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My Red Harem!

Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter)

Rin Matsuoka (Free!)

Karma (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu)

Grell Sutcliff (Kuroshitsuji)

Otoya Ittoki (Uta no Prince Sama)

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Kagami Taiga (Kuroko no Basket)

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Seven aka 707 (Mystic Messenger)

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Mikoto Suoh (K Project)

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Tengenji (Starmyu)

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Loki (Kamigami no Asobi)

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Dionysos (Kamigami No Asobi)

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*Blue Harem*

*Grey / White Harem*

*Green Harem*

*Pink Harem*

*Purple Harem*

*Orange Harem*

*Black Harem*

*Brown Harem*

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Yandere!gom+Kagami+Himuro+rin lusting (or having wet dreams) after their fem!crush ?

Hope you don’t mind it being short, and I’m sorry in advance.

Aomine: The type of person when he wakes up after the dream masturbates immediately and can’t help but think of his crush in many different ways. This also includes thoughts of him trying to steal her and make her his.

Akashi: The type who would plot all of this beforehand so when he sees the dream he just smiles and be happy that it will happen in the near future. He will also plan the day and when they will do it.

Kise: Same as Aomine would masturbate once he had woken up but he would masturbate to a shirt of his crush that she had forgot at his house. It had their smell which aroused Kise more. Kise will be completely dazed for the whole day and will keep an eye on his crush at all time.

Kuroko: He would just be aroused but would not handle the problem as he likes to have the dream on replay all day long. When he sees his crush he would act normal but deep inside he knows that he will ruin her in a mere of minutes if he had the chance to fuck her.

Midorima: Gets fucking stressed out and can’t handle the dream. He would quickly injects himself some drug he made to calm himself. He uses this drug to save up these feelings for when he has a chance to fuck his crush one day and make them feel super good to the point where he breaks their mind.

Murasakibara: The only one out of the bunch who takes this calmly but would be the most messed up out of all. He will deal with the problem of his quite quickly and then sleep again to have that wet dream but make it longer and more intense.

Kagami: Would lose his shit, having this huge smile on his face and can’t help but replay that dream over and over again. He has some items that will calm him down but the most frequent one is using her shirt that still has her smell lingered in. Kagami will definitely try and have the dream saved in his mind forever until the day arrives.

Himuro: Second most calmest person out of the bunch and the least psychopath out of all this. Of course he would take drastic measures to even get close to the dream as possible. 

Rin: Most kinky out of all this and he would write down the things he did in the dream so when the day arrives he wants to reenact it again and again till the end of time. He wouldn’t mind also adding stuff to it to make it even better. Would burn the dream in his head without any regrets.

GOM+Kagami, Sakurai, Kiyoshi, Takao as Free! characters


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Midorima & Takao

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without murasakibara, sorry!


friendzoned Aomine with chances of friendzoned Kagami

I guess we could say that, once again, they’re both in the zone

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omfg, good luck with the blog you guys! Could i request head canons for how Kiyoshi, Kagami, Kise, Aomine and Akashi would confess to their crush? Thank you so much <3

Thank you so much, here you go! ~Rin


- He would take his crush somewhere first. In the middle of all the fun he’s having with them, he would suddenly stop and just admire their cuteness.

- He would suddenly take their smaller hands in his own with this typical warm expression of his (but he would be completely serious as he confesses). He would look straight into their eyes and, forward as he is, say “I love you, ___-chan.”

- He would then kiss the back of their hand. While he was confessing, he was rather confident and focused, but after that, he'd turn slightly flustered and might even blush. He would chuckle awkwardly, especially when they accept and reciprocate his feelings because he would feel a bit overwhelmed.

- Internally, his heart is bursting with happiness. He would just ruffle their hair afterwards and interlace his fingers with theirs.


- At first, Kagami would be hesitant. He would start acting weird when his crush was around, much to their confusion.

- He would ask for Kuroko’s advice. Afraid of rejection, it took a lot of convincing before Kagami finally decided to confess to them the next day.

- Kagami would practice in front of the mirror several times, but he then realizes that the best thing to do is just be himself.

- The next day, he would drag Kuroko along with him. He claimed that he will need Kuroko’s help and ‘mental support’. And once they’d spotted his crush, Kuroko pushed Kagami towards them.

- Upon seeing their lovely smile, Kagami suddenly forgot everything he wanted to say. Instead, he started blushing deeply. Internally panicking, he adverted his eyes and exclaimed:

- “__-chan, I… I really like you! W-Will you go out with me?”


- Being the cheerful guy he is, he would be very optimistic about confessing to his crush. He would ask them to walk home together, and take that opportunity to confess.

- He would first ask them about their day and he would act very sweet towards them. He would even carry their bag, compliment how they looks, and he would just be all smiles the whole time.

- When they arrive in front of his crush's house, Kise will grab their hand before they go inside. He will confess with a smile:

- “I’ve really liked you for a long time now, ___-cchi. You’re different from everyone else I know. If you went out with me, I’d be the happiest person ever.”


- Aomine would get frustrated over the fact that his crush isn’t his yet, and that they aren’t even aware of his feelings for them, so he decides to just ask them out.

- At first he’d consider asking for Momoi’s help but he realizes that she would get overexcited about this, so he chooses to take things into his own hands.

- He would text his crush to meet him at the rooftop, where he usually reads his magazines. When they arrive, Aomine stands up and faces them.

- They’d wonder why he wanted to see them. He would sigh and think, “Shit, this is actually harder than I imagined.“

- “Uh… I know it’s weird that I called you out here so sudden.. And I know this sounds crazy… I… Damn it! Look— I really like you. D'you wanna go out with me?”


- As soon as he realizes how he feels about them, he asks them to meet him after school. He will also buy a bouquet of roses beforehand. Feeling rather confident, he’ll patiently wait for school to end and he will also start thinking of what he wants to say.

- After school, he would rush to where they were going to meet up, feeling excited. And when he finally sees them, his heart starts beating faster. He would smile and surprise them with the roses.

- “___-chan, this may come out of the blue for you, but I have developed feelings for you. You’re just so special. Being with you makes me feel… normal. I’m very fond of you. Will you allow me to take you out for dinner?”

We should invent some kind of device that makes Anime boys real

I want someone to be the Sousuke to my Rin.

The Hinata to my Kageyama.

The Naruto to my Sasuke.

The Kagami to my Aomine.

The Gumball to my Marshall Lee.

The Makoto to my Haru.

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Reactions of gom+kagami when their gfs skirt gets blown up in the wind and flashes the whole team

This was such a fun request to work on, here you go anon! Enjoy! ^^ ~ Rin

Aomine: At first he would think it’s funny.

But when he realizes that the whole team saw it…

Akashi: He would be really surprised and then he’d immediately help you.

Afterwards he faces the team… and gives them this look


Kagami: “I–I didn’t see anything! I didn’t peek, I swear!”