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The Art of Hand Lettering: It’s Mastery and Practice by Helm Wotzkow is a typography guide full of helpful and evocative examples for ways to use elements such as weight, spacing, and font to best express yourself. Wotzkow demonstrates that how you write something is just as important as what you write. He also makes sure to explain why certain choices evoke specific responses in the reader, leaving you with the ability to make informed typographical choices of your own in the future.

-Rin Pigliacelli, graduate student employee

Thank you, Naruto, for letting me be your mother, and for letting Minato be your father. Thank you for being our son. Thank you… Thank you!


Seven Lucky Gods → Idolized


Zakki: In his nightmare, he sees Rin holding his hand out while this huge light shines from behind him. So, him thinking that Rin is bright is him thinking that the world [that Rin is in] is a bright one.
Miyano: Yeah, maybe somewhere in his heart he wanted to be in that world too. 


Rin  Makoto 

Here I am with another one of these silly things. Done for the MakoRin Valentine Fiesta 2014, which is a Thing that more people should be a part of so just go go go -


“The machine has no feelings, it feels no fear and no hope.
It operates according to the pure logic of probability.
For this reason I assert that the robot perceives more accurately than man.”

Max Frisch

Based on sakura-rose12’s lovely Robot!au. I think you guys can guess who Rin is talking to, huh?