I did a #2!! Cause someone said they loved the first one and I should make another one!! 

Request- Forehead Kiss

For my Rinrin! 

As he slid open the front door to the house he called out softly in his signature flat tone “Tadaima.”

There was no response as he kicked off his shoes in the genkan and hung up his bag with a brow quirked. Was Rin not home? Was he ok? Haru made his way quietly towards the living room and brushed his fingers through dark hair while blue eyes scanned the room for his rambunctious red head.

A soft smile twitched at his lips as his gaze found the target of his search and couldn’t stop the gentle smile that lightened up the stoic face.

On the couch laid a passed out Rin with Haruka’s sweatshirt on and snuggled up under one of their cuddle blankets. It was endearingly adorable and beyond cute, and, if it wasn’t for the fact that he would die a rather painful death, there would be picture evidence for further blackmail. So instead he stepped closer on sock covered feet to the couch, and thusly, his boyfriend.

His chest rose and fell as some of his silky red hair fell across his peaceful face. God he was beautiful like this. No scowl, no worry lines, just a relaxed, childlike, face and little puffs of airy sores escaping with his breath. Haru was entranced and crouched down silently and lifted a finger to brush the stray strands of hair behind Rin’s ear.

He leaned forward as his fingers traced Rin’s jaw tenderly and pressed his lips to his boyfriend’s forehead lovingly. His heart did a flip flop in his chest as he brushed his nose against red hair and inhaled the scent of his sweet, cherry blossom shampoo, and smiled softly as he watched the man shift under the blanket softly in response to the tender kiss.

Red eyes slowly opened to find Haru facing him and he gave his lover one of his signature sleepy grins with hooded eyes. “Okaeri” his voice was gravely from sleep, but the light in his sanguine eyes sparkled sweetly as he nuzzled Haruka’s nose playfully before he planted a soft kiss against his boyfriend’s  forehead with slow, drowsy movements.

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This is makorin #54:  “I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. That’s the problem.”

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The quiet was awkward.  Makoto felt like she should say something to break it, to get Rin to talk to her, but every time she opened her mouth, the words died in her throat.  What was she supposed to say?  Rin already knew that things were okay now, that Makoto wasn’t mad at her, that they were friends again, so why did everything feel so off?

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Finally finished watching Voltron. Had to do a crossover.

And as much as I like the red aesthetic for Rin, he’s def better suited as the leader, especially since Sousuke likes to do a lot of things his way. … I did give him the glowy Galra hand though because APPARENTLY I HAVE A THING FOR TRAGIC HOT DADS.