed. Everybody tried telling Rin to stop spending his days on the beach, waiting for a creature which didn’t exist. They told him it was only his imagination and that he should stop living in a fantasy world. But Rin didn’t listen to them. He knew the merman was real. And he hoped that one day he’d meet him again - the beautiful merman with eyes as clear as water.


Free! 15 Day Challenge
Day 13: Saddest Moment
Rei giving up his position to Rin shows his kindness, but at the same time it was so unfair for him. To me, it was as if his team left him behind. So what if Rin aka the center of the universe wants to swim with all of them? They could have talked about his insecurities and swim together any time. It wasn’t needed to take the place of someone who worked this hard. Rei must be feeling really disappointed inside but he’s strong enough to put up a front